Senses Effect

Adding senses

To buy extra senses, buy one of the senses from the SENSE LIST

Enhanced Senses (Sensory)

Action: Free or None • Range: Personal • Duration: Permanent • Cost: 1 point per rank

Choose a sense you have, and apply the following modifier.

You can sense fine details about anything you can detect with a particular sense, allowing you to distinguish between and identify different subjects.

An accurate sense can pinpoint something’s exact location. You can use an accurate sense to target something in combat.

Beyond even acute, you can perceive specific details about anything you can detect with an analytical sense, such as chemical composition, exact dimensions or mass, frequency of sounds and energy wavelengths, and so forth. You can only apply this effect to an acute sense. A sense can only detect things that are noticeable via what it is capable of detecting. For instance, standard hearing with analytical might be able to do voice analysis, but couldn’t measure heat.

You have a sense that operates at greater than normal range. Your range with the sense—the distance used to determine penalties to your Perception check—is increased by a factor of 10. Each additional time you apply this option, your range increases by an additional factor of 10, so 1 rank means you have a –1 to Perception checks per 100 feet, 2 ranks makes it –1 per 1,000 feet, and so on. It costs 2 ranks to extend a super sense.

You’re able to adapt to some alterations in the medium. For instance, hearing something underwater, or seeing in low-light conditions. This won’t allow you to function in the complete absence of your medium, it only removes penalties for some unfavorable conditions in the medium. For each rank you can choose a different adaptation.

You can read or take in information from a sense faster than normal: each rank increases your perception speed by a factor of 10 (x10, x100, etc.) with a single sense, double cost for an entire sense type. You can use rapid vision to speed-read, pick up on rapid flickering between frames of a film, watch video replays in fast-forward speeds, and such, rapid hearing to listen to time-compressed audio “blips,” and so forth.
This sense confers some of the following effects at various ranks.
Rank 1: Can sense hidden creatures via the changes in detectable objects. Blades of grass, or the after effects of a sniper’s bullet, etc. This must assume the triggering actions of the creature leaves something that is detectable.
Rank 2: +2 circumstance bonus to perception to sense hidden creatures.
Rank 3: +5 circumstance bonus to perception to sense hidden creatures.

This sense is shielded from overload. At 1 rank, you don’t suffer penalties for minor overloads, and receive a +5 bonus to shield yourself against a blinding effect. At 2 ranks, the sense is totally immune to being overloaded.

A true sense at rank 1 has a chance of detecting illusions. Roll a perception check against the illusion DC when you first observe an illusion with the sense. On a success you discern it as fake. A rank 2 true sense automatically discerns illusions, however, possessing two ranks of true sense makes the sense a super-sense, and thus may increase the cost of other modifiers (like extended).


Dimensional: This modifier allows you to extend your senses into other dimensions. It’s assumed to apply to all your senses, allowing you to sense your proximate location in the other dimension(s). For a more extended range, use Remote Sensing with this modifier. +1 point per rank.

Ranged: Likewise, the Ranged extra only applies to Senses that Affect Others, extending the distance at which you can grant their benefits. To extend the range of a sense itself, use the Extended, Radius, and Ranged options of the Senses effect. +1 or +2 cost per rank.


Reduced Range: The sense’s range increment becomes 1ft. Flat -1 point (-2 points for super senses)

Diminished Aspect: Your sense lacks one of the features inherent to that sense. For instance, a sonar sense linked to hearing may lack acute, which is normal for auditory senses. The cost reduction of this is equivalent to the value of the lost features.

Unreliable: Some Senses may be unreliable; the GM makes checks for reliability when the sense is used. Two variations of this flaw may apply: in the first, the Senses effect is unreliable, when it doesn’t work, the character perceives nothing with that sense. In the second, the character’s perceptions are unreliable, the sense appears to work, but the character gets the wrong information. For this reason, the GM should make all reliability checks for Senses in secret, just informing the player of what the character does (or does not) notice.* –1 cost per rank.*

Senses Effect

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