The rite of Vengeance, sometimes called the rite of Winter, Fuyu is a rite of Makoro declared to avenge a specific injustice from another Gozoku.

The rite can be initiated by the following:

  • A Daimyo may invoke the rite against another Daimyo or an Atama, or against a non-native of Makoro.
  • An Atama may invoke the rite against another Atama or a non-native of Makoro.

Typical reasons for issuing this rite are:

  • Murder of a family member. (This does not include deaths that occur from other rites)
  • Rape of a family member or the wife of a family member.
  • Reading the mind of a member of the gozoku or one under the protection of the gozoku (including servants).
  • Gross disrespect.

The rite of Fuyu is a battle to the death fought with katanas similar to Charenji. Unlike Charenji, there is no benefit to Fuyu besides killing the one who has grieved you.

It is only possible to invoke the rite of Fuyu once for any one act, however, if the initiator so wishes, he can invoke the rite on multiple people. If doing so, he must fight multiple foes simultaneously in the ritual combat.

As part of the agreement to join the empire, Fuyu can be invoked on non-natives of Makoro, so long as the offending act in question was performed within Makoro.

Refusal of the Rite

It is possible to refuse Fuyu, however such is considered a grievous dishonor to the family, and shows great weakness and cowardice.

For non-Makoro natives that are challenged, they face judgment in formal court and are often treated harshly there for not resolving the way in a manner that is more appropriate to the rules of Makoro, thus it is seldom refused.


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