Kioshi Morri


Age: 26 (born 735)
Father: Isami Morri
Band: Vigilance Band

Wife: Married
Children: 2

A vassal of the Yoshinori Gozoku, he became head of his family only recently when his father died during the Tinigath War. He was convinced to revolt against Megumi Yoshinori.

Kioshi is Imbued, but known to not be the sharpest of minds. His fighting style tends to rely more on brute force than precision and he prefers to bludgeon foes with his fists. He was born with several innate Aela manipulation abilities that he’s somehow grafted into his own personal fighting style.

While his technique may be lacking according to some, he is quite strong, and incredibly resilient, possessing healing that is considered fast even among his fellow Imbued.


Kioshi Morri

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