Defenders of Aylanae

Session Log 19

Sef apparently isn’t coming and G is prolly gonna be late, but we can start with Alyssa’s part anyway.
Herlock:gimme 2 minutes
to get ready
DM:yeah that’s fine. heh. I’m not quite ready yet myself anyway. Didn’t expect to start earlier than 730
Tabris:He’s probably just playing Baldur’s Gate
Herlock:i am at the last boss
DM:ok I’m back now.
heh well I guess finish killing him then we’l start.
You should kill him in one hit wih your uber cheesed super character anyway :P
Come on man, he should have been dead 5 minutes ago
Herlock:DID IT
hes dead
first try
no deaths
so i am going to see adron?
DM:heh. ah you were going it solo.
Alyssa Toress:yeah
DM:Was wondering what was taking ya so long :P
Alyssa Toress:i even got an achievement
DM:heh really? they got a solo achievement?
Alyssa Toress:yeah
DM:the crown of aged cheese? :P
Alyssa Toress:no
flying solo
DM:They actually got a hardcore mode in the new one?
well the remastered I mean
Alyssa Toress:no hardcore mode
heh well anyway…
Lets get this started…
Alyssa Toress:
DM:lol magic missile?
Tab would be proud.
Finishing him off with magic missiles
DM:Did you one shot him with a magic missile?
Alyssa Toress:no
i set off a bunch of skull traps at the start of the fight
so he was already down to near death
i stacked them in front of the stairs he walks down
DM:Ah. I was wondering cause it looked like he just stopped talking, then you MMed him, then he died.
Alyssa Toress:then aggroed him
oh no
he talks a bunch of times
as he gets closer to dead
DM:ah. Yeah I haven’t played the end of BG1 in a super long time
I only beat that game once.
I kinda liked BG2 a lot better.
1 was decent, but it didn’t really have the good story stuff and detail that 2 did
Alyssa Toress:i like 2 better
but this is a competition T
i gotta be all 3
without diyng
DM:There’s a 3rd one?
Alyssa Toress:throne of bhaal
is considered the last in the trilogy
i know its just an expansion to 2
bbut people call it a trilogy anyway
dont ask me why
Alriht so anyway.. lets get this game started.. so last we left off Alyssa was going to see Adron while the rest of the group was killing time at night (and possibly exploring old warehouses).
Alyssa gonna just head up there as herself or you gonna use some illusion stuff to try to lose the bards and such that are no doubt watching your ever move from the inn?
Alyssa Toress:i am gonna illusion
to try to hide myself
also i am gonna teleport
to outside
so i am not seeing leaving
or coming
or going
DM:heh okay.
Alyssa Toress:etc..
DM:Yeah betwen teleport and illusion you can lose pretty much all but the most skilled of bards.
Since they’d basically need some kinda magic talent of their own to be able to track you.
Alyssa Toress:yeah
DM:You make your way up to Adron tower (the tower itself no doubt has anti-teleport measures, at least in the sensetive areas, as is pretty common shielding protected things in the empire)
Alyssa Toress:right
DM:You’re sent up to one of the higher floors of the large structure, you can give me a technology check if you want to try to analze the security or you can just proceed in.
Alyssa Toress:i dont think i have technology
yeah its not trained
so i guess i just go see him?
DM:Well I eman I will let you use tech untrained if you’d like, mostly just cause everyone is familiar with it fro the most part. So I mean so long as you’re not actively trying to take shit apart, I will mostly allow untrained checks.
You’d need ranks to build/repair it probably though
The place has some deceptive security placed about. There’s the tell tale signs of Aela disruptors keeping teleportation neutralized, and the transparent glass-like panels that make up the windows are products of enchantment no doubt, with a set of extra security shutters that can be lowered in the event of an attack.
Even the doors themselves seem to have sealable properties, while this place is decorated to appear like an upscale place of business and such (and this floor is more like a penthouse apartment)… there’s a lot of underlying security. Even what looks like an independent air supply.. possibly in case the place has to go into lockdown for long periods.
Alyssa Toress:man i hope i dont get kidnapped
DM:Adron clearly takes his security very seriously… though has also covered most of it up with a bunch of lavish decorations and artwork.
The place also has numerous Aela sensors too, designed to find Imbued apparently.
Alyssa Toress:great
DM:Alyssa makes her way into the main door and into the sitting room of this upper floor penthouse, you’d guess Adron lives in all of this floor. Adron himself waits for you, with a smile on his face.
Senator Adron Kortarian:“So glad you came.”
Alyssa Toress:“good to see you”
Senator Adron Kortarian:“You’re looking beautiful as ever.”
Alyssa Toress:“its hard work being the most beatufiul woman in the world you know”
“theres a lot of maintance to take care of”
Senator Adron Kortarian:“Oh I can imagine… the bards must try to follow you everywhere.”
Alyssa Toress:“i had to change disguises 3 times on the way here”
Senator Adron Kortarian:“Even with the war going on, perhaps the most monumental event since the rising of Aylanae… they’re still interested in every little thing you do.”
Alyssa Toress:“yes its a hassle”
Senator Adron Kortarian:“Well that and your husbands… perceived problems.”
Alyssa Toress:“yes maybe someone will come up with a pill to deal with it”
Alyssa Toress:“or some kind of elixer”
Calim Gorn:(It’d be nice if I could at least actually bone my sister while my wife is talking smack about me)
Alyssa Toress:(look have her come here okay we can get seperate rooms)

  • Senator Adron Kortarian nods.
    Senator Adron Kortarian:“Some even suspect it’s an Illuvian plot to keep your houses apart. But I suppose it doesn’t matter to me.”
    Alyssa Toress:“oh well it is what it is”
    man i really dont feel well :(
    Calim Gorn:BG withdrawal?
    Alyssa Toress:no
    i have an inflamed nerve in my skull
    occipital neuralga or something
    Calim Gorn:Oh fun
    Alyssa Toress:yeah
    DM:Could be Lupus.
    Alyssa Toress:i’ve been taking aleve to deal with it
    nah i had it happen a few times before
    all i can do is take anti inflamitories and ice it
    and it kinda hurts a lot
    DM:well if you’re really not feeling up to it. I guess we can call off the session since we’re missing Sef and G anyway.
    Though hopefulyl we can at least finish this scene anyway.
    Alyssa Toress:ok
    i went and got some ice
    DM:Try giving yourself a brain freeeze? :P
    Alyssa Toress:no
    it helps with inflammation
    lets try to get the scene done then hopefuylly you wnot’ have anything else to do for a while.
    Alyssa Toress:ok
    i mean you dont have to end the session
    we can wait for garrion to show up
    and do stuff with tab and him
    DM:You make a ltitle small talk for a bit… so fast forwarding a bit into the conversation…
    Alyssa Toress:and i could just watch
    DM:“So I assume the Templar sent you and your group here to learn all you could about my anti-Earth demon operations here in Ronen.”
    Senator Adron Kortarian:“So I assume the Templar sent you and your group here to learn all you could about my anti-Earth demon operations here in Ronen.”
    Alyssa Toress:“theres been some concerns yes”
    “earth demons appearing in ronen is cause for alarm”
    Senator Adron Kortarian:“Of course… though given the Ronen senate hasn’t been informed, I’m guessing you and Templar feel the same as I do, that this matter should be handled with discretion to avoid causing a panic.”
    Alyssa Toress:“help me out so i can help you out”
    Senator Adron Kortarian:“What did you have in mind?”
    Alyssa Toress:“be honest with me about your operations”
    “if i can see theres no cause for alarm i can calm down the templars”
    “otherwise they will send in other teams that arent as discreet as you can imagine”
  • Senator Adron Kortarian nods.
    Senator Adron Kortarian:“I think we both know that alerting all of Ronen to the threat will only result in a bunch of panicked senators who know so little about the topic at hand.”
    Alyssa Toress:“which is why you need to work with me to avoid disaster”
    “but i need to see whats going on”
    Senator Adron Kortarian:“But here you are calmyl sitting down with the foremost expert in Earth Demons, relaxing in the structure that researches and manufactures the latest in magitech for this war.”
    “If indeed, the Earth demons were cause for panic? Shouldn’t I be the one most panicked?”
    Alyssa Toress:“i don’t know what your goals are but i intend to see that things are resolved in a manner that suits everyone”
    “cooperate and there is nothing to fear”
    Senator Adron Kortarian:“Well I would think my goals would be plainly obvious throughout all of this. To help the empire defeat it’s Earth Demon enemies… and make a considerable profit while doing so.”
    Alyssa Toress:“just think of this as a weapons inspection to make sure everything is above board”
    “i promise it wont be too painful”
    Senator Adron Kortarian:“Well I’ve already shown everyone the new technologies yesterday. They’ve been quite popular. If you’d like I can introduce you to the man that you ran into in your engagement with the Earth Demons a few days ago.”
    Alyssa Toress:“thats a start”
    Senator Adron Kortarian:“I can confirm that they were my men, working under my orders to neutralize Earth Demons.”
    “And I’ve got further teams studying the creature that they unfortunately had to escape from.”
    Alyssa Toress:“while dont we adjourn for now and my team can be back tomorrow to start the inspection”
    why dont*
    Senator Adron Kortarian:“Well we can certainly adjourn to more pleasant things… as for your team, I think we can keep this whole thing as a much more personal matter…”
    DM:He leans in to kiss you (and likely begin another sex scene)
    Alyssa Toress:okay
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Alyssa Toress:but i am still gonna call in the team tomorrow
    DM:heh okay, so you’re gonna spend the night there.
    Alyssa Toress:yeah
    DM:k…. alright cool your part is done then… now we can do G and Tab’s part (assuming G shows)
    Senator Adron Kortarian:Alyssa Toress gains a hero point.
