Makoro Titles

Titles of Nobility

Onsei: This is the Daimyo who is thronehold of Makoro, who convenes with Aylanae as a whole to cast the vote of the kingdom of Makoro. It is largely considered an honorable title, and the Daimyo’s do not give it particular respect. In fact, many believe it should not exist at all.
Daimyo: The great lords of Makoro, of which there are currently four.
Atama: The head of a Gozoku. Always a male. The Atama is chosen either by being the eldest son of the prior atama, or by the specific wishes of the prior atama which supercedes this.

Referring to a Gozoku and its followers

When referring to the family itself as a group, the last name is used alone. To refer to a group as members of a Gozoku, you apply the suffix -jin onto the appropriate family name. When referring to the samurai of a given daimyo, it is common to use the -jiro suffix after the last name of the daimyo. And is typically used as a means to pledge loyalty without actually being a part of the Gozoku by blood.

Low born soldiers and other simple minions use the -shi suffix.

Makoro Titles

Defenders of Aylanae taragnor