Wolfheart Clan

Chieftan: Oren Wolfheart
Warmaster: Broginar Greyfang

Central Village: Thunderheart
Surname/Title: Wolfheart
Component Tribes: Silver Howlers (Extinct), Stormblood (near extinct), Greyfangs, Mistrunners, Lakemen (extinct), Corascin Tribe (endangered), Groveborn (near extinct), Longtail Tribe (extinct)

A Yt clan composed of bold warriors, which also contains many lycanthropes, clan wolfheart considers its loyalty to the empire to be serious, and often is the most helpful to the imperial soldiers. They have received the most Imbued warriors as a result.

Unfortunately in recent years, the clan experienced a great catastrophe in the Awakening of Tinigath, in which they were nearly wiped out by invading Earth Demons and Fallen.

Now they are a scattered people, but one still dedicated, both to revenge and their duty to the empire, trying to keep the nation of Yt from fragmenting. While they still possess a seat of leadership in the Imperial Council, they are by far the smallest clan after most of their number were wiped out.


The Wolfheart clan’s founding supposedly came when the great Wolf Spirit entered a great warrior, making him half-man and half-wolf. Stories speak of knight-conquerors who marched across the surface of Yindae, trying to tame the continent in the name of their gods. Their march of conquest was stopped by this great warrior and his followers, who since then became known as the Wolfheart Clan and giving the clan the reputation as the defenders of Yindae.

Wolfheart Clan

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