Sythe Zanyz IV


Age: 19 (born 742)
Affiliation: House Zanyz (2nd in succession, 3rd son)

The second Imbued male of House Zanyz, he stands behind his older brother Erasmus Zanyz

He is a self-proclaimed genius, who has studied swordsmanship and mixed it with the Blade Channeling art of Makoro. He prefers games of strategy, from basic chess to elaborate wargames.

He treats the other Imbued with respect, but seems to have some prejudices against commoners which he tries to suppress.

His personal airship is The Indomitable


PL 8

STR 2, AGI 2, STA 2, DEX 1, FGT 2, INT 7, AWE 1, Pre 1

Dodge 4/6 (flying dragon), Parry 6/10*, Toughness 10 (* from Style Counter)
Fort 7, Will 8/18 (Mind Shielding)

Attacks (init +3)
Sword +12, damage 5 (18-20 crit)
Factor X advanced Pistol: ????
Sword Wave: Ranged +10, damage 6 (critical 18-20)
One Thousand Cuts (Sword): Close +12, damage 5 (critical17-20, MA, Takedown 2)
Basic Ranged Attack (Mecha): Ranged +10

Skills: Insight +9, Deception +11, Investigation +15, Persuasion +11, Expertise (Military) +15, Expertise (Strategy Games) +18, Expertise (Politics) +15, Expertise (History) +15, Vehicle +11, Technology +15

Advantages: Attractive 1, Wealthy 4, Connected, Contacts, Close Attack 10 (limited to swords), Ranged Attack 9, Inventor, Defensive Attack, Accurate Attack, Improved Critical, Favored Foe (Dragon Band)

Equipment/Minions: Variable 3 (slow)
Sythe Zanyz can requisition up to 15 points which he may use to buy the equipment, minions or sidekick advantages. He may change this given time to hire/restock new supplies.

Style Counter: Enhanced Parry 4 (limited to those whose styles he studied and attacks he is aware of)

Blade Channeling (9 pt array)

  • Sword Wave: Blast 4 (quirk- requires slashing weapon, Strength-based, ranged 2 on strength)
  • Mystic Serpent Style: Ground Speed 5 (wall crawling 2), Acrobatics +4
  • Flying Dragon Style: Leaping 5, Enhanced Dodge 2, All out attack, Power Attack
  • One Thousand Cuts: Rapid Fire (Swords) 6, Improved Critical 1, Takedown 2

Bracers of Shielding (removable)

  • Protection 8
  • Enhanced Fortitude 2
  • Enhanced Parry 2
  • Diehard

Ring of Mind Shielding (removable)

  • Enhanced Will 10 (Limited to mind reading/control)

Factor X advanced Pistol (easily removable)
Powers Unknown

Sythe Zanyz IV

Defenders of Aylanae taragnor