Defenders of Aylanae

Session 8 Log

its your boy cheese
Alyssa Toress:holy shit
did you see that hail mary play from central michigan today?
don’t realyl wtch college at all.
Alyssa Toress:i dont either
but it was a nutso play
Alyssa Toress:hi
Tabris:Hey Sef
Alyssa Toress:did you survive the hurricane
Tabris:No that’s his ghost
Sefiros:nah i had to upload my consciousness into tabs laptop
Alyssa Toress:thats rough
Sefiros:im always hot tho for some reason
and all i can think about is anime
Alyssa Toress:maybe try redoing the thermal paste
Tabris:Yeah see if you can make my processor any faster while you’re in there
Sefiros:im suddenly attracted to muscular dudes too for some reason….
Tabris:No idea on that one
Sefiros:should have used bleachbit like hillary tab
or a hammer
Alyssa Toress:should have run a dod dban wipe
DM:lol what? Tab have some porn on there regarding that?
Alyssa Toress:no
Sefiros:haha nah just teasing him
Alyssa Toress:sef is being an ass
Yeah there wasn’t any porn on that thing anyway, I took my hard drive out of it and swapped in a blank one
Or well as blank as it was from the person I bought it from
Maybe they had some of their porn on it
Sefiros:meh i dont care anyways, you were nice enough to give it to me
i wasnt trying to dox him or something
i aint that big of a dick
not sure, it all got copied over with my roms and shit anyways
didnt have enough space tho
lost bunch of my 2e D&D books
Alyssa Toress:yeah i am hard up for space
only got like… 8 TB of drive space
its rough
Sefiros:you’re a digital hoarder tho
Alyssa Toress:its a collection
not a hoard
these are museum grade
Sefiros:rare pepe collection
Alyssa Toress:when i build my new comp i think i am gonna go for something like.. 12 TB
64 gb of ram
Sefiros:any word from G?
Tabris:Not yet
He said he’d be here the other night though
Alyssa Toress:do you guys ever think man pathfinder is fun to play
Sefiros:yeah i talked to him earlier today he said he would be here
Alyssa Toress:you excited for football sef?
Sefiros:sure when i was critting stuff for triple digits in Gs game
so so i guess, i havent kept up with football as much last year or so as i normally do
interest will prolly be determined by how my teams start
tho i watch college, which i dont think yall yanks care for
its kind of the opposite in the south, college is big, and nfl not so much
tho i do like the nfl, its just my team is like perrenial shit
Alyssa Toress:did you see that crazy hail mary today
from cmu
Sefiros:nah like even when i do watch football, its pretty much just falcons/bulldogs
aint a general football type
Alyssa Toress:
Sefiros:like the vikings some, since im of norse heritage
Alyssa Toress:its a totally crazy play
Sefiros:bout it besides my teams
Alyssa Toress:i am sure the falcons will do fine
or maybe not
who knows
Sefiros:we got shanahan who i aint a fan of, but guess we’ll see
i do know we got the best mascot in college at least
Alyssa Toress:really
Sefiros:hey our mascott literally tried to maul the other teams player once
looks likes he was goin for the nards too
Sefiros:that was during touchdown celebration too which is what made it so funny
he was all dancing, and the dawg was like nah bro, fuck that shit…..rawr
Sefiros:we had a great announcer too in larry munson rip
“We just stepped on their face with a hobnail boot and broke their nose!”
lol he’d say some crazy shit when he got excited like JR from wrestling or something, would crack me up
Tabris:Got message from G, he’s on his way
DM:k I’m just gonna grab somethingb to drink then.
will brb
Garrion:howdy all
Tabris:Hey G
Young Geralt:so what’s on the menu for tonight?
Tabris:I have pizza
T said he was gonna get a drink and then I assume we’ll get started
Sefiros:liquor and whores
its all thats ever on the menu
DM:yep. I’m back
Ts theme song
DM:heh I don’t really drink all that often a ctually
I’m just drinking water now :P
Anyway… remember last you left off you were at Thunderheart, home of the Wolfheart clan, and part of a gathering of imbued there meant to show strength and solidary of the epire, after the devastating attacks on Thunderheart by the earth demons earlier this year…
Sefiros:did we get any formal discipline or just the chewing out from Terl?