    Alyssa Toress:in the morning i will tell the team thats hes not stonewalling us
    he stonewaling us
    i didnt mean to put a not there
    i changed what i was gonna say
    and i guess they can tell me about the warehouse
    Calim Gorn:Heh, well if you’re spending the night with him I’m not sure when we’re gonna have the chance to tell you about it
    Either way we sent word back to the Sunlord with Hachi about the warehouse, so I guess we wait for a response from her
    Like whether she wants us to storm it on our own or she’s gonna send us help or what
    Alyssa Toress:i mean storming it is a bad idea
    if the earth demons get loose
    thats the entire city destroyed
    Calim Gorn:Yeah that would definitely be bad
    Also it’d be more fodder for the Guild of Swords to pull forces out of Yt
    Like holy shit Trisemmon was destroyed by Earth Demons, fuck Yt you guys
    Almost makes me wonder if it’s not worth just turning a blind eye to Adron altogether
    But if he’s fucking us over in Yt through his collaborations with Lastar I don’t know how we do that
    Alyssa Toress:i just wonder what their goal is
    Calim Gorn:Heh yeah
    Alyssa Toress:get yt destroyed for…..what reason?
    DM:Also iddi make a slight error (or at least misconception) with what I told you before about Earth Demons. Technicalyl there are Nuumian-based creatures like screamers on other continents, iit’s just there’s no intelligent earth demons on other continents
    Calim Gorn:Claiming all the mines probably
    DM:so that may actually change how you want to approach Adron potetnially having them in captivity.
    Since they could be native to Ronen. I realized I probably was a bit confusing on that little bit of detail when I said there weren’t any earth demons on other continents.
    Calim Gorn:Oh heh, so it may not necessarily be abnormal that he would have a colony of those things in captivity?
    DM:Wel I eman keeping in captivity is unusual, but like he could have found them here. It’s not like they had to come from Tinigath, mostly the empire just exterminates em.
    They’re basically earth insects. Not intelligent or anything. The equivalent of Nuumian ants (well giant ants)
    Calim Gorn:Yeah but he could probably just say that he’s using them for his anti-Nuumian research
    DM:The revelation is encountering intelligent Earth demons basically.
    Calim Gorn:And it’s not as big of a smoking gun as I thought
    DM:That’s why I figured I’d tell you that. heh. Since it may change what you want to do in action
    I realized I probably had you kinda confused in that area, so wanted to clarify that screw up since it’s not immediately obvious.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Though you guys haven’t acted on it yet anyway, so I mean it’s not a huge deal.
    Calim Gorn:I mean my main goal is basically to keep the Guild of Swords in Yt because I don’t want Laventa to get slaughtered when the Earth Demons overrun everything, so that means that if we can’t find any majorly damning dirt on Adron I’d almost rather just leave him be
    Of course, Geralt with his knowledge mguiht be able ot detect if they’re native Screamers of Yindae or Balaras… Since he has the monster lore, but he’d have to inspect em firsthand.
    So if he is improting them to so to speak he could tell if he could look at them
    Since they do have differing species of screamers on other continents. Though only a monster expert would know that shit
    Calim Gorn:I guess the biggest question is like… so what if he is, like what could he potentially be doing that would be an out and out crime and would be worthy of the Council censuring him
    Like if he’s intentionally summoning intelligent Earth Demons from the depths of Ronen then I can see them being pissed off about that
    DM:Well I mean, if he’s purposely loosing Earth Demons on Yindae that’d be a crime heh.
    Calim Gorn:But if he just has a nest of Screamers in a warehouse I don’t know if they’d care
    DM:Or yeah… like if he found intelligent ones native to Yindae and stirring them up that migth be considered a crime as well.
    Yeah, I mean sceramers are common to dig up during mining operations in all contentents (though way more prevalent in Yindae)
    So I mean it could just be part of him digging his underground stuff, though… it would mean hhe probably dug a lot deeper than just a few surface tunnels
    since you gotat go pretty deep to run into screamers generally
    So it could suggest some kind of deeper structures around Trisemmon than previous believed.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah and the Dragonhome Mountains are pretty close by
    Could be tunnels going over there
    DM:Yeah he could be importing them.
    Calim Gorn:Okay, I mean I guess if I don’t have clear evidence of him doing something explicitly illegal then I dunno if it’s worth reporting to the Sunlord about just yet
    DM:Yeah I’ll let you retcon that if you’d like too
    since I don’t think I made it really clear what the deal was with the screamers.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah heh
    I thought that was a lot more major than it is
    I mean it mioght be moremajor if Geralt finds out they’re imported, then at least you’ve got some proof hes importing them, if they’re domestic it might mean he’s involved in some kind of deep underground operations.
    Or maybe he’s using some kinda tech to attract them of course too.
    Calim Gorn:If they’re imported though is that an actual crime? I guess you could argue that he’s endangering Ronen because what if they get loose from their transport
    DM:Yeah, it’s not really an actual crime, unless it’s proven he’s doing it working with Tinigath and trying to undermine the empire
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I mean this whole thing is a wild goose chase without some kind of incriminating documents or testimony or something, lol
    DM:Directly working with Tinigath is pretty much treason.
    Calim Gorn:Or if we could find the demon summoning machine
    DM:Yeah you could also call in some expert assistance too.
    Geralt knows some druids who are good at sensing earth stuff for instance.. and there’s always some Gorn scientists (or potentially Sayuri)
    Calim Gorn:Heh, yeah if we could ping the area around Trisemmon with seismic sensors that might turn up something maybe
    DM:Assuming you dont’ get anything from Adron, you could always conduct your own investigation in earth demons elsewhere on Balaras.
    Like everything Aylanae related heh, it’s not quite a linear adventure necessarily. Of course you could also continue to have Alyssa try to get info out of Adron
    If you still had Sef you could have also tried to track Angelus too when he went on the move potentially heh.
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah I mean I don’t know what else we can do right now, if we try to go into one of his facilities covertly we run the risk of getting captured and then we’re kinda SOL
    DM:But Trisemmons new leash laws make that difficult and forced him back to Aylanae.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Yeah heh, I mean you may want to look for proof elsewhere assuming you don’t want to conduct a cover breakin of somewhere
    You’ve had two earth demon incidents withn a few days of each other.
    So it satnds to reason there may be more…
    Calim Gorn:Heh yeah
    DM:Assuming you’ve got nothing else to go on.
    Calim Gorn:Problem is I don’t want the shit going public
    DM:Also calling contacts can always work, though yeah you’d probably want to keep it under wraps so someone you know.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I do like the idea of calling in some Gorn resources to set up seismic sensors
    And have them report their findings back to me
    DM:Ellenya too potentialyl though she is a bit busy on some other project, but she amy be able to spare some as well.
    And of course Geralt knows some druids that have some magic that can do similar stuff
    Calim Gorn:Yeah, I could tell her that we’re trying to catch Adron in the act and nail him
    DM:And there’s always Darien Gorn…
    Calim Gorn:Tell Ellenya that she needs to keep quiet for now and avoid going public so that we can trap Adron and get him where we want him
    And then she could like, lay claim to all his shit since she helped bust him
    DM:heh, well they wouldn’t really necessarily let her just steal his shit, although it will certainly cause his company to lose a lot of business and she could potetnially produce some knock offs of some his tech in the vacuum
    Assuming he’s straight up proven to be a traitor.
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    I mean either way it’s good business for her
    DM:Though the treason laws in Ronen aren’t quite like Yt. where they just let you slaughter em and take their shit
    like there has to be a trial and stuff.
    Especially considering Adron is a senator.. so he’s got even more priviledges from that
    The senate will bring up a shit storm if you go after one of thier own without due process.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah heh
    That’s another reason I want to gather more evidence
    Reason to Ellenya that if she really wants to nail Adron then the case has to be ironclad
    And that if she goes around crying wolf too soon then it blows everything
    DM:yeah heh.. I mean remember Elleyna cares more about nailing Lastar than Adron of course.
    Calim Gorn:Well if Lastar is linked to Adron then we may find some dirt on him too
    DM:And she is kinda busy right now on some kind of other project of her own…
    Calim Gorn:But only if we’re given time to dig deep enough
    DM:Yeah heh
    Calim Gorn:Mainly I just don’t want her blowing the whistle too early heh
    DM:Yeah heh. I mean that’s the problem since she’s kinda worried about the whole earth demon thing.
    Calim Gorn:Alternatively if I can get Laventa out of Yt then I don’t give a shit what happens to the rest of it lol
    DM:And she’s worried about why Adron isn’t worried… :P
    Since Adron should be target #1.
    Since Adron futuristics is the #1 principle supplies of anti-earthy demon tech.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, well if he’s not worried then she doesn’t need to worry
    DM:Well she does if he’s controlling them and using them to take down the competition
    Calim Gorn:She can just leave the grunt work to us and go on with her special project
    DM:Either that or Adron coudl just be ridiculously overconfident.
    Calim Gorn:I mean this is Adron we’re talking about
    DM:I mean he does seem to show confidence in his technologies… and he did open up a pit of Blightsteel as part of a demonstration.
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    So it’s not out of character at all for him to blithely ignore the danger he’s putting himself in
    But yeah I’d definitely like to get an idea of what tunnels might be under Trisemmon and how deep the ygo
    they go*
    Maybe there’s a hidden facility we could investigate
    Calim Gorn:And we can toss a wider net and see if we can predict the next Earth Demon appearance
    Calim Gorn:So if I can get a network of seismic sensors set up and do some subterranean mapping then that’d be a good start
    DM:I mean right now basically al youv’e got him on is that his agent tried to kill that one girl the Earth demons captured… Though he’ll likely blame that on just an effort to avoid panicking the people of Ronen.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah heh
    The girl wasn’t an Imbued so they basically don’t give a shit
    DM:Right. I mean the peopel fo Ronen would be angered at that potentially but like right now, nobody really wants the whole story to get out
    So it’s likely nobody wants to go public with that shit
    Since eremember even the templar don’t want a mass panic
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    DM:And trying to sanction Angelus about that would result most likely in a fine and bringing it before the council which would reveal to the high senator what was going on.
