Age of Elves

The age when the elves supposedly reigned supreme. Almost nothing is known about this besides records found in Aylanae.

Age of Treasures

The time period of most of the important human empires of Therin such as Venn (kingdom), the Miyamoto Empire and the Divine Empire.

It ended with the collapse of the old empires into total chaos. This period was a dark time in the history of Therin. All the major empires and kingdoms of the world had collapsed, leading to much infighting.

Age of Kingdoms

0 - An emerald comet streaks across the skies, signalling the beginning of the age.

2 - Eldom Tasanet unites Rahseld into one kingdom.

10 - Saidai-Taiyou is formed by Katsu Saidai.

253 - The Crimson War ends in the Kingdom of Cien, with the peasantry rising victorious, forming the Free Lands.

451 - The Hydra Clan is founded.

573 - Agenn and the followers of Sheyl discover the ruins of Aylanae on the continent of Ssthiyen. Research begins to understand the magi-tech devices.

581 - Aylanae rises to the sky.

583 - Arstann Sunborn, The first of the Imbued is born. More follow during this year and the next that would make up the Blessed Six.

599 - Aylanae is discovered by the kingdom of Rahseld and they arrange for a force of griffon riders to attack the flying city. Through the help of the Imbued, The city holds off the attack, however Agenn is slain, as are many of his closest allies in the church of Sheyl. Arstann Sunborn becomes the leader of Aylanae, along with the rest of the Blessed Six.

600 - The Rebirth War occurs in Rahseld. The end of the year heralds the birth of the empire of Aylanae. The houses of Toress, Gorn, Illuvian and Zanyz begin to imbue their children with the power of the Charaia, becoming the great houses of Rahseld. Alever Tasanet was ousted and hides himself in the Orothean Islands.

601 - The New Imperium is set up in Rahseld.

613 - The Eagle’s War begins.

615 - The Eagle’s War ends and with it, the New Imperium is replaced by the Sunforged Hierarchy.

616 - The Conquest of Ronen begins.

617 - The soldiers from Aylanae are forced to retreat from Ronen.

625 - Aylanae launches its second offensive against Ronen and conquers the nation.

633 - Arstann Sunborn dies of mysterious circumstances.

634 - Ronen becomes a part of the Sunforged Hierarchy

638 - Naechen Starhealer becomes the first Archmage.

641 - The Templar are officially formed.

672 - Naechen Starhealer appoints the second Archmage, Aldra Toress and goes into seclusion.

690 - The Daimyo’s Revolt results in Makoro being formed and added to the empire.

704 - The dragon Sydarir arises in Yt, and Aylanae is asked to help. After the Imbued slay the dragon, Yt joins the empire. This also leads to the Sydarir Dispute.

733 - The Orothean War takes place.

734 - The Shogun’s Invasion takes place.

746 - The Daelan Revolution occurs, resulting in Daelan breaking from the empire.

757 - The Earth Demons awaken

761 - Dragon Band graduates. Original Defenders of Aylanae campaign Begins


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