DM:You had followed Masaru into the forest who was apparently trying to prove himself by killing an earth demon solo, though he was instead captured by mana-eating plants.
Alyssa Toress:water owns
and i stayed behind to try to steal the land from the yt natives
Young Geralt:yeah, what a bitch
Alyssa Toress:its okay geralt
i decided to give that up
DM:Where you managed to rescue him thouhgh you were apparently discovered by the rest of the Imbued, Taesian Stormblood being the one who found you, and you make your way back to Thunderheart where Imperion Terl does want to talk with you.
Calim Gorn:lol, this should be good
Hachikomaru:if only i had a nodachi…

  • Young Geralt pads his backside with charmin
    Hachikomaru:I’ll use the Sephiroth DMW on Taesian for octoslash
    DM:Terl first turns towards Baelis Sunborn…
    Hachikomaru:damn slot machine mechanics
    sorry, I’ll get serious now
    Imperion Terl:“You were charged with watching after Masaru, and yet even this simple task was beyond you.. instead you chose to get drunk… What a disgrace to the templar.”
  • Imperion Terl shakes his head.
    Imperion Terl:“Maybe you think if you screw up enough we’ll just kick you out and you can go get some comfortable guild job at a brewery…”
    Calim Gorn:(Is Masaru with us for this?)
    Imperion Terl:“But nobody leaves the Templar Baelis, even a screw-up like you… instead we’re just going to work you harder. You’re going to be so tired from your next year of training…”
    DM:Yeah masaru is there too
    Imperion Terl:“You won’t have the strength left to lift a bottle of beer!”
  • Imperion Terl turns towards Masaru.
    Imperion Terl:“And as for you…”
    “Sneaking off to play hero… thinking you’re going to prove you’re such a great warrior when you go take down an earth demon yourself.”
    “You’re lucky Baelis at least went to your bandmates, or you’d be dead right now.”
    “You’d be feeding a plant… and how much honor is there in that?!”
    Masaru Oshiro:“I was attacked as I slept, it was a -”
    DM:Terl whacks Masaru on the side of the head with his gauntlet.
    Imperion Terl:“You were reckless and you were foolish!”
  • Imperion Terl shakes his head in disgust.
    Imperion Terl:“We trained you better than this.”
    DM:He then turns towards the rest of you.
    Hachikomaru:“Attitude reflects leadership, Imperion.”
  • Calim Gorn stands at attention calmly, waiting for his turn to get chewed out
  • Hachikomaru tries to stand up a smidge for the poor guy.
  • Imperion Terl looks towards Hachi.
    Imperion Terl:“You have something to say?”
    Hachikomaru:“No sir.” he bows
    “My apologies.”
  • Imperion Terl continues as he addresses your group.
    Imperion Terl:“While I am glad that you pulled your bandmate out of the jaws of death. I am curious why you didn’t inform one of the fully trained knights of the empire that he was missing.”
    Calim Gorn:Hmmmm
    Young Geralt:“I don;t think we really expected him to be that far out. Hachi was tracking his trail and we just lost track of the distance. By the time we realized, it was too far to turn back.”
  • Calim Gorn nods, “We also had no way of knowing he was in grave danger, only that he’d gone missing. We did not think the situation warranted a full blown emergency search party at the time.”
    Young Geralt:“I thought he had just wondered off to hide someplace.”
    Calim Gorn:“Masaru is a mighty warrior and has proven himself many times. We did not anticipate him to be in any great peril.”
    “I imagine if he hadn’t been ambushed in his sleep then there would have been no need for us to go out at all.”
  • Calim Gorn tries to bullshit Terl to help Masaru save face
    Imperion Terl:(heh I’ll give you a deceptoon check on that one)
    Alyssa Toress:i bet terl doesnt put up with that bullshit at all
  • Hachikomaru seems a tad surprised at Calim.