    And he’d be like “Earth Demons? Under my shit! Recall Lastar and protect my ass! And install some sensors under me…. and an island mansion!”
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    Don’t want to go that route
    Unless I can get Laventa out of Yt like I said…
    Then hell the rest of ‘em can choke
    DM:Ronen really doens’t have the kind of seismic tech that Yt does, since they weren’t really worried about it.. so like for the most part theyd be almost defenseless from a surprise attack mass earth demons trike.
    So if what hit the wolfheart or Vigilance hit somehwere in Yindae, it’s be total chaos
    Since it’d take em almost completely by surprise no doubt
    Calim Gorn:You mean Balaras lol
    DM:yeah Balaras
    sorry. heh.
    Wrong continent :P
    And that’s where most of the senators are from, so obviuosly if the senate caught wind of that it’d be a huge shitstorm.
    Calim Gorn:All right so… I guess basic plan is to start leveraging some resources and get a seismic net set up, at least a basic one… And I expecially want some mapping of whatever tunnels are under Trisemmon
    Alyssa Toress:great
    Calim Gorn:And then on the side I’m gonna look into how I might get Laventa transferred out of Yt
    Alyssa Toress:do i get to keep cheating on my husband?
    DM:Presumably unless he invests in a maigtech chastity belt.
    Calim Gorn:And I’m gonna have Geralt request help from his druidic contacts
    We’re gonna track this shit down
    And yeah let Alyssa keep trying to get info out of Adron
    DM:Yeah I mean the druids could be sent for. Obviously they need a lotof them over to defend the Hydra, but they’d realize the gravity of the situation probably… given that a panic would result in the war effort taking a huge hit.
    Calim Gorn:Hopefully other than genetic info
    Yeah heh
    I mean we can explain to them that if Ronen goes into a panic over Earth Demons then they lose all the soldiers defending them
    So we need some assistance in getting to the bottom of these strange occurrences
    And avoiding an undue panic
    DM:Yeah. So you’ve got a buch of places to turn to.
    Assuming you wanted to take the investigation that direction.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I think that’s gonna be the best course for now
    Until I can get Laventa out of Yt =P
    DM:Alternately you could just elect to say it’s no big deal and go bafck to the Templar, I mean it’d at least delay Lastar leaving.. at the potential expense of Ronen getting surpise attacked.
    Calim Gorn:And then on the side I can like, send Tharian a letter of concern about how Laventa shouldn’t be in Yt, that the fighting there is too dangerous for her, and that he should send someone like Sorvin instead
    Cuz who cares about Sorvin
    DM:lol… well I mean he’d probably tell you that Sorvin isn’t nearly as good a ighter as Laventa. He’sjust a mundane with a sword… going against earth demons.
    Calim Gorn:Fine send Falsion then =P
    Alyssa Toress:why doesnt calim get transferred to yt
    with laventa
    and they can send someone new to our parrty
    DM:Sorvin is seen a bit of a nut, since he’s a swordsman and a jouster and stuff in times of magitech.
    Calim Gorn:Heh they won’t send me, I’m married to you
    DM:I mean he’s pretty good with a sword… but like it’s still a sword against a giant thing made of stone/metal.
    And yeah Falsion is pretty badass but Tharian likes him a lot :P
    He did send Jaxim too.
    Calim Gorn:Oh he sent Jaxim to Yt? lol wow, wasn’t expecting that
    Guess it makes sense though if he wants Falsion to inherit, haha
    DM:yeah lol.
    Falsion like any imbued has been called into service but obviously, like with Laventa he’s trying to keep him out of fighting as mcuh as possible. thus far.
    So far they’re stationed at protecting Hydra, uphodling their deals with them.
    Of course,r that’s not exactly the safest place to be.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah heh
    But yeah those are basically my two plans of action… Start setting up detectors and call for some druids, and then think of ways to get Laventa out of Yt
    Calim Gorn:Maybe if we end up going to the Hydra Clan in person to request their help then I can visit with Laventa a bit and “catch up”
    DM:yeah heh that’d be a possibility.
    Calim Gorn:But anyway that’s what I got so far heh
    Not sure what G is gonna want to do
    Alyssa Toress:how late is G gonna be
    i’m still here btw
    but i cant really do anything else
    without G
    my pain went down
    so i can still play
    DM:oh cool
    I think G said around 10 maybe.
    So shouldd be here within 20-40 I think
    Apparently it’s some office party… should have told G to bring his GURPS book, nothing kills a party faster than whipping out GURPS :P
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Alyssa Toress:being a solo sorcerer in the early parts of baldurs gate 2 is kinda tricky
    magic is illegal in amn
    if you cast spells the police come after you
    Calim Gorn:Fun times
    Alyssa Toress:you can bribe them to buy a license to practice magic
    5000 gold
    Garrion:small group
    Calim Gorn:Hey G
    Yeah Sef bailed
    Garrion:anything special happening?
    Calim Gorn:Not really, was discussing with T what I had in mind for our path forward, and Alyssa is boning Adron some more
    But T was clarifying that us finding that warehouse with the Screamers in it may not necessarily be a huge deal like we thought
    Geralt:ok, so not much IC stuff… we going to try to do anything further tonight?
    Calim Gorn:Since apparently they’re native to all the continents, it’s just not known to find intelligent Earth Demons anywhere other than the continent that Yt is on
    We were talking about having Geralt maybe request some druids from the Hydra Clan to help us track down the Earth Demons we’ve encountered in Ronen, and I was gonna have a seismic sensor net set up
    It’s possible of Adron is behind them appearing that he has some underground facilities somewhere that we could try to find
    But either way we don’t want to move too quickly since if Ronen goes into a panic about Earth Demons it’ll mean the troops get pulled out of Yt and the clans get overrun
    Geralt:yeah, don;t want that
    Calim Gorn:So if Geralt is agreeable to the idea we could have him try to recruit some druids to help search for the Earth Demons in Ronen on the down low
    While Calim gets a seismic sensor network set up
    And Alyssa keeps trying to get info out of Adron
    Geralt:but he keeps giving her somethign else?
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah, so far anyway
    Geralt:good thing she is starile
    Calim Gorn:Heh, that’s probably one of the rumors about me
    She just has birth control magic
    Geralt:Complication: Firtle Myrtle
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Yeah… we can do some more tonight… basically if you didn’t want to check out the warehouse yourself we’ll fast forward to next morning… when Alyssa basiacly comes back to tell you what happened. I dunno if Alyssa wanted to ask Adron anything in the mroning or not.
    Alyssa Toress:look man those birth control potions are very expensive
    Calim Gorn:Like you can’t afford them
    Alyssa Toress:nah i dont really got anything to ask him
    i am gonna setup a meeting for me and calim and geralt with the man in black
    or whatever he was
    DM:Okay he tells you to come back at noon and he can have Angelus available to you that you can question
    So you return back o the inn… and we can handle your conversation with Geralt and Calim IC.
    Calim Gorn:(to Geralt) “We need to handle this carefully… If we blow the whistle too soon then we blow the whole operation, and Ronen ends up in a panic and pulls troops out of Yt, leaving the clans defenseless… We need to dig deeper on this.”
    Geralt:“I agree, I definately don;t want to endanger the ongoing conflict.”
    DM:Assuming Alyssa returns to the inn using her disguises/teleport and such.
    Calim Gorn:“I might be able to get some more seismic sensors set up around the area… We could maybe see the next attack coming. And find out if Adron has any hidden facilities that nobody knows about.”
    “We could go pay a visit to your clan as well and see if they have any druids to spare… We could use their expertise in hunting the Earth Demons. Maybe we can trace them back to their source.”
    Alyssa Toress:hi sorry i was afk
    “i think we should meet with their operative as well”
    Geralt:“That could be a little more problematic. They likely won;t want to leave the conflict to help us on some wild goose chase.”
    Alyssa Toress:“the one from the tunnel”
    “adron said he will let us interview him”
    Calim Gorn:“If we explain the situation to Meerin then I’m sure—ah, Alyssa… You mean Angelus?”
    Alyssa Toress:“yes him”
    (i cant remember any of your fantasy names T)
    (call people bob or jim)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    “Heh, I tried talking to him a little at the event the other day… He seems pretty loyal to Adron.”
    DM:heh, well nobody wants to play in any of my non-fantasy settings :P
    Alyssa Toress:“before we leave to go do chase another lead its worth a try”
    Calim Gorn:“Very well… Maybe you can convince him better than I can.”
    Alyssa Toress:“Adron wasn’t hasn’t been willing to reveal much”
    “he knew the templar sent us”
    Calim Gorn:“Hm, surprising… I figured between his arrogance and your beauty it would be an easy mission.”
    Alyssa Toress:“hes smarter than he first appears”
  • Calim Gorn nods…
    DM:heh… well I eman he is kinda renowned as a genius.
    Perhaps an evil genius…
    That’s for yout o find out.
    Alyssa Toress:yeah yeah
    Calim Gorn:“That’s why we need our case against him to be ironclad… Or we need to do a thorough enough job to conclude that there’s nothing to be concerned about and convince the Templar to call off the hunt.”
    Alyssa Toress:“yes well lets try speaking to him and then getting sensor nets and maybe some druids in here”
    “and try to find other faicilities”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Calim Gorn:“You might want to speak to your cousin as well and make sure she doesn’t let things out of the bag too soon.”
