Earth Demons

Symbol: A stone fist

Bestial creatures from the subterranean depths of the world, the earth demons are monsters of various types which are all Nuumian-based. In fact, “Earth Demon” is virtually interchangeably used to describe creatures using Nuumian as their power source. Some are beings made of rock or seemingly some kind of metal, others are simply creatures with stone-like scales. Others seem to be made of crystal or gemstones. The earth demons are known to have mystical powers and highly resilient armor.

They are also known for using weapons made of Blightsteel.

It is said that an earth demon’s possessions, including their weapons, are cursed. Bearing with them a sickness called the Earth Rot. The longer one keeps one of their treasures, the sicker he gets.

Earth demons speak Vorr as a native language, though some do not seem to talk at all.

The people of Tinigath and indeed some in Yt worship them as gods of the Earth.

Earth Demons

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