    Calim Gorn:lol nat 20
    DM:heh wow.. that mgiht actually get him.
    Imperion Terl:“No disciplinary action will be necessary for your group at this time.”
    “You’re all dismissed… as for you Masaru, you’re going to be sent back to Makoro on the first airship.”
    “And your father will be informed of this incident.”
    Calim Gorn:Heh, well so much for helping him save face
    Imperion Terl:"you’re all dismissed. "
  • Calim Gorn bows to Terl and leaves
  • Hachikomaru ponders a moment.
    Hachikomaru:“You have quite the skilled tongue Lord Gorn.”
  • Calim Gorn smirks a little
    Calim Gorn:“One has to learn such things in the noble houses of Rahseld.”
    DM:Yeah even Masaru seemed to buy his lie.. and was kinda shocked he said that.. heh.. though Masaur at the moment is pretty humiliated and leaves pretty quickly, still weak from having his mana drained too.
  • Hachikomaru watches as he leaves.
    Hachikomaru:“His father will not be happy…”
    DM:As Terl leaves, Laventa Gorn also enters the tent as well quickly heading over to Calim and giving him a hug.
    Calim Gorn:“Yes… Ah, sister.”
    Laventa Gorn:“I’m so glad you’re okay.”
  • Calim Gorn hugs her back
    Calim Gorn:“Sorry to have worried you.”
  • Hachikomaru looks on, as if observing wild game.
    Laventa Gorn:“You should have come get me, it’s dangerous in these lands.”
    “Taesian could have found him a lot easier. This is his home.”
    Hachikomaru:“I hear there is a massive beast that roams these woods.”
    Calim Gorn:“Baelis did not wish us to make a big fuss, it would have compromised his position. Though I guess that ended up happening anyway.”
    Hachikomaru:“It would seem, he would owe us a favor now as well.”
    “If required at some time.”
    “Though I believe all he could likely provide is inebriation.”
    Calim Gorn:“I’m not sure he’d be much good for anything other than liquor.”
    Laventa Gorn:“Baelis isn’t reliable… he really doesn’t know what he’s doing.. you shouldn’t let him g et you into trouble.”
  • Hachikomaru nods with a slight smirk.
    Calim Gorn:“Don’t worry, sister. We’ll try not to let anything like this happen again.”
    Hachikomaru:“Is Hana Makenki here with you in Thunderheart Lady Laventa?”
    Laventa Gorn:“I’m just glad you weren’t hurt.. when I heard that message from you… I almost panicked…”
  • Calim Gorn smiles a little sheepishly… “My apologies… Though I appreciate your concern.”
    Calim Gorn:“I guess I panicked a little myself.”
    Laventa Gorn:“Yeah though I haven’t seen much of Hana… I don’t even want to think of what she might be up to…”
  • Young Geralt rolls his eyes with all the gushing and fretting
    Young Geralt:“Well it look s like we are done here so I’m going to bed.”
  • Hachikomaru nods.
    Laventa Gorn:“Yeah I guess you should all get some sleep, you were up all night.”
  • Hachikomaru bows to the lady, and exits the tent.
  • Laventa Gorn nods to Calim a bit.
    Laventa Gorn:“We’ll talk later after you’ve got some rest.”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Calim Gorn:“Rest will be nice… I may not need sleep, but apparently my body still gets fatigued if I push myself.”
  • Calim Gorn bids Laventa farewell for now and leaves
    DM:You’re all quite tired and get some sleep back at your tent… I am gonna have Sef make a percpetion check… btw Sef do youhave danger sense?
    Calim Gorn:Oh dear
    Hachikomaru:yeah olfactory it says
    DM:Oh yeah it looks like you do.
    Okay you can roll on that as well…
    Hachikomaru:what do i roll for danger sense?
    Alyssa Toress:i am not there right
    DM:Nah you’re in separate quarters
    You got your own well guarded place to be Herlock heh.
    Alyssa Toress:i thought i was staying on an airship
    in a nearby city
    DM:Oh yeah, that’s right you were basically staying with Sythe and trying to do minimal actual work heh.
    Alyssa Toress:yeah
    DM:heh okay.