    “She could probably loan us some resources to help as well, if you can convince her.”
    Alyssa Toress:“yes she might be willing to”
    “we need to calm her down too”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, definitely.”
    Alyssa Toress:“geralt do you think the clans would loan us at least one druid?”
    Geralt:“i’ll see what i c an do.”
    DM:I mean given the importance of the situation the clan can definiteyl loan out some druids if you feel it’s necessarly.. of course… every druid they lose is one potentially not on defense.
    Geralt:right, that is my pouint
    Alyssa Toress:honestly defending ronen is a lot more ciritcal to the war effort
    nothing personal to yt
    Calim Gorn:Yeah heh, if they lose Ronen’s support then the whole clan is potentially in danger
    Geralt:but do they see it that way, over their homes
    DM:The Ronen senate would certianly think so :)
    Alyssa Toress:but if they destroy the whole aparatus manufacturing magitech weapons and the like
    DM:They’ll be like “well whatever so a few clans get slaughtered… gotta save my own ass”
    Alyssa Toress:more than yt is gonna be screwed
    Calim Gorn:Not only that, I mean the Guild of Swords is the main standing army of the empire right now
    So if they decide to pull the guild out of Yt to defend Ronen you’re kinda fucked
    DM:Well The noble houses have soldiers, the guild of sword sis just the largest standing army (at least of nonimbued)
    The noble houses kinda rely a lot more on imbued without so many individual soldiers. Guild of swords is more of the imperial zerg rushers.
    Where they just got a bunch of magitech soldiers and magitech armor
    Calim Gorn:Well I mean you lose a lot of your numbers
    You’re down to just a handful of Imbued against the whole might of the Earth Demons
    DM:Yeah they’re losing a lot of soldier.s
    So having the guild pull out is bad.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah heh
    As long as the guild is still in Yt, they can probably spare a druid or two
    Hydra clan isn’t in the heavy fighting right now anyway
    DM:Yeah I mean, they’d want to spare a druid if you told em what it was for esepcailly.
    DM:since they’re not stupid, they realize shit could get bad if they lose a lot of the Ronen support in the war
    So I mean sparing a few to help with that ain’t outof the question of course the druids loyalty would probably be in underselling the problem if there is one.
    Since thier interets is probably in protecting thier clan, and not Ronen.
    So they’er good for secrecy in not telling the senate, but they’re kinda bad if you need to tell the senate :P
    Calim Gorn:That can be something to keep Ellenya calm too, like don’t worry we got this shit covered, we got a Witcher and some Druids to hunt these assholes down, don’t need to go alerting the whole senate about it
    DM:Yeah I mean Ellenya is mostly worried about her own safety. Earth demons are scary shit and she already got earth rot once.
    Not to mention their potenial for mass terrorism if they start polluting the water supplies with Nuumian (another thing mainland Ronen isn’t equipped to handle)
    Though granted the Earth demons haven’t actually done that anywhere yet… though it’s sorat one of those proposed theorized terrorist tactics they could employ.
    So that’s why Ellenya is notably worried since full scale war is coming, so who knows what atrocities they’re planning onunleashing.
    Calim Gorn:Heh
    DM:So you wnated to fast forward to the sitdown with Angelus?
    Or you got more to plan/discuss IC?
    Geralt:i think that is enough, when will i have a chance to go gather support?
    Calim Gorn:I’m okay with moving on to Angelus
    Figure we can call our Druid in after that
    Might want to trave to Yt to make the request in person
    Alyssa Toress:yeah
    Angelus is waiting for you as Adron promised… and you’re shown into a private conference room… Angelus has replced his usual more military looking gear with a formal expensive business suit.
    There’sa nother man with dark hair to his right… seated beside him
    Alyssa Toress:“greetings angelus thank you for meeting with us”
    “and who is your friend?”
    DM:The other man wears a suit similar to Angelus, though has a bit more of a refined look to it.. like he’s more used to it, where Angelus seems a bit uncomfortable in the formal attire…
    Calim Gorn:Zack? lol
    DM:Anyone wtih knowledge business or insight can make a roll on him.
    Bessar Metochian:“I am Bessar Metochian… another employee under Adron who supervised some of the operations Mr. Osoloran was involved in.”
    Calim Gorn:Probably the company lawyer
    Oh, so Tseng
    DM:From what Calim can get, he might well be some kind of company lawyer or other administrative type.
    Alyssa Toress:“i hope you understand the need for this there is just some concern about earth demons appearing in ronen and we need to do our due diligince on the matter”
    Bessar Metochian:“Of course, Senator Kortarian perfectly understands the need for an investigation, which is why he was hoping we could get this matter cleared up quickly to move onto the more important events of the war.”
    Alyssa Toress:“of course”
    “could you describe the methods and and timing in which you detected the incursions that your team was at?”
    Bessar Metochian:“I can handle this question… Mr. Osoloran is a field operative, and is not privy on all our intelligence gathering methods as I am.”
    “As you know. Adron Futuristics is researching the latest in anti-Earth Demon technologies, as such we were conducting a test of one of our new seismic sensor modules and happened to pick up unusual signatures near Saerlon.”
    “We had thought to only detect screamers, however this was not the case.”
    Alyssa Toress:“could your sensors tell they were not screamers or did you evaluate that when on the scene?”
    Bessar Metochian:“Our sensor data highly suggested the presence of non-standard Earth Demons.”
    Alyssa Toress:“so you decided to dispatch angelus team?”
    Bessar Metochian:“Yes, the prsence of such an unknown potential threat warranted a specialist team.”
    Calim Gorn:“Isn’t it pointless to test your sensors if you know there’s nothing for them to pick up? Are Screamers really a reliable enough presence that you could be assured of finding them?”
    Alyssa Toress:(tab do some questions for a bit i gotta get more ice)
    Calim Gorn:(Heh okay)
    Bessar Metochian:“It is a matter of testing their effective depth through mutliple types of materials.”
    Calim Gorn:“But still, you have to have a signal for them to find in order to perform a successful test.”
    “You have to know there’s something there to know that the sensors are picking it up, yes?”
    Bessar Metochian:“Well not exactly…the sensors detect motion under ground, such as an earth demon burrowing. They’ll detect screamers if they’re sufficiently close by.”
    “Obviously the greater range we can manage, the more useful the sensor. Adron Futuristics always tries to be on the cutting edge.”
    Calim Gorn:“But how would you differentiate this motion from something like, say, the vibrations from a lightning carriage travelling nearby? Or an airship flying low?”
    Alyssa Toress:ask the usgs
    DM:Adron tower by the way is super busy today as well probably filling all the incoming orders for his new tech… a lot probably going to the guild of swords and put directly into the war effort.. likely before a big offensive everyone kows is coming soon…
    Bessar Metochian:“Well by position of course… if it’s on the surface, then it’s probably not an earth demon.”
    Calim Gorn:“The problem with your story the way I see it, is that without a known standard to calibrate your sensors towards, how do you know they’re really that accurate?”
    “How do you know you didn’t just happen to get lucky?”
    Bessar Metochian:“Well then we’re the luckiest people in Ronen, happening to find the first intelligent Earth Demons on record on Balaras.”
    Alyssa Toress:i am just gonna assume they have a way and not ask T to come up with an explanation how seismic sensors work
    Calim Gorn:“Indeed… Quite a coincidence, don’t you think?”
    “It almost sounds too unlikely to believe.”
  • Bessar Metochian gives Calim an odd look.
    Bessar Metochian:“A coincidence that our sensors detected an earth demon and it turned out to be an earth demon? I call that science.”
    Calim Gorn:(Do I get the impression that I’m making this guy nervous like I’m getting at something he’d rather keep hidden?)
    DM:You think he’s mostly just anoyed at you
    For wasting his time… heh.
    Calim Gorn:“I’m just wondering where that Earth Demon came from in the first place… They’re only supposed to be on Yindae after all.”
    DM:Though clearly he does seem to want to get this meeting over with… though he’s pretty stonefaced about it as far as letting oiut any obvious deceptions… then again if you were going to cover up something, you’d probably call in a slick coprorate bullshitter.
    Calim Gorn:“Yet it just happened to be there on Balaras, and just happened to be in the path of your sensor, and you just happened to have a team to dispatch after it.”
    Geralt:so is only the lawyer doing all the talking?
    Bessar Metochian:“That’s a mystery to us as well.. unfortunately our sensors are not quite that precise.”
    (Yeah thus far, cause he’s asking about sensor stuff which a field operative doesn’t know about)
  • Calim Gorn glances at Angelus to see if he might show any reaction
    Alyssa Toress:“can you tell us what the first tunnel was like when you arrived angelus”
  • Angelus Osoloran takes a moment to look towards Bessar and Bessar nods to him then he speaks.
    Angelus Osoloran:"The first tunnel was rather cramped, definitely created by Nuumian magic, our Nuumian sensors could detect it when we got close enough. "
    “After the tunnel there were at least three Earth Demons there.”
  • Angelus Osoloran looks to Bessar who nods again.
    Angelus Osoloran:“And the captive girl.”
    “Defenses on the tunnel were minimal, no wards to try to collapse it, and minimal difficulty getting in.”
    Alyssa Toress:“was the girl restrained in any way by the demons?”
    Angelus Osoloran:“I didn’t see any physical restraints, but escape wouldn’t have been possible.”
    “There’s no way she could have outrun the earth demons before they sealed the tunnel or grabbed her.”
    “And one was standing guard at the entrance.”
    Alyssa Toress:“and what methods did you use to dispose of them?”
    Angelus Osoloran:“The one standing guard had already wounded the sister of an imbued.”
    “I used an Aela burst spear as my primary weapon to vanquish two of the Earth demons.”
    “The third escaped, then I proceeded to detonate a Nuumian cleansing explosive.”
