The rite of Ownership, this is a minor challenge rite in Makoro that can be declared in simple power struggles. It can only be declared against one of equal or less station and is commonly something used by samurai and lesser family members looking to prove themselves, as opposed to Daimyos and Atama.

Reasons for issuing the rite are numerous. They can range from a man refusing to give up a seat in an alehouse to fighting over the hand of a woman for marriage. It can be used anytime ownership of something is uncertain, such as distributing spoils in war.

A rite of Shoyuuken is a duel of katanas, however it is not fought to the death, but rather to first blood. Occasionally there are deaths during such a duel, but it is rare. The winner of the duel gains that which is being disputed.

Refusal of Shoyuuken

It is not considered a grievous dishonor to refuse Shoyuuken if the thing being fought for is minor, and it is often the case where the duel is simple conceded before it even begins. In fact it is often considered worse to lose the duel, as it puts question into ones skill as a warrior. Considering the rite is most often invoked by hotheads looking to prove themselves, it is not necessarily considered a bad thing to refuse, as it can be sometimes considered an act of wisdom.


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