    Calim Gorn:Damn princesses
    Hachikomaru:what does danger sense actually do? i just took it for fluff, no clue how it works
    DM:Anyway… Hachi is in his own tent and quarters and is alerted to an awake state by an unknown scent…
    Calim Gorn:Heh, it’s supposed to be like a sixth sense warning you of impending danger
    Hachikomaru:i meant mechanically
    i know its spidey sense fluff wise, whats it do mechanically
    Calim Gorn:I think basically what’s happening right now
    Hachikomaru:well i just meant T said “I can roll on that as well”
    Young Geralt:give you a perception check before it is too late
    Hachikomaru:so what do i roll heh
    DM:He can see a red haired girl, about probably 14 or so, dressed in tribal clothes.. she carries a knife in her hand and was approaching Hachi, she’s about 5 feet or so.. and seems to be trying to move stealthily.
    What do you wnat to do?
    Hachikomaru:what is her scent like?
    pleasant, horrible homeless
    Young Geralt:don;t eat her, she is probably just bringing you a gift… like wolverine stabbing Rogue
    DM:heh… well she smelsl like one of the tribal people.
    Calim Gorn:(It’s this universe’s version of Katai)
    DM:You don’t have analytical scent anyway, so you probably wouldn’t be able to detect a werewolf necessarily.
    Since your smell detected her, you could probably try to get her by surprise by not opening your eyes and just attacking, isncce you’ve got accurate scent.
    Assuming you wanted to try to gain the advantage, since she probably seems to think you’re asleep right now.
    Hachikomaru:“Come to slay a monster?”
    “Is that knife made of silver?”
    DM:She jumps back a bit as you speak.
    Red-haired Girl:“Does it have to be?”
    DM:She does have some bbravery in her, not immediately turning and running as one might expect.
    Hachikomaru:""I hear the wolf kind of your lands are supceptible to it."
    “But I am no wolf.”
    “Distant kin perhaps…..”
    “Or more like a king among wild peasants….”
    Red-haired Girl:“They say you’re not human.”
    Hachikomaru:“And Geralt tells me there are many humans who are monsters.”
    “Are you one of them?”
    Red-haired Girl:“I’ve been told I’m fierce.”
    Hachikomaru:“Bold as well.”
    Red-haired Girl:“Some of the wolfheart were afraid of you.. I said I wasn’t.”
    Hachikomaru:“When was the last time you bathed?”
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Red-haired Girl glares at you.
    Young Geralt:((I’m not sure Geralt quite has that perspective yet in his youth. Don;t recall if i said that IC or not.))
    Hachikomaru:“I mean no offense, it’s just I think I smell those clothes more than you.”
    its just a humorous nod
    you and herlock joking
    Red-haired Girl:“I don’t think you’re a monster.. I think. they’re scared of nothing.”
    Hachikomaru:“I see.”
    “I wonder who’s right.”
  • Hachikomaru looks her over for any fresh wounds.
    Red-haired Girl:“Well since you woke up, I guess your secret is safe for now.”
  • Hachikomaru sits up on his knees in Mokoro fashion.
    DM:She doesn’t really seem to have any battle wounds, though there are a few bruises and sccrapes here and there, she’s defintely not the typical girly type of girl. she’s had her share of hard work, or adventure.
    Hachikomaru:“Please, sit. Forgive my rudeness.”
    “I won’t bite.”
  • Red-haired Girl sits down slowly.
    Red-haired Girl:“I bet I could bite harder anyway.”
    Hachikomaru:“I doubt that.”
    “Where did you get those bruises and scratches?”
    Red-haired Girl:“Depends on which one you’re asking about. I’ll tell about em, if you tell me where you got that pelt.”
    (She looks at your fluff when she says that)
    Hachikomaru:“From my parents.”
  • Hachikomaru swishes it and then curls it around his feet like a rug.
    Red-haired Girl:“I’m guessing it came from a winter bear. I’ve heard they can get really big.”
  • Hachikomaru points to a fresh looking scratch on her person.
    Hachikomaru:“And yours?”