    Alyssa Toress:“were any members of the team injured or contract nuumenian poisoning?”
    Bessar Metochian:“The explosive in question is still in development… though it is designed to detoxify an area of Nuumian. To prevent it from poisoning the people with Earth Rot.”
    Angelus Osoloran:“Due to the small size of the tunnel. I proceeded alone. And I was not infected by Earth Rot.”
    Alyssa Toress:“okay so then you extracted the girl to a hospital?”
  • Angelus Osoloran looks again to Bessar.
  • Calim Gorn smirks
    Bessar Metochian:“The girl was deemed an acceptable loss to avoid causiung mass panic.”
    “Judging by the fact that you haven’t informed the Ronen senate… I assume you’d agree with our attempts to keep the incident quiet.”
    Calim Gorn:“I don’t agree with slaughtering innocent people. But I guess Angelus can just say he was following orders.”
    Alyssa Toress:“so afterwards you returned to the headquarters?”
    Angelus Osoloran:“We returned to base in a covert manner.”
    Alyssa Toress:“okay”
    “did you take any special preperations after the mission?”
    “did you consider it possible that there would be more incidents?”
    Bessar Metochian:“After the mission, Senator Kortarian decided it was prudent to increase our scanning efforts in Balaras. So yes, we did increase our scan range, which led to the second incident.”
    “As I understand your group was present for that one.”
    Alyssa Toress:“yes we also detected the activity”
    Calim Gorn:“Where were the scanners you used to pick up this incident located?”
    Bessar Metochian:“Yes, unforunatetly given that the witness survived due to the intervention of Justinia Lastrium… there are forces that know about this incident.. and we had to move faster than ever to keep thiss under wraps.”
    “The exact positions of our sensors and facilities is proprietary information that I don’t deem relevant to this investigation.”
    Geralt:((afk a moment))
    Bessar Metochian:“Needless to say we were able to locate the incursion, as evident by the presence of Angelus and his team.”
    Alyssa Toress:“and you used this second incursion to test new weapons?”
    Bessar Metochian:“We tested expiremental weaponry in both incidents.”
    Alyssa Toress:“was the second incident harder from a combat point of view?”
    Bessar Metochian:“The prototype breaching grenade was used to assist in the rescue of Princess Alyssa when she was trapped by one of the earth demons.”
    “Yes, we suffered significant losses, as I’m sure you witnessed.”
    “And the Earth demon threat was not completely elimianted.”
    Calim Gorn:“Were you testing anything other than weapons?”
    Bessar Metochian:“Well there were a number of devices being tested. I assure you that all of them were being explored for their value in military operations.”
    Calim Gorn:“It seemed as though at least one of those devices didn’t function as anticipated from what we overheard.”
    Bessar Metochian:“Yes, as you may have noticed the breaching grenade was not shown off at our exhibit… after it’s somewhat poor performance we deemed it unready for mass release.”
  • Calim Gorn smirks, “That’s not what I’m referring to.”
    Bessar Metochian:“This is a natural part of the R&D process at Adron Futuristics to ensure we provide our customers with state-of-the-art equipment.”
    “Well perhaps you could be more specific.”
    Calim Gorn:“Perhaps you could. One of Angelus’s men remarked that an experiment was being conducted at the site when we encountered them. Seems odd that you’d call Earth Demon extermination an experiment.”
    Bessar Metochian:“Well as I said before, there was a lot of expiremental technology being utilized, so it’s possile he was simply referring to that.”
    Calim Gorn:“Well then Angelus, perhaps you could answer how the Earth Demons were able to set a trap for you?”
    “That sort of thing usually requires them to know you’re coming, doesn’t it?”
    Angelus Osoloran:“We responded the last time they came near the surface, I believe they were hoping we would do the same a second time.”
    Alyssa Toress:“but there was no survivors from the first attack”
    Angelus Osoloran:“One of the Earth demons did manage to escape in the first battle.”
    “I killed two fo the three that I saw.”
    DM:Angelus shows a bit of anxiety as he’s mentioning that bit and this line of questioning.. you’re not sure if he’s exactly lying or it just makes him nervous.
    Calim Gorn:“So you believe they knowingly set a trap for whomever might come wandering in after just their second surface incursion?”
    “You really think they’re that intelligent?”
    Bessar Metochian:“Truth be told.. this is a lot of speculation by those who are not experts in Earth Demon psychology.”
    Calim Gorn:“I’m not asking you, sir.”
  • Bessar Metochian shakes his head to Angelus as if telling him not to answer.
    Bessar Metochian:“That question would require speculationon the part of someone without the proper expertise.”
    Calim Gorn:“Angelus is a solider, I think he has plenty of expertise as far as how to fight battles and the tactics used in setting ambushes for the enemy.”
    Bessar Metochian:“Imperial tactics perhaps, but not Earth Demon tactics.”
    “Speculating on what the Earth Demon’s purpose might have been seems to be an unfruitful exercise which will likely only lead to more wild conclusions.”
    Calim Gorn:“Earth demons can sense vibrations from surface creatures, they would have known they were emerging in an uninhabited area.”
    “So why would they feel the need to set a trap?”
  • Calim Gorn ignores the warrior and focuses on Angelus
    Calim Gorn:“What do you think, Angelus?”
    Bessar Metochian:“We don’t know it was a trap… truth be told.”
    Calim Gorn:“Oh, I think Angelus knows.”
    “He said as much.”
    Bessar Metochian:“Well I’ms ure it appeared to be a trap in his opinion.”
    “But opinion and fact are two different things…”
  • Angelus Osoloran remains quiet but is noticeably more uncomfortable.
    Calim Gorn:“Are you really going to let this corporate bullshit-meister tell you what you saw out there, Angelus?”
    Angelus Osoloran:“It looked like a trap to me.”
  • Calim Gorn smiles, “No further questions on my end.”
  • Bessar Metochian looks at Angelus, visibly upset with him.
    Bessar Metochian:“Disregard what he said… I wouldnt want that being taken out of context until we learn the truth of what happened there.”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, yes, of course…”
    “We know better than to take the opinion of a lowly soldier at face value after all, right dear?”
  • Calim Gorn gives Angelus a knowing look as he says that
    Bessar Metochian:“I think this meeting is over.”
    Alyssa Toress:“thank you for your time”
  • Bessar Metochian stands up and gestures for Angelus to do the same.
    Bessar Metochian:“Senator Kortarian hopes that you don’t press this matter further in the goal of suppressing undue panic.”
    Calim Gorn:“We’ll be in touch.”
    Bessar Metochian:“Of course.. in the meantime Angelus is needed on duty in case there are further incidents.”
    Calim Gorn:“Of course… Far be it from us to keep the Senator’s premier clean-up man from his duties.”
    DM:Alright so that meeting concludes.. what you want to do now?
    Alyssa Toress:i dunno go to YT?
    DM:As I said earlier the place is very busy and frantic with people apparently working to complete orders and such.
    The airship docks are kinda clogged up wiht a lot of traffic.
    Geralt:how long it take to get to Yt?
    DM:But a lo tof those ships are going to Yt so you could hitch a ride.
    Since they’re a lot carrying military cargo.
    Alyssa Toress:man i need to get a private airship
    DM:Fortaunnteyl you want to fly into a warzone.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah might as well hitch a ride since we need to talk to Meerin
    And I can maybe send a message off while we’re en route to request seismic sensors and some men to deploy them
    DM:Okay you catch a ride on one of the guild of Swords airships going that route… and you want to use their comms on the waay?
    Calim Gorn:Oh, hell no, not their comms
    DM:heh okay.
    Guess you’ll wait till you get to Hydra territory.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah heh
    Hopefully Gorn has a secure uplink set up there
    Since there’s a couple family members there and all
    DM:Your accomdations aren’t great, they basicall ypout you up in a barracks with some other soldiers, it was the best thy could manage since it’s basically carrying troops and cargo.
    So it’s not really designed as a passenger ship.
    While there though… Calim does get approached by one of the soldiers… low rank by the look on his insignia…
    Soldier:“Hello Sir… I was wondering if I could have ask a question.”
    DM:He’s pretty young, maybe 20 to 23 or so…
    Calim Gorn:“Hm? Very well… What’s your name, soldier?”
    Soldier:“Sergeant Xenus sir.”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Calim Gorn:“Go ahead, Sergeant.”
  • Calim Gorn wonders what this random soldier wants with him…
    Sergeant Xenus:“Sir, I heard you visited Ealia recently…. and there were some rumors about.. .Earth Demons.”
    “My family lives there, I wanted to know if you knew anything.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Sergeant Xenus:“Some of the bards say you were sent to check it out.”
    DM:Ealia btw was where the ambush happened, the second earth demon incident.
  • Calim Gorn smirks… “You believe everything the bards say?”
    Calim Gorn:“I hear they say a lot of colorful things about me.”
    Sergeant Xenus:“Well.. this story seemed a little more legitmate… they say there was a similar incident in Saerlon… are the Earth demons attacking us in Ronen?”
  • Calim Gorn shakes his head, “No, they aren’t. Don’t worry about your family right now. You need to take care of yourself where you’re going.”
    DM:I’ll give you a deception check on that.
    Calim Gorn:I’ll spend my Luck on this if it’s a shitty result, heh
    Yeah spending Luck
    DM:heh you call upon your reserves of heroism and lie like a champ.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:He seems convinced anyway.
    Okay the rest of the joureny passed without incident…
    Calim Gorn:No that would have been a Hero point =P
    That’s why I used Luck =P
    DM:oh right heh…
    Good point :P
    Okay the rtest of the journey passes by as you arrive in Aontas, Hydra Clan territory. It’s changed since the last you visited… at least since war was declared as you see there’s rapid efforst to construct fortifications and new structures here and there… being an odd mix of technology levels.
