Hydra Clan

Cheiftain: Meerin of the Hydra
Capital: Aontas

Surname/Title: “Of the Hydra” which is short for “Head of the Hydra”

A union of three clans (Shadow Clan, Elwhyer Clan and Owl Clan) that were devastated by warfare, disease, etc. The hydra clan is the most diverse of the clans of Yt as it includes all manner of backgrounds and is spread around Yt. Like the hydra of legend, all attempts to extinguish the clan have only led to it growing back even stronger.

It is the most common clan to find members in foreign lands, as clan hydra encourages journeying around the world. It’s members are the most open to the ways of other clans, and some even embrace radical ideas like magitech.


The Hydra clan was formed in the year 451, making it the youngest of the clans of Yt.

Hydra Clan

Defenders of Aylanae taragnor