    Red-haired Girl:“That one… got hit by a stick while sparring.”
    Hachikomaru:“It’s unclean. You should wash your wounds.”
  • Hachikomaru grabs her arm gently and licks the scratch, and then releases her like it’s no big deal.
  • Red-haired Girl is startled as you lick her, that taking her by surprise.
    Red-haired Girl:“I dohn’t know where you’re from, but around here the boys ask before licking a girl.”
    Hachikomaru:“My apologies.”
    “I meant no offense.”
    Young Geralt:((That is nasty dude… that mouth is nasty after all I’m sure you just licked your ass not too long ago.))
    Red-haired Girl:(lol)
    Hachikomaru:he’s a dog remember
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah or his balls)
    Hachikomaru:ie licking wounds
    i considered giving him an actual power haha
    Young Geralt:lol, yeah i get the reference, that why i’m joing with you about it
    Hachikomaru:hmm i forgot if i took treatment, i meant to if not anyways
    for first aid at least
    but doubt she actually needs first aid check so i wont bother
    “I am Hachikomaru.”
    “Forgive me, how rude to not introduce myself.”
    Red-haired Girl:“Yeah you don’t even tell me your name and you’re already trying to lick me.”
  • Hachikomaru seems a bit clueless as usual.
  • Red-haired Girl shakes her head.
    Hachikomaru:“It isn’t from a winter bear.”
    “It’s from a…..”
    Red-haired Girl:“If you didn’t look like you were from Makoro… I’d think you must be from the Minotaur clan.”
  • Hachikomaru thinks for a minute.
  • Hachikomaru gets distracted before he finishes his train of thought.
    Hachikomaru:“The Minotaur clan? Why so?”
    “Do they lick their wounds as well?”
    Red-haired Girl:“Their boys have a reputation for being aggressive enough to try something like that.”
    Hachikomaru:“Tending their wounds is considered aggressive? Strange.”
    Red-haired Girl:“Guess Makoro does have some weird customs.”
    “Don’t they teach you anything at training?”
    Hachikomaru:“Yes, many things, some more useful than others.”
    “Go on then….”
  • Hachikomaru unfurls his tail across her lap.
  • Red-haired Girl seems a bit surprised.
    Hachikomaru:“I’m afraid I’m attached to it quite a bit, so you can’t have it.” he says a bit sarcastically
    Red-haired Girl:“Wait you know why I’m here?”
    “You could hear me that far away?”
  • Hachikomaru raises his brow.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Red-haired Girl:“Or can you hear people’s thoughts like Taesian?”
  • Hachikomaru retracts his tail.
  • Hachikomaru shakes his head.
    Hachikomaru:“No, but my hearing is as good as any dog’s.”
    “Well better perhaps.”
    “Your scent woke me.”
    “So whatever you were planning is safe from me.”
    “I presume you meant to claim a piece of my hide with that knife.”
    Red-haired Girl:“Nah, just going to get some fur from your pelt.”
    “Show everyone it’s just from the winter bear and they’re stupid for being afraid of you.”
    Hachikomaru:“I see.”
    ""How large are these winter bears?"
    Red-haired Girl:“Everyone else was too afraid to come in here, but I said I would, even some of the wereolves were afraid.”
    Hachikomaru:“Ah yes the werewolves, that was the word I was looking for.”
    Red-haired Girl:“I’ve never seen a winter bear they just live in Tinigath, where it’s raelly cold.”
    Hachikomaru:“I’ve heard of The Great Wolf spirit.”
    Red-haired Girl:“They say they’re big and white like that.”
    Hachikomaru:“The origin of your clan, I believe I heard once.”
    “He possessed some great warrior or some such, isn’t that how the story goes?”
  • Red-haired Girl nods.
    Red-haired Girl:“That’s what they say.”
    Hachikomaru:“My uncle says its more likely one of my ancestors came into the belly of one of your women, whatever that means.”
    Red-haired Girl:“Oh so you think you’re the great wolf spirit then?”
  • Red-haired Girl looks at you skeptically.
  • Hachikomaru shakes his head.
