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A type of Earth Demon, which is a roughly humanoid creature seemingly of a rocky disposition. What makes gargoyles notable and remarkable is their stony wings and monstrous appearance.

Among earth demons, they’re also quite quick and their stony hides deflect slashing and piercing weapons with ease. They are capable of flight, unlike most earth demons.

On occasion, they wield weapons made of Blightsteel.

Excerpt from Sythe Zanyz IV’s tactical manual:

Gargoyles are a fairly weak form of earth demon, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down, as it’s still many times more powerful than the majority of human soldiers. They can rend through most armor with their great strength and long claws, and their stony hide is especially resistant to slashing and penetration and they’re also a bit faster than the average earth demon.

And of course, they can fly. This seems to be more possible via some kind of magnetic effect with the wings used primarily for stabilization and direction. This is their greatest advantage and you’ll probably be shocked at the speed they can move. They’ll close on you fast. If you’re a skilled enough mage you may be able to temporarily suppress their magnetic flight and send them crashing down. Adron Futuristics was also working on a device to nullify gargoyle flight, though with the disappearance of Adron Kortarian, it’s unlikely such a device will see production for a while.

Another potent ability of the gargoyle is their natural camouflage. They can apparently enter a hibernation state where they freeze in place, though unlikely larger earth demons, gargoyles can exit or enter hibernation virtually at will. Also while hibernating, they’re able to not only almost perfectly blend with a stony background, but also suppress their nuumian auras. They’ve used this ability to create some rather nasty ambushes.


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