Ylathe Mooneagle

Sixth Archmage


Age: 37 (born 724)
Affiliation: Archmagi (appointed in 746)

The youngest to achieve the rank of archmage (at age 22), Ylathe was a highly talented Imbued Aela mage. She had always rejected the old ways and embraced the ways of Aylanae, rejecting her Druidic roots in favor of learning magitech and Elven Magic. Those who have seen Ylathe say that she has not aged a day since her appointment to the Archmagi.

While it was expected by many that her position would garner support for Yt after the Awakening of Tinigath, this simply didn’t come to pass. The new archmage seemed more concerned with the affairs of her new organization than her old clan mates.

This led to bitter feelings from her clan, and overall lowered the Moon Eagle Clan’s opinion of the empire, and even impacted the overall opinion of Yt as a whole. Many consider her a traitor to the clan, others still believe she was brainwashed in some way to turn against her blood.


Ylathe Mooneagle

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