Minotaur Clan

Chieftain: Tharik the Minotaur

Surname/Title: “the Minotaur”

The minotaur clan of Yt, contrary to what many would think at first glance, are cunning strategists and possess many with mystical talent. They are also the most active in Aylanae politics. Many in the clan are also gifted with superior sense of direction.

The minotaur clan escaped the Awakening of Tinigath with far less damage than the Wolfheart Clan, which made them a dominant clan in Yt. Though they still struggle with the Sun Clan for supremacy.


The minotaur clan is very old, and once claim to have lived within a great underground maze under the guidance of the Minotaur spirit. They are a very war-like clan, having subjugated or even exterminated many tribes over their long history. Unlike the Sun Clan, they don’t defend their right to lead with any mystical reasoning, but rather simply with shows of strength and strategy. The Minotaur, despite being conquerors, do not treat subjugated tribes poorly, allowing them the chance to integrate and have a say in Clan politics.

Minotaur Clan

Defenders of Aylanae taragnor