Ballon Sunglow


Age: 24 (Born 737)\

Affiliation: Templar

Band: Scorpion Band


An oddity of the Imbuing process, Ballon was born considerably early. As the Imbuing process seems to have had an unusual effect on his physiology. It somehow accelerates his fetal growth from partially formed to a full grown baby, who spontaneously burst out of his mother’s womb while in the Charaia, killing her almost instantly.

Oddly enough, the child seemed to have somehow resisted the Imbuing process as he shows no signs of a typical Imbued, as he lacked the Aela pathways or ability to channel Aela that a normal imbued possessed. There was a debate whether he should be considered one of the Imbued at all, though after debate, it was agreed that he would be afforded all the rights of an Imbued.

While some had expected the child might be defective, Ballon did manifest surprisingly high physical characteristics as well as some Mana-based abilities. He also seemed to possess some gifts from his Imbuing such as the ability to sense Aela disturbances, and the ability to use Mana to influence Aela primarily by making it visible as an obscuring cloud, or condensing Aela into a fluidic substance. Both these effects are temporary.

Ballon Sunglow

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