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  • Aylanae

    The capital city of the [[Empire of Aylanae]]. The city Aylanae hovers high in the air, nearly 10,000 feet in the air. Its structure is made of a very resilient, yet also incredibly light metal of presumably elvish design called [[Ilfir]]. Its base …

  • Lossa (City)

    *District:* [[South District | South District]] A city in [[Ronen]], Lossa is adjacent to the [[Lossan Jungle]]. Its population is mainly that of the [[Lossan]] people. It's an old city, chopped out from the jungle that used to go as far as the coast, …

  • Silverport (City)

    A city in [[Ronen]] that was raised during the [[Conquest of Ronen]] by order of [[:arstann-sunborn | Arstann Sunborn]]. h4. History Named for its nearby silver mines, Silverport was the capital city of the old kingdom of [[Cien]], though it lost …

  • Gorinheim

    *Ruler:* [[:tharian-gorn | Lord Tharian Gorn]] *Part Of:* [[County of Interath | County of Interath]] It is the seat of power of [[House Gorn]]. It is a large city with a great fortress castle at its center.

  • Orliss

    A city of the [[Orothean Islands]] taken by the warriors of [[Makoro]] during the [[Orothean War | Orothean War]]. It was razed to the group and pillaged, with the warriors of Makoro claiming its women. The [[Yuudai Gozoku]] was responsible for the attack …

  • Thenn

    A city in [[Rahseld]]. It is primarily controlled by [[House Toress | House Toress]]. It is most known for the [[Raid of Thenn | attack]] in the year 746 by the [[Orothean Islands]]. The city is in the process of rebuilding.

  • Trisemmon (City)

    Once a farming city in [[Ronen]], it has grown to so much more over the past 8 years. Under the guidance of [[:adron-kortarian | Senator Adron Kortarian]], Trisemmon has become a high tech city of metal, with [[Adron Tower]] existing at the center of it, …

  • Escalidar (City)

    *District:* [[Capital District]] *Mayor*: [[:callisus-karanenium | Callisus Karanenium]] The new capital city of [[Ronen]]. It is where the Ronen Senate meets and holds its meetings. h4. Notable Structures * [[Dragon's Eye Theater]] * Ronen …

  • Saerlon (City)

    *Mayor:* [[:galatinius-catacalorian | Galatinius Catacalorian]] *Senatorial District:* [[Two Rivers District]] h4. Notable places and things * [[Arcanotorium Maximus]] * [[Avenue of Delicacies]] * [[Pephorium Dome]] * [[Psisolium]] * [[Senator' …

  • Ifushi (City)

    A coastal city of [[Saidai-Taiyou | Saidai-Taiyou]]. *Daimyo:* [[:sadao-fujiwara | Sadao Fujiwara]] h4. Notable Features of the City * [[Ichi Gardens]] * [[Atarashii District]] * [[Izoku District]] h4. History About half the city was …

  • Blackforge (City)

    A city of [[Ronen]] on the continent of [[Yindae | Yindae]]. Blackforge is a city of mixed cultures, with many [[Yt]] clans, especially the [[Hydra Clan]] settling in as residents of the city. It conducts the most trade with [[Yt]] out of any city in …

  • Ealia (City)

    *Mayor:* [[:petronic-osgenos | Petronic Osgenos]] *District:* [[Stoneheart District | Stoneheart District]] A smaller city in [[Ronen]]. Ealia is on the river along the Windrider track between [[Norst (City) | Norst]] and [[Saerlon (City) | Saerlon …

  • Sethar

    A moderately sized trade city in the [[Duchy of Lethis]]. Largest city in the duchy.

  • Ethir

    *Ruled by:* [[:count-tharian-gorn | Count Sentar Gorn]] *Part of:* [[County of Songs | County of Songs]] A moderately sized city.

  • Belspar

    *Ruler*: miscellaneous Lord *Part of:* [[County of Interath | County of Interath]] A large trade city.

  • Falmalar

    *Ruler:* [[:falsion-gorn | Lord Falsion Gorn]] *Part of:* [[County of Interath | County of Interath]] A city with a central castle. A strong sea power.

  • Vemar

    *Ruler:* Miscellaneous Lord *Part of*: [[Dragonbane County | Dragonbane County]] A small farming city.

  • Loona

    *Ruler:* some lord *Part of:* [[Dragonbane County | Dragonbane County]] Mid sized farming city.

  • Inporr

    *Ruler:* miscellaneous Lord *Part of:* [[Duchy of Leindra | Duchy of Leindra]] Moderate sized city.

  • Bordrai

    *Ruled by:* [[:orgrin-thalim | Lord Orgrin Thalim]] *Part of:* [[Duchy of Leindra | Duchy of Leindra]] A moderate sized port city + seaside castle.

  • Veilforth

    *Ruler:* [[:thanar-talyn | Lord Thanar Talyn]] *Part of:* [[Duchy of Sands | Duchy of Sands]] A small sized mining city in the desert with a moderately well defended castle. On the 41st [[Of the Frog]], 762, it was [[Raid of Veilforth | raided]].

  • Vaas

    *Ruler:* [[:aothar-gorn | Duke Aothar Gorn]] *Part of:* [[Duchy of Ilsvar | Duchy of Ilsvar]] A small sized farming city.

  • Yareth

    *Ruler:* [[:aothar-gorn | Duke Aothar Gorn]] *Part of:* [[Duchy of Ilsvar | Duchy of Ilsvar]] A small sized farming city.

  • Chela

    *Ruler:* miscellaneous Lord *Part of:* [[Duchy of Sinasha | Duchy of Sinasha]] Small city

  • Veldir

    *Ruler:* miscellaneous Lord *Part of:* [[Duchy of Sinasha | Duchy of Sinasha]] Small city

  • Sinaes

    *Ruler:* miscellaneous Lord *Part of:* [[Duchy of Sinasha | Duchy of Sinasha]] Small city

  • Akakorun (City)

    A city in [[Saidai-Taiyou | Saidai-Taiyou]], it is the capital of the [[Saidai Shogunate | Saidai Shogunate]]. Main sites: * [[Palace of the Eternal Sun | Palace of the Eternal Sun]]

  • Aontas

    Capital of the [[Hydra Clan]]. It is only a small town by most other kingdom standards, but it has some rather progressive measures for a town of [[Yt]], including an [[Airship | airship]] dock, and a [[Magitech Armor | Magitech Armor]] maintenance …

  • Sayerana

    Sister city to [[Aylanae | Aylanae]]. Unlike Aylanae it doesn't possess a [[Charaia | Charaia]], but does possess significant manufacturing facilities. It is currently under the control of [[Daelan]].

  • Eisenburg

    Home city of House von Eisenburg, vassals to House Gorn. A large anthill of a city-state carved right into the heart of the Thelsar Mountains, Eisenburg is home to countless rich mineral seams of great variety and quality. Only accessible by air and …

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