Nuumian Statue

Nuumian statues go by many names, such as stone-men, rock-men, and Living statues. In any case, they’re the most human-looking of the Earth Demons, having a strong resemblance to a statue of a human. Their faces sometimes have bumps and other irregularities that some observers have said look like beards.

Excerpt From Sythe Zanyz IV’s tactical manual:

One of the most common earth demons to be found on the surface, usually acting as representatives to Tinigath‘s clans. This is likely due to their human-like appearance, however don’t let it fool you, they’re earth demons. There’s no organs under there, it’s only stone.

Nuumian statues are unfortunately a bit varied and have a variety of power sets. All of them are rather strong, and can phase through stone and dirt effortlessly. Beyond that, it’s hard to generalize what you may run into. Some have exhibited the ability to control the earth, ability to reshape stone or dirt, or even to alter their own bodies. Others have learned to phase through metal or nearly any other solid object (though not water or Aela based barriers). They also possess an intellect about equivalent to that of the average human.

Fortunately the one constant we’ve seen is that they never display magnetic powers and rarely ever use energy based attacks. In one engagement we have seen them attempt to better mimic humans, pretending to be tribesmen until we got in closer. This disguise seemed to be a mix of specialized body shaping powers as well as mundane paints to help disguise their stony nature.

Like most earth demons they’re rather tough to destroy, and its advised you shy away from most physical attacks and rely on attacks utilizing pure Aela. Fire won’t do much to them either.

Nuumian Statue

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