Ruins (Yt)

Yt is home to many ruins from past ages, primiarily old Druidic sites, and ruins from the Divine Empire, but there are even more exotic things there.

Divine Empire Ruins

There are a number of old keeps, towers and other stone structures which were built during the Age of Treasures, likely by the Divine Empire, as there are temples to The Fathers which have been found. These ruins seem to predominate the south-eastern portion of Yindae.

Old Druidic Sites

There are many caves that are centuries (or perhaps older) with old druidic symbols carved into the walls. They were likely created by various now-defunct clans over the ages or perhaps lone druidic circles not affiliated with any clan. Some are old burial grounds as well.

Some specific sites

Caves of Dub’Hiarann

An old cavern in the Trayathal Mountains where elven artifacts were discovered. The cavern was taked by the Templar from the Minotaur Clan as part of the original agreement to join the empire.

Halls of OĆ­cheFada

An old stone keep on a hill in the south east parts of Yt, probably from the Divine Empire, it was held for a long time by a circle of vampires from the Shadow Clan. Warriors from House Zanyz cleared out the threat in the year 718, and presumably plundered the castle of any artifacts it may have held.


An odd dungeon complex built in the Shadowmire that seemed to be the base of operations for some kind of lord, given it had a throne room. Many believe it might be a traitor king from Dracos or Balaras.

The Vanishing Palace

This odd forested castle seems to be linked to the fey, and appears from time to time, seemingly at random, and seems to be a meeting place of sorts for the Fey of Yindae.

Ruins (Yt)

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