The rite of Charenji is a custom of Makoro, which effectively is a challenge of leadership by combat.

The Charenji can be issued by the following:

  • An Atama can issue a Charenji against his Daimyo.
  • A brother can issue a Charenji against the Atama of his Gozoku.
  • A Daimyo can issue the challenge against the current thronehold to usurp that title.

Once Charenji is issued the challenged one must either concede his position of leadership to the challenger or face him in combat. It is almost never the case where one will concede, as this is considered to be highly shameful and is a brand that goes with someone for their life.

The Charenji is always fought as a duel of katana on katana, though use of magical or ki powers are permitted, magitech is not.

The Charenji is typically a duel to the death, although there is a rare precedent that allows for the winner to simply banish the loser from Makoro, though this is considered a larger insult than simply giving him an honorable death. In the case of a duel between two Imbued, the empire permits a Charenji to result in the death of an Imbued. As it is part of protected Makoro custom, deaths of Imbued via a Charenji are not punishable by Aylanae law.


It is a serious thing to declare a Charenji, a declaration that a leader is unfit to rule. It is considered highly dishonorable to declare one without just cause. While the reason itself does not necessarily need to be given, if a tyrant should try to usurp leadership through this challenge, it is not uncommon for his newly gained title to be challenged by those below him on the grounds that he unjustly usurped the title.


A Charenji is expected to be fought by one in healthy condition, such that one cannot issue a Charenji against one who is suffering from temporary sickness or recovering from a battle wound.

One whose position is challenged in Charenji may also step down from their current position and allow their successor to fight, as often is the case when an elderly daimyo is challenged, he may cede his position to his son and allow him to fight the battle.


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