The term for a training class of Imbued. A character enters a band at age 9-12 and graduates at around 17-20, with everyone getting 8 years of training. A band trains together and graduates together in Aylanae (except in the rare case when one is held back).

It is not uncommon for members of different bands to socialize, though not nearly as closely as fellow band members. It is typical for Imbued to make friends from other factions during this period, and indeed this is part of the goal of this training in Aylanae.

A band consists of the Imbued of that particular generation, and is generally between 9 to 12 Imbued (given 3 are created per year). Technically there should always be 12, but certain things generate exceptions.

Band Graduations always occur on the 12th Of the Cyclops. A new Band arrives to Aylanae and begins its training on the 22nd Of the Cyclops.

Band Naming

Each band receives its own name when it is formed. The last few bands are as follows.

737- Sentinel Band (Those born 725-728)
741- Sorcerer Band (Those born 729-732)
745- Vigilance Band (Those Born 733-736)
749- Scorpion Band (Those born from 737-740)
753- Dragon Band (Those born from 741-744)
757- Emerald Band (Those born 745-748)
761- Vengeance Band (Those born 749-752)


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