    It looks that Meerin decided to give the Templar, House Gorn and the guild of swords a pretty free reign to construct srtuctures and set up facilities.
  • Calim Gorn seems excited as they arrive, as if he’s looking forward to it
  • Geralt diembarks and goes to look for Meerin
    Calim Gorn:“Wow, things have changed a lot since we were last here.”
    DM:You head over to Meerin’s home whcih has appaerntly seen some upgrades… including what you see as a long-ranged Aela communicator… probably so he can handle business in Aylanae from the ground here.. and keep upo with the latest reports… Meerin himself just gets out of the door to his communciations room, hsi face shows a lot of stress to it.. probably from all the demands and events that have been happening.
    Geralt:“Greetings Meerin.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Geralt, you’ve returned!”
    Geralt:“Yes, for a short stay.”
    “Do you have time to meet with us or are you busy?”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“The Guild is going to launch the first counterstrike in a few days after they get in some new weapons. Yes I want to hear what you found out about Adron… he seems to be selling the best in weapons and detection equipment. Though I wanted to hear your take on him before we commit any of our resources to it.”
    Alyssa Toress:i mean honestly his weapons seem good?
    Geralt:“Are these quarters still private enough for our conversations?”, as Geralt looks at all the communication equipment."
    ((remember Geralt is not into all this fancy tech
    Meerin of the Hydra:“To be honest I’m not sure.. I had this installed to make sure I could keep up with what is going on…”
    Geralt:((so he not really trust that someone can’t listen in))
    Meerin of the Hydra:“I can’t afford to be kept in dark in these times.”
    Geralt:Aela hackers
    Meerin of the Hydra:(Yeah Meerin doesn’t really know tech well either, but he’s more adoptive of it.)
    Calim Gorn:“Only the person using the Aela Communicator can be heard on the other end… They don’t pick up background noise.”
    DM:Oh did calim go with him or was it just Geralt?
    I figured Calim was off doing his own thing
    Calim Gorn:I assumed I was there but I dunno if Geralt would want me along or not
    If not then I definitely have something else to do lol
    Geralt:he doesn’t care
    if you wanted to come he wouldn’t care
    DM:heh okay, well I guess Geralt takes all of you along then.
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Best we talk in private anyway…”
    Geralt:“Yes, I agree. This is a sensitive matter we wish to discuss.”
    DM:He mvoes to another room whcih granted isn’t really the greatest for privacy, the clans haven’t really set up the sort of paranoia based securities against spying that most of the other places have.
  • Calim Gorn nods, “As you wish, Chieftain. I can attend to other matters while you speak with Geralt.”
    Geralt:((i think he was refering to away from the gear))
    Meerin of the Hydra:(Yeah it was getting away from the comms)
    Calim Gorn:(Ah okay, never mind that then)
    Meerin of the Hydra:(House Gorn and the Hydra clan are allied so he’s not against you)
    DM:He sits down at a basic wooden table… this room devoid of any magitech.
  • Geralt follows Meerin to the more scure area.
    Geralt:“How did you know we had been to Ronen to see Adon?”, he starts out casually.
    Meerin of the Hydra:“That large contraption in the other room has its uses.”
    “As I said I’ve tried to keep up with what’s going on.”
    Geralt:“Well the equipment was demonstrated and it certainly seemed useful in the controlled arena.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“It was a good idea, to see what kinds of things we could benefit from. President Lastar of the Guild of Swords seems Adron’s contraptions are worth much.”
    Geralt:“How it fares in the field in real situations is unknown.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“But whether they could benefit us I do not know.”
    Calim Gorn:“They appeared effective from the demonstrations I’ve seen.”
    Geralt:“That is partly why we came, the testing of the equipment in the field.”
    “This needs to be kept to the upmost secrecy, just we, Adon, and the templars know about what I’m going to tell you.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“I understand. We are your people and we share and protect your secrets.”
    Geralt:“There has been some earth demon activity in Ronen. We were sent there to investigate rumors and it turns out they are true. The question in our minds though is the circumstances surrounding the events.”
    “Both times Adon’s men were involved. They discount it as luck and fortunate circumstances. We wonder though if there is more behind it.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Earth Demons in Ronen? And Adron behind it?”
    Calim Gorn:“We have no proof yet that Adron is directly involved… But yes, we have encountered Earth Demons, and men working for Adron have been battling them.”
    Geralt:“We will soon be returnign to Ronen to lok into this some more but we were hoping to acquire the aid of a druid or two in tracing the earth demon prescence.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“You think they came from Tinigath? Or you believe them to be natives of the continent of Balaras?”
    Geralt:“We are wanting to kep this quiet and not bring any undue attention to the matter for fear that a panick in Ronen would cause disaster for the clans here in Yt.”
    Calim Gorn:“We don’t yet know enough to say for certain. Personally, I believe it’s possible Adron may have devised some sort of machine to summon them from the depths of the Earth… But again, we have no evidence to support that conjecture.”
    “But yes, if word of this gets out in Ronen then they will likely pull the Guild of Swords out of Yt and leave the clans vulnerable, and we do not want that to happen.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Yes I can undestand the need for discretion.”
    Geralt:“Fortunately Adron is also desiring to keep things quiet. I’m sure the fect that we found out is too public for him.”
  • Calim Gorn nods…
    Meerin of the Hydra:“If they are from Tinigath, then destructon could be their goal.. or to incite the very panic we intend to prevent.”
    Calim Gorn:“Though if they are from Tinigath, that also raises the question of how they got to Baralas.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Of course, if they are native of Balaras, then it is possible they have not been corrupted as the Tinigath Earth Demons have.”
    Calim Gorn:Balaras* yeah
    Meerin of the Hydra:“The druids do not believe that all Earth Spirits are evil as the empire believes… we have long believed that Earth Spirits rest beneath all the continents.”
    “That they work in concert with humanity… striving for a balance. It is only the spirits of TInigath that are innately hostile, who have been corrupted by their desire for worshippers and hatred of the air.”
    Geralt:“The earth demons we encountered were every bit as viscious. Hachi, fell to one of them and was partially restored, but he will no longer be with us.”
    Calim Gorn:“Perhaps they were only acting in self-defense though…”
    “It is too bad none of us know their language… Hm…”
    Geralt:It is likely. Adron was most likely provokign them to test his gear if we believe correctly.’
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Their language is not known to you… though there are traditions passed among the druids considered unpopular among the rest of the empire.”
    “You have shared a secret with me.. may I trust a secret of my own with you?”
    (He seems to direct that question more towards Calim than Geralt)
    Geralt:“you may.”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Calim Gorn:“I am a man of honor. I will keep whatever secret you entrust to me.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“The Hydra clan has long had a tradition of accepting those of many different beliefs… and we do have among us some who the empire would consider traitors. Old druids who still believe in the old ways and preserve some of the old knowledge of the old rituals to speak to the spirits of the earth.”
    Calim Gorn:(Man I’m gonna get so many new mines for Tharian… j/k)
    Meerin of the Hydra:“If communication is your wish… I know of one that may be able to help… if on the other hand you wish to find them to eradicate them, I can supply you with a druid whose loyalties are not quite as questionable.”
    Calim Gorn:“Hm…”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Geralt has spent his life studying the ways of monsters… and I shall trust his judgment on which path is best.. you were there, so you know more than I.”
    Calim Gorn:“If they are not truly hostile towards us and are only being incited by Adron then I would not wish to see them destroyed… For it is not their fault what has happened.”
    “But we may have no choice with the eyes of the Empire on us.”
    Geralt:“I say we try to talk with them first. At least learn of their intentions. If we need to move to erradication then we can go that route later.”
    “Empire aside, it is better to avoid further agressions on another front if possible.”
  • Meerin of the Hydra nods.
    Meerin of the Hydra:“I can get in touch with this druid, but should I send him with you, I require your oaths that you shall do your best to protect him no matter what, unless he outright betrays you. I have given him my word that the Clan shall protect him so long as he takes no direct action against us.”
    Geralt:“We will use the means at our disposal in this investigation.”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Geralt:“You have my word. This man will come to o harm by my doing.”
  • Meerin of the Hydra looks to Calim seeming to want him to actively speak the words.
    Calim Gorn:“I shall not betray this man so long as he aids us, by my honor.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“I cannot guarantee his help but he will not act against you. He has no love of the empire, but I believe he will help to maintain a peace.”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Calim Gorn:“I understand.”
    “To tell the truth, I have little love for the empire myself, haha.”
  • Calim Gorn cracks a joke to try to lighten the mood
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Some would consider you traitors for even considering this sort of approach. Keep that in mind before you tell anyone what you’re doing.”
    “I shall send out a bird to carry a message to him… hopefulyl we will recieve his response in a day.”
    Calim Gorn:“Very well, we will await word from you.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Until then you can stay here… though the place is a bit more crowded than usual with all the recent activity, not that we are complaning. We are thankful for the assiance House Gorn has provided, as well as the rest of the empire.”
    DM:So you guys gonna stay stationed there?
    Calim Gorn:Yeah, might as well
    DM:Calim perhaps sneaks off in the mdidle of the night…
    Calim Gorn:There ain’t no perhaps about that, lol
    DM:The place btw is a lot less peaceful than when you visited befoer, the sounds of airships, structures being constructed with tools magitech and mundane… and even magitech armor walking around, mostly assisting in construction.
  • Calim Gorn goes to find Laventa after the meeting with Meerin
    DM:It’s a totally different town then when you last visited…. there’s even a group of warriors from Makoro, though you’re not sure what thier sttory is.. perhaps a group of samurai that got lost from thier main fleet.
    Yeah heh… Calim goes over to meet with Laventa.. wasn’t sure if there was anything you anted to actively discuss with her or if it’s just a purely social visit.
