Common Enchantments

Being a magic-rich world, it isn’t uncommon to be able to purchase mundane objects with minor enchantments on it. A character may buy up to two of the following enchantments for any one item. Enchantments can’t be applied to full magitech items, only non-mechanical items such as regular swords or suits of armor (Mithral is enchantable). Generally if it’s powered by a Charge Crystal, it can’t be enchanted.

Weapon enchantments

Name Effect Equipment Points
Sharpness Improved critical 1
Sure Striking Accurate 1
Might Enhanced Strength 1 2
Returning returns when thrown *
Penetrating Armor piercing 1 1
Spiritual Affects Insubstantial 1 1
Mighty Striking Power Attack 1
Deadly Damage +1 1-2
Elemental Aura Adds elemental descriptor 1

Returning: Free on an a ranged weapon, must pay cost equal to the damage effect of a melee weapon (as though applying the ranged modifier).
Deadly: Costs 1 point for a melee weapon, or 2 points for a ranged or multiattack weapon.

Common Enchantments

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