New Imperium

After the Rebirth War, Arstann Sunborn set himself up as emperor, and proclaimed the rebirth of the empire of Aylanae. He instituted a series of policies, such as establishing Sheyl as the one and only religion of Rahseld and granting the allied House Toress rights to rule the majority of the cities of Rahseld as agents of the new emperor. This new proclamation was predictably not very popular with the other noble houses.

It was also noted that Arstann Sunborn gave Letin Celestia almost no power in the new government, a rather insulting slap in the face to one with as great ambitions as he did.

Kalena Sunforged was against the Imperium from the beginning, foreseeing that a rebellion was neigh. The other Imbued however, would not be easily swayed, seeing themselves as invulnerable to petty mortal disputes, especially given the new waves of Imbued they could create.

The iron-fisted nature of the New Imperium was one of the factors that led to the Eagle’s War.

The New Imperium was replaced in 615 by the Sunforged Hierarchy.

New Imperium

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