Sun Clan

A clan of Yt

Central Village: Sunspear
Chieftain: Saveron of the Sun

Title/Surname: “of the Sun” (short for “child of the sun”)

Noted for their blond and red colored hair, the sun clan is as close to a clan of arrogant nobles as one could find in a tribal society, the sun clan believes itself to be descendant from the Sun Spirits, and therefore destined to rule. They only reluctantly joined Aylanae, and there is a disagreement in the clan whether they should try to integrate and take over the Aylanae politics or if they should simply rebel against the empire.

Obviously the members of the clan bloodline are superior to the Aylanae rabble. The only question is if they should try to lead them or punish them for their inability to recognize their betters.

The devastation of Yt during the Awakening of Tinigath left the Sun Clan with a new opportunity to break away from the empire and show weakness in the base leadership, and they are believed to be secretly talking of ceding from the empire and once again becoming their own nation. Of course not all of the Sun Clan are this disloyal and it is said to be a minority of dissidents that stain an otherwise honorable clan… or perhaps this is just what they want you to think.


The Sun Clan claims to be the oldest of the clans, describing a period in history when their founder Kalarim of the Sun was said to have been chosen by the Sun spirit to lead the people of Yindae into a new age. Kalarim established his leadership over the people, engaging in great wars with the Stoneheart Clan, he strove to abolish reverence of the Earth Demons in favor of serving the Sun spirit. According to legend, he destroyed the Stoneheart Clan, and took leadership of the people of Yindae.

However, as time went by, the leadership role of the Sun Clan was challenged and broke into many smaller clans.


Choosing a chieftain is by blood, going to the eldest child (regardless of sex) of the Chieftain. If the Chieftain has no children, then a new Chieftain is elected via a mystical duel between any clan member who is willing to undertake the challenge.

Sun Clan

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