    Hachikomaru:“No, it’s just something my uncle teased me with.”
    “I would never be associated with a wolf.”
    “A wolf is a wild beast.”
    “I am civilized.”
    “Or tamed as my cousin teases.”
    Red-haired Girl:“I hear that a lot.”
    “That’s how Taesian says most of the people of Rahseld think of us.”
  • Hachikomaru shakes his head.
    Hachikomaru:“I mean no offense girl.”
    Red-haired Girl:“We’ve got more loyalty than any of your ‘civilied people’”
    Hachikomaru:“The dog serves faithfully and loyally, is a friend, a protector. That was what my father said.”
    “While the wolf runs wild.”
    Red-haired Girl:“Some people say they eat dogs over in Makoro.”
  • Hachikomaru curls his lip a bit.
    Red-haired Girl:“Anyway… I’m going to get going…”
    Hachikomaru:“In Sadai-Taiyou, they do indeed.”
    Red-haired Girl:“It’s pretty clear I’m not going to get my bear fur…”
    “So your secret will have to stay for at least one more night…”
    Hachikomaru:“Very well.”
  • Hachikomaru stands up.
    Hachikomaru:“Come with me.”
  • Red-haired Girl looks at you suspiciously.
    Hachikomaru:“Well, I need somewhere I can eat you without anyone spotting us.”
    “I can’t send the whole village into a panic.”
    Red-haired Girl:“You already licked me… I’m not going to let you do any more.”
    Young Geralt:damn hachi is forward… already offering to eat her
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    Red-haired Girl:“Your tricks aren’t going to work on me… we may not be civilized but we’re not stupid.”
    Red-haired Girl:“I’m not letting you take me back to Makoro as a slave.”
    Hachikomaru:“A dog will die for you, but never lie to you.”
    Calim Gorn:(Hachi needs someone from Dragon Band who’s figured out how to be pervy and dirty to educate him on all the innuendo he keeps missing)
    Hachikomaru:well he’s a little more immature than yall
    he aint hit puberty yet like yall
    plus he’s got hanna to sabotage him and mess with him
    Red-haired Girl:“If a wolf can lie, so can a dog. You just don’t do it as well as a fox can.. that’s why you’re always hunting them.”
    Hachikomaru:“Yes, I do hunt one quite often.”
    “She’s here with us, up to no good likely.”
    “Have you seen her?”
  • Hachikomaru describes Hana.
    Young Geralt:((but will he take a grenade for ya, oh-wa-wa?))
    Hachikomaru:“She probbaly sent you here now that I think about it.”
    Red-haired Girl:“I came here on my own. I wasn’t tricked by some girl from Makoro.”
  • Red-haired Girl looks annoyed.
    Red-haired Girl:“Anyway, you’re just going to find someone else to lick and enslave.”
    Hachikomaru:“Someone better smelling I hope!”
  • Hachikomaru says with a flash of childish anger.
    Red-haired Girl:“I’m the best smelling girl in Thunderheart!”
    “All the werewolves say so, and they’ve got a better nose than you do.”
    “It must be dull if they can stand to be around you!”
    Red-haired Girl:“You go around and ask em… they’ll all tell you Khorra Briarwood is the best smelling girl in all of Thunderheart.”
    Hachikomaru:“The best smelling person here is like a corpse in a lichyard where I’m from!”
    “How many times do you bath, only before burial!”
    Red-haired Girl:(I’ll give you an intimidate roll to see how your taunts are getting to her)
    Calim Gorn:lol nice
    You’re going to turn her into one of those hypochondriacs who washes their hands 20 times a day
  • Red-haired Girl gives you an angry look.
    Hachikomaru:“Go find a stream! And then we can talk more!”
    Red-haired Girl:“What do you know? You can’t even smell me from where you are.”
    Hachikomaru:""I would eat you, if there were more meat on you!"
    “Though I suppose a nice bone is always welcome to a dog.”
  • Hachikomaru storms out of his tent.
  • Red-haired Girl seems surprised as you storm out of your own tent.
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Hachikomaru heads for the woods.