    Calim Gorn:Pretty much a social visit, checking on her well-being and such
    And maybe making arrangements for a more illicit rendezvous later
    Also doing my best to avoid Jaxim, cuz fuck that guy
    DM:Yeah Jaxim got stationed elsewhere, closer to the front lines.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay
    DM:heh well I figured you were gonna sneak off to have sex somewhere… I just meant like there wasn’t any plans you were discussing :P
    by social visit, I meant sexual lol.
    Calim Gorn:Oh lol
    Yeah I mean it’s been a while, so…
    DM:heh okay.
    I sorta assumed that big.
    Of course.. if Herlock si around he did say Alyssa was gonna try to follow you… so…
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Well if I know she’s following me I ain’t gonna chance her finding out
    DM:Not sure if he’s actually there though
    if he’s not there.. I’ll say Alyssa dropped thee balla t the time too, she fell asleep instead of watching.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Yeah I mean I can always wait until she falls asleep or whatever
    DM:Or she was so enraptured by a beautifuly butterfly her attention shook.
    Calim Gorn:Haha
    Alyssa Toress:nah i aint gonna follow
    i am too tired
    to do that
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:okay heh…Alyss acalls it a night early making it easy for Calim to sneak off.
    Okay… so next day.. if you’re okay with fast forwarding to Meerins next response
    Calim Gorn:Sure
    Meerin of the Hydra:“In the nature of peace he will hear you… he shall be waiting for you to arrive in Elwhenae and shall make contact with you shortly after you get there.”
    “There hould be an airship leaving for there in an hour.”
    Geralt:“Thank you for your trust and assistance.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Make sure he comes home safely… he may be considered an enemy to the empire by many, but he is still Hydra.”
    Calim Gorn:“We will do our best to ensure that he comes to no harm.”
    DM:Unless there’s more to discuss you hop the airship for Elwhenae…
    The trip goes by without incident… as you arrive at a much more basic tribal town, more akin to what you’re used to from Yt…. the airship doesn’t even have a dock to land so you’re forced to hover some time away and lower down via ladders or simply jump if you’ve got a means of flight/hovering.
  • Calim Gorn glides down with his Skystrike Cloak
    DM:It doesn’t take you too long before a younger man approaches you and leads you off into one of the nearby hill-caves… the place is rather well hidden with vegetation and you’d have no idea anyone lives in the cave if he didn’t show it to you.
    Assuming you want to go in there?
    Calim Gorn:I’ll let Geralt take the lead
    DM:The cave is pretty dark though most of you can see pretty easily, the iniial bit seems natyural but as you get deeper inside… the place definiteyl shows signs of being shaped by druidic magic (well Geralt can see that, Calim not so much)
    Geralt:“Hello, I’m Geralt and this is my companion, Calim.”
  • Calim Gorn bows respectfully
    DM:You enter to find an older man, probably about 80-90 years old…. he’s seated on a rouglhy chair shaped rock…
    Laaza:“Greetings, I am Laaza. You must be the imbued that Meerin tells me about.”
    Geralt:“Thank you for seeing us.”
    “I am Geralt and this is Calim.”
    Calim Gorn:“Greetings, Laaza.”
    Laaza:“I have heard that you have come to me in the name of peace… I would not have believed it from any of the imperials… but Meerin tells me otherwise.”
    “He had the chance once to turn me in and have me executed, but he chose differently.”
    Geralt:“We are not your typical Imperial. As you can plainly see I am a Witcher.”
    Calim Gorn:“I simply wish to avoid any further conflict if it can be done.”
    Geralt:“We have come to you because we were told you can communicate with the Earth Demons.”
    Laaza:“Yes a hunter of monsters… a killer… and an imbued.”
    “Ha Demons! That what they’re teling you fools?”
    Geralt:"We have discovered some and wish to know their intentions and the reason for their appearance.’
    “It is the common name given to them by everyone, even our own people. No matter what they really are. They can be simple elementals for all I care.”
    Laaza:"The demons are the ones in the flying city of yours… "
    Calim Gorn:“I won’t argue that point.”
    Geralt:“I have not come to recieve a lecture. The fact that we are here before yo and did not just go on the warpath should show you our intentions.”
    ‘This sighting was not in Yt."
    Laaza:“Ah…. so the others have awakened?”
    Geralt:“We believe they may be provoked and want to avoid any undue conflict.”
    “Awakened, already there, pissed off…. this is what we want you to find out byspeaking with them.”
    Calim Gorn:"Yes… We still don’t know if they are from Tinigath or if they were beneath Balaras all along."
    Laaza:“Likely beneath Balaras all along… the Earth Spirits are everywhere.”
    Calim Gorn:“I see… All the more reason to avoid undue conflict.”
    Geralt:“Yes, by why have they come to the surface to reveal themselves? One account actually reported them taking a girl captive, but also caring for her and she was not hurt nor infected. Unfortunately a military group waged war on them and we do not want this to escalate.”
    Laaza:"The old stories, the kind your empire would have you forget, speak of a time when the Earth Spirits worked with the people. "
    “When disaster struck…. the people of Therin sought shelter within the earth.”
    “Such stories have been turned to blasphemy now by that accursed empire.”
    Calim Gorn:“Perhaps with your help we can begin to make them see that the old stories are not the blasphemy they believe them to be.”
    Geralt:“The air and the earth do not mix, much like fore and water. This does not mean that they have to fight though.”
    Laaza:“I thionk those that know the truth seek to suppress it.”
    Calim Gorn:“Perhaps so… I am curious to hear your version of things.”
    Geralt:“Supression of knowledge is often for the gain of those who suppress it.”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Calim Gorn:“It’s certainly true that the Templar only care for those who worship their goddess.”
    “But I care not for the Templar or their goddess. I only want to keep the conflict that ravages over this land from spreading to another.”
    Laaza:“If you seek peace, I can attempt it, but know that I shall not aid in spreading lies of the empire.”
    Calim Gorn:“I would not ask such of you. We only wish to communicate with the earth spirits and find out what has roused them from the depths of Balaras, if that is truly where they come from.”
    “And if the reason for their awakening is the doing of one of our own then we will see it stopped.”
    Laaza:“Very well… I suppose I can make one last journey to Balaras before I die.”
    “Both of you enver forget… as much as you think that empire of yours has made you one with the air… in the end, all humans come to rest in the earth.”
  • Calim Gorn nods…
    Calim Gorn:“They say we are created from dust, and to dust we shall return.”
    DM:okay so he’ll go with you.. we can FF the trip a bit..
    He’s rather erluctant to get on the airship but eventually witth some convincing he does get on it…. though he clearly hates the thing.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Where did you want to take him in Ronen btw?
    Calim Gorn:Hm
    DM:Could go to Trisemmon (Adron’s City), or to Searlon or Ealia where the other earth demons were… or could try a new spot
    Calim Gorn:Oh yeah btw while we were at the main Hydra city I could have sent the communication out to request those seismic sensors and shit
    DM:okay where did you want to send em?
    Calim Gorn:I want them mainly around Trisemmon, trying to find any underground caverns or activity there
    DM:heh okay. keep in mind the seismic sensors mainly just detect vibrations or motions underground, tehy won’t detect open spaces necessarily.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay
    DM:It’s more like if someone is tunneling, mining, burrowing, etc.
    So sensors to Trisemmon and druid is going where?
    Geralt:our last sighting?
    Calim Gorn:Yeah that’s what I was thinking
    It’s away from civilization and if anybody comes out to say hi it’ll hopefully take a while for Adron’s goons to show up
    DM:okay so going to that forest in Ealia where the last pit was?
    Calim Gorn:Yeah
    DM:The current airship you’re on isn’t going there, but you could use your imperial authority to redirect it, of course dong so could draw attention or you could try to take the slower route of trying to take connecting flights.
    Course that’d probably cost you a half day or day depending…
    Calim Gorn:Will take the slower route, don’t want to draw any attention
    DM:The ship is goinbg to Norst… and you end up having to take the windrider (magitech train) to Ealia from theere. though at least you think you haven’t brought up much attetnion…
    Laaza speaks t you as you’re goiong to start heading into the forest.
    Laaza:“There is one request I have of you…. leave your weapons here in the city.”
    “If your intentions are truly peaceful then you shall not need them.”
  • Calim Gorn raises an eyebrow
    Calim Gorn:“What if the earth spirits’ intentions are not peaceful?”
    “Plus there is the fact that Meerin charged us with protecting your life, and that is difficult to do unarmed.”
    Geralt:“Also there are the others that came here to do battle with the Earth Spirits, If they are present they may wish to silence us.”
    Laaza:“Part of the old rites is putting my faith in the Earth Spriits, calling on the old pacts between man and the earth.”
    “If they wish me dead.. then so be it…”
    “I cannot guarantee your safety either, but it is the risk of peace.”
    “They already do not trust your kind, they can sense the air about you. You must give them reason to trust.”
  • Calim Gorn frowns…
    Calim Gorn:“Well, we’ve come this far I suppose.”
    I’ll rent a safe deposit box at a bank and leave my gun and sword in it
    Geralt:i’ll place my swords there too i guess, grudgingly
    Calim Gorn:Pause—>Menu—>Save
    DM:heh oaky.. yeah youcan leave it at an inn room or what not.
    or get a deposit box too
    So I’ll assume you guys stow your gear and proceed out there… it’s some distance so you have to rent a whilrwind wagon (or have a very long walk)
    Geralt:wil get a wagon
    DM:So you make it out into the forest…
    Calim Gorn:Yeah, wagon
    Let the old man complain if he wants
    DM:Returning to about where things happened before..
    Geralt:i do have my potions though
    just weapons left
    DM:Yeah I assumed you were leaving behind weapons only.
