Laventa Gorn

Powerful Aela Mage of House Gorn


Age: 22 (born 742)
Affiliation: House Gorn
Band: Dragon Band

Laventa is a beautiful young woman with short blonde hair that has a fine, silky appearance. Most of the time, she wears a simple black dress devoid of decoration or ornamentation. She has a noble bearing befitting a woman of status.


Older sister of Calim Gorn and second youngest member of House Gorn. She is an accomplished Aela mage and also has some experience with swordplay. As an Imbued like Calim, she enjoys status and power in House Gorn and the Empire of Aylanae, but for the most part remains a relatively simple and down to earth person. Calim holds her in high regard and values her thoughts and opinions.

Laventa and her younger brother have carried out a secret incestuous relationship for the past four years, since shortly before she graduated from her training as an Imbued. Due to the forbidden nature of their relationship however, they have been forced to carry on as if they are only close siblings.

Laventa Gorn

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