Magma Demon

A type of Earth Demon composed of a layer of dense rock over a magma core.

Excerpt From Sythe Zanyz IV’s tactical manual:

The magma demon is a heavily-armored beast that excels at close combat. It has armor roughly equivalent to that of a Shiadar Ogre magitech armor, and the strength to match. They are known to wield Blightsteel weaponry and are also not above throwing stones, trees or whatever other improvised projectile they can find. The creatures can’t fly, but can burrow through stone. Fortunately they cannot burrow through metal.

Their most dangerous trait is the magma core just beneath their stony shell. Attacks with physical weapons will cause the shell to crack and rupture, sending out a burst of pressurized magma. While the discharge can be dodged by the quick, it is extremely painful, and also infused with Nuumian. It should also be noted that upon death, the creatures explode in a burst of magma and Nuumian dust. This death burst can cause a significant amount of damage, so those battling these demons are advised to draw them away from anything important. Fortunately they tend to lack much tactical knowledge, exhibiting intelligence equivalent to human minimums.

Use of energy attacks, or simply keeping one’s distance is advised.It should also be noted, that ice attacks are a risky gamble. The creatures are rather resistant to ice, though should a powerful enough ice attack break its defenses, it will greatly diminish the power of the creature, shutting down its magma spray ability, and also greatly reducing its explosion on death. However, this requires an ice attack of significant power, otherwise you’ll just mildly annoy it, in other words, if your ice magic isn’t among the best in the empire, I advise avoiding this tactic and resorting to energy like lightning or pure Aela, both of which seem to perform within an acceptable range.

Addendum: Some have pointed out that I did not mention using heat or fire-based attacks in my original description, and asked to make this more clear. The creature’s internal organs are made of magma. Don’t even think of using fire. It won’t work. I don’t care how much fire you use. If you absolutely must use fire attacks, I advise you do so from point-blank range so as to take the brunt of the creature’s attacks and perhaps save the life of a teammate who is capable of basic logic.

Magma Demon

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