Awakening of Tinigath

Beneath the wilderness nation of Tinigath, elder things were awakening in the earth. The Earth Demons that Aylanae had been familiar with were but the weakest of their kind… those that laired close to the surface of the earth.

From the depths of the earth awakened darker more powerful things who began to create vast amounts of The Fallen, in preparation for a great war with Aylanae. There seems to be little that can be done to understand their aggression as they apparently consider the Imbued their natural enemies.

They however have professed to leave mundane humans alone, which leads many to want to leave Aylanae for them. However, none are sure if these claims are true or merely a way to fragment the empire.

In the year 757, dark things emerged form the earth and attacked the nation of Yt en masse. While some came from the borders of Tinigath, a large force also emerged from the place known as Earthsorrow. The Wolfheart Clan was especially devastated, no doubt targeted because of its high Imbued population. The attack was also a large wake-up call to the empire that there were bigger threats, causing them to temporarily call a truce with the traitor state of Daelan.

Awakening of Tinigath

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