    Laaza:“Very well I shall begin one of the old rites.. and we will see if they answer.”
    DM:He grabs his old gnarled staff (though clearly an item of power Geralt thinks, despite its odl appearance)
    And he starts to chant in a language unfamiliar with all of you… it sdounds almost inhuman as he speaks…
    Calim Gorn:(Sounds like what we heard the Earth Demons speaking in?)
    DM:And he pounds his staff against the ground in some kind of rhythmn…
    It could be the same language.. you’re not sure, it’s tough to tell since his voice is a human tongue and their vocies were way different sounding.
    But he could be doing a human interpretation of thier odd language.
  • Calim Gorn waits nervously, glancing around and hoping nobody is watching
    DM:Geralt’s medallion starts to vibrate amongst the present of magic.
    For about 15 minutes he does the awwkard looking chant… and pounds his staff.. sweat coming down from his face…. Then finallyyou feel a rumbling in the ground under you…
    Calim Gorn:“I assume that’s them…”
    DM:Emerging from the ground is a stone man with ruby-like eyes…
    A second one emerges behind him…
    Laaza kneels in front of them… speaking something in that strange language…
    Calim Gorn:(Same kind as what we fought before?)
    DM:Yeah they’re the same type
  • Calim Gorn observes, trying not to do anything that might provoke them
    DM:The stone beings seem to eye’s hard to tell with the pupilless eyes though wheere they’re actually looking
    Though one speaks in the rumbling tone to him…
    And Laaza responds… you’re not quite sure how it’s going….the earth demons aren’t giving up any emotions.
    After some talking back and forth Laaza responds to you
    Laaza:“They’re using a dialect I’m not entirely familiar with. still I should be able to convey somethings to them.”
    Calim Gorn:(lol great)
    “What have they said to you so far?”
    Laaza:“They’re just trying to find out who I am… they’re not from Yindae, as they’re not familiar with druids.”
    Geralt:((It takes a very long time to say something in old nuumian… we have just finished saying hello.))
    Calim Gorn:“I see… Then they are from this continent after all.”
    DM:Speaks some more with the earth demons.
    Geralt:“So the stories are correct, but now why have they come to the surface?”
    to Calim
    Calim Gorn:“Hopefully we can find out…”
    Laaza:“They say that ‘one from the surface’ started this… came into their realm and took something…”
  • Calim Gorn frowns…
    Laaza:“I’m not entirely sure what…”
    Calim Gorn:“Can you ask them to explain what was taken?”
    DM:He speaks a bit with them, they have a back and forth for a while…
    Laaza:“There are some difficulties communicating… But it is something very important.”
    Calim Gorn:“I wonder…”
    Laaza:“I believe they’re suggesting that one from the surface broke into their realm by digging, perhaps mining…”
    Calim Gorn:“The thing that was taken, it was originally beneath this continent?”
    DM:He exchanges a bit.
    Laaza:“Yes… they say it was within their land, which I assume to mean this continent.”
    Calim Gorn:(Can I say I have a map with me?)
    (Like of Ronen)
    Geralt:“Was it the girl?”
    DM:Yeah okay I’ll let you do that. it’s pretty reasonable.
  • Calim Gorn pulls out a map and unfolds it on the ground
    Calim Gorn:“We are here.”
  • Calim Gorn points to their current location
    Calim Gorn:“Where was the thing that was taken?”
    Laaza:“They know little of your maps….they are tools for beings of the surface.”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, I suppose that’s true… I apologize.”
    DM:Hye speaks a bit mrope with them…
    Laaza:“If I undersand correctly, the girl was an attempt to communicate… they wre trying to teach her their language.”
    Calim Gorn:“Hm, I see… They wanted an emissary to try to establish peaceful communication, so that they could seek out the thing that was taken from them?”
    Laaza:“They intended to deliver a warning to the surface… I believe..”
    Calim Gorn:“Ah, I see…”
    Laaza:“To cease taking whatever it is that’s being taken.”
    Geralt:“Do they know who took it?”
    DM:He speaks with them some.
    Laaza:“I believe what they’re saying translates roughly to ‘of the air’…. so an imbued likely… one of your empire.”
  • Calim Gorn nods…
    Calim Gorn:“The thing that was taken, is it a single unique object? Or is it something common like gold or jewels?”
    Laaza:“It is something very precious to them… what that mgiht be.. I do not know… they use a word roughly translating to ‘world’… though likely used in some form of metaphor…”
    “The proper name for it I do not recognize…”
    Calim Gorn:“Can they show us what it looks like? Perhaps shaping a bit of the dirt?”
    Laaza:“But it something tehy cherish…”
    DM:He speaks back to them.
    Laaza:“I think they said it has no form… they may be referring to a soul.”
    “Or perhaps their own life force.”
  • Calim Gorn frowns…
    DM:He speaks to them some more…
    Laaza:“Tehy were sleeping and they were attacked suddenly…”
    Geralt:“Riddles and more riddles.”
    Calim Gorn:“Ellenya mentioned something about a golem powered by Nuumian… Maybe they’re referring to Adron using Nuumian magic to power his Magitech.”
    Geralt:“Sounds like the work of Adron’s men.”
    Laaza:“They say they do not wish for there to be… I believe it’s their name for fighting or war….”
  • Calim Gorn nods, “We also do not wish for such.”
    Laaza:“But if the surface dwellers do not stop…. death shall follow.”
    DM:He speaks a bit more to them…
    Calim Gorn:“Have their kind been coming to the surface in response to these incursions into their home? They are not being called forth by magic or some device being used by the surface dwellers?”
    Laaza:“We are not their enemy… death… from the sky…”
    DM:He starts to talk again… give me a perception cehck for Geralt.
    Calim Gorn:Hero Point it if you roll low lol
    DM:don’t listen to him, he once hero pointed a sex check.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Geralt’s enhanced hearing can hear the sounds of an airship closing with your position rapidly… it does seem to be slwoing down too… and its travelling pretty low to the ground to try to avoid detection…
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I was afraid of that
    DM:Youv’e got about a round or two before it get there,… it’s moving pretty fast.
    Calim Gorn:Heh damn
    Geralt:“We need to sto now Laaza. Tell them to go. We will contact them later.”
    Calim Gorn:“What is it? Is the response team coming?”
    Geralt:((Do we have any cover in the trees?"
    DM:Yeah there’s some cover, the forest is pretty good.. of course if they’ve got some kind of Aela sensing tech migth be hard to die from that.
    But there’s some good cover from mundane stuff.
    Seems o frantically try to get the message through….
    Do the rest of you want to try to take cover and hide?
    Geralt:If we can get Laaaza withus
    Calim Gorn:Yeah, will grab the old man and drag him towards cover, make diving motions at the Earth Demons or whatever
    DM:Well it’ll probably interrupt him telling them flee heh.
    Iff you just randomly grab him.
    Geralt:will so be it, they get the point
    Calim Gorn:lol hopefully they get the point
    Fly you fools! etc
    DM:heh oaky.. you grab him… I mean he hasn’t really got the chance to respond yet.. this is kinda a pertty isntant reaction.
    So they’d basically just see you say something to him and then grab him and poull him away.
    Calim Gorn:Hm
    Give him a round to respond to them then I guess
    DM:If you wanted him o get his full warning out to them in their tongue ti’ll be tough to grab him suddenyl while that’s happening
    Geralt:well we dive for cover, not really like running away with him
    DM:okay yeah you can take cover yourselves.
    Geralt:with him
    Calim Gorn:“Be quick, Laaza, you must hide. Tell them to flee into the earth.”
    Geralt:grab him, dive for cover, he can still talk from hiding
    DM:ah okay… yeah just saying it’ll interrupt him fro this round as you grab him and dive for cover.
    Calim Gorn:He can hopefully at least start walking for cover or whatever while talking to him
    to them*
    DM:So you’ll basically lose a round there. heh. you coudl start slwoing moving him towards cover as well. Well Geralt is gonna grab him outright and pull him
    Calim Gorn:Heh, need Alyssa to hide us with an illusion or something
    DM:The druids message gets interrupted as you run for cover…. Geralt grabbing the old druid and pulling him into the brush…
    Heh we could wait for Herlock sand stop here
    Getting kinda late anyway.
    Geralt:yeah, 100 already
    Calim Gorn:Geralt could spend a Hero Point for the Fortuitous Terrain thing and have the airship miss us on the initial pass? lol
    Geralt:you really wanting me to spend those HP huh
    DM:Well I’ll let him spend fortituous terrain and say there’s cover really close by.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, it’s what they’re there for
    Geralt:i thought there already was cover nearby
    DM:Well I meant like close enough you coudl just get the guy in without yangking him in there
    Calim Gorn:Just trying to buy us enough time to warn the damn Earth Demons
    It’s gonna be a giant dick move to summon them out here and then get them killed
    DM:I mean there’s cover you can get to in a move action mostly just the matter of getting the druid to cover and getting his message out heh.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah heh, spend the HP so we can cover and warn in the same round
    Geralt:fine, if it guarantees we have god cover and they miss us on the pass i’ll spend
    DM:well they won’t miss you but you’ll be able to get the message out.
    Mostly it just means you won’t have to interrpt the drui’d’s message
    Calim Gorn:That’s good enough heh
    DM:So you can get the earth demons warned and get him to some bushes
    Calim Gorn:Hopefully we can stealth well enough to stay hidden so long as the Earth Demons are gone
    They won’t be epecting us to be out here
    DM:heh okay. yoiu manage to get the three of you hidden and the earth demons hear the warning, sinking back into the earth, you think they udnerstood…
    And we’ll stop here for now I guess unless you wan tot finish this scene w/o Alyssa.
    Calim Gorn:Nah this is a good spot to stop



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