The rite of Jihi, referred to as the rite of mercy or the rite of conquest, is a form of surrender where the highest ranked member of a losing side (whether Daimyo or Atama) invokes the rite.

The rite grants the conqueror the following:

  • Ownership of all the property and lands of the one who surrendered. This includes taking wives or daughters of the person in question.
  • The right to execute the one who invoked the rite, without any threat of repercussions. The conqueror need not exercise this right if he does not wish it.
  • It is considered a formal request to stop fighting the new lord and cease any rebellions.

As part of accepting the rite, the conqueror also makes the following agreement:

  • The lands in question shall not be razed or pillaged and any women that are raped must be made into wives.
  • All acts performed by the soldiers and other family members of the conquered shall be absolved and can no longer be used against them.
  • The free people of the city shall not be enslaved and will be granted privileges of citizenship under the new lord.

A conqueror is under no obligation to accept the rite, but it is typically accepted, as it promotes a more peaceful form of conquest. It is considered a very bloodthirsty act to refuse the rite of Jihi.


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