Shadow Clan

Chieftain: Officially none, though typically the chieftain of the Hydra Clan comes form the Shadow Clan. Meerin of the Hydra is the current one.

A component clan that merged into Hydra Clan.

They were primarily a cave-dwelling people living along the eastern Sickle Mountains region on the Yt side. As such, they were the sub-clan of the Hydra Clan that was hit most heavily by the Awakening of Tinigath. The shadow clan is most politically inclined group among the Hydra Clan, and through their arranged marriages, it was said that their political savvy held the Hydra Clan together in its early days when normal disputes would have torn it apart. The Shadow Clan is also welcoming of other tribes that needed a new home, realizing that the Hydra Clan is better with more than less. They are also the ones that most encourage learning of other cultures and adopting the strength of others, even extreme things such as magitech. Some even claim that the Shadow clan houses a secret order of ninja’s formed from knowledge gathered from nearby Saidai-Taiyou (what is now Makoro). ​

Many of the Shadow Clan have simply replaced their old clan names with the newer “Of the Hydra” surname, and were the original creators of that concept, trying to cement the Hydra clan into a unified whole. Members of the Shadow clan rarely refer to themselves as such, instead calling themselves member of the Hydra Clan, though the other clans still note who is an old Shadow Clan member, as the Shadow Clan is still not entirely trusted among the Hydra Clan, as having once been Earth Demon worshipers, and many believing they have a secret agenda with their political dealings.


Before the divide of Yt and Tinigath, the Shadow Clan was one of the clans that existed on the border, dwelling in the Sickle Mountains and the region continuing into both modern day Yt and Tinigath. They lived in vast underground cities. Rumor has it that they originally worshiped the Gods of the Earth. However, the clan had a falling out with the Gods of the Earth, some rumors say they mined too deeply or too greedily and others say that the Earth Demons simply turned on them. In any case it’s said many of their members died out to Earth Rot. They traveled south, away from the mountains and into the forests, to found the Hydra Clan in the year 451. Though they still remained close to the mountains even then, believing themselves safe from Earth Rot, though the Awakening of Tinigath took them completely by surprise. ​

Shadow Clan

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