Moon Eagle Clan

Chieftain: Aidan Mooneagle

Home Settlement: Moonshadow
Surname/Title: Mooneagle
Component Tribes: Moonspeaker

An insular clan of Yt that has little contact with the politics of Aylanae, they are technically a part of the empire but have very little contact with it, preferring their isolated mountain caves and forests, where they practice ancient druidic magics.


Clan Moon Eagle has lived in the mountains of Yindae for as long as anyone can remember. It has traditionally been the peacemaker among the clans, though was noted to having a longstanding feud with the Sun Clan, never quite following in line with them. The Clan also seems to stick near the oldest druidic ruins, and studies what was written within them. They are the historians and lorekeepers of the clans, and usually tell a very different story from the Sun Clan.

Moon Eagle Clan

Defenders of Aylanae taragnor