    DM:heh okay… you head into the woods.
    Alright gonna fast forward a bit then…. since that scene is over.
    Hachikomaru:I’ll see if she takes the bait and follows
    DM:Nah she doesn’t seem to follow.. but when you r eturn you do smell she’s rubbed some of her scent over some of your things.
    Apparently annoyed you called her smelly.
    Calim Gorn:rofl
    DM:She took the opportunity to spread some her scent onto some of your belongings.
    Hachikomaru:toe jam on my bedroll
    DM:Anyway.. fast forwarding…
    Hachikomaru:actually I’ll go sniff out hana
    since he thinks she sent this girl to aggravate me
    Young Geralt:achi has a new girlfriend… first they quarrel then they make…. up
    Calim Gorn:Indeed
    DM:Hana doesn’t seem to be around oddly enough… or at least you can’t get a fix on her scent anywy…
  • Hachikomaru swears some to himself, cursing his cousin, then finally goes back to his tent and wrinkles his noce.
    DM:The next few weeks pass fairly quickly without any major incidents… you do g et some time to talk to Oren Wolfheart and meet some of his family as he introduces himself to you.
    All of the men find some admirers, though Hachi probably with the least female admiriers as they seem to be pretty scared of him, perhaps his odd scent…
    But Geralt and Calim definteyl attract the attention of some of the wolfheart girls, some a bit more foreward than others.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Calim does work out some extra security on his tent to prevent such intrusions…
    Calim Gorn:Yeah wouldn’t do to have Laventa nuking the village
    Hachikomaru:is there any plan for a big feast or anything?
    DM:Unless ther’es anything specifc anyone wants to do I was gonna skip ahead.
    Yeah there’s a big feast at the end.
    Hachikomaru:yeah i have something in mind
    DM:Okay what did you wnt to do?
    Alyssa Toress:lets skip to pl 8
    Hachikomaru:I want to go snag a dear or something, and bring it back
  • Calim Gorn politely turns down any advances towards him and otherwise does his part to pitch in with helping around the village
    Hachikomaru:or several
    Young Geralt:nothing specific
    Hachikomaru:and bring it back in my true form, im tired of all these people giving me looks, so im gonna just come back with a big score of food in beast mode and present it to em, to settle this shit once and for all
    DM:heh okay, yeah Sef can bring in a deer. Hopefully one hunted in human form nd not dripping with acidic dog drool :P
    oh okay, you are coming back in your true form?
    Hachikomaru:yeah lol
    DM:That may cauase quite a bit of panic… I mean espcecialyl from the magitech soldiers and such that are stationed around
    Calim Gorn:And thus the local deer population was decimated and the village starved
    DM:They do got guild of swords mercs there too.
    Hachikomaru:well he’ll just fly down into the middle of the village with like a deer in his mouth, and then turn into his human form
    aint gonna approach from the woods stomping like godzilla, i’ll descent like the wolf spirit or some shit
    DM:The thing creates a big spectacle as one of the airships spots you, and the wolfheart at first are rather starteld by hte appearance…. not sure what it is… (given their people were slaughtered wthih the last year, they’re not exacltty the most trusting anymore)…
    well he does look rather wolf like
    DM:A few pandoran magitech armors leap off the airship, landing to try to surround you as you transform back… and everyone breathes a sigh of relief.,.. there si a moment when everyone seems to go into a panic though…
    Hachikomaru:as opposed to a pit bull
    winter bear my ass…..
    DM:It does create quite a stir for the remainder of your time there heh… Though it also leads to Imperion Terl giving you a stern talking to abbout startling the wolfheart with some kind of crazy stunt.
    Hachikomaru:guess the imperon isnt intimidated
    and still scolds me
    DM:lol yeah, he knows what you can do from trainng, it’ kinda hard to intimidate him.
    Hachikomaru:yeah was trying to avoid another of his fits
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:He’s all like “I know this fucker is PL 7.” ::P
    Hachikomaru:calim did successfully
    DM:Well Calim lied to him.
    Hachikomaru:i know just jokin
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I didn’t intimidate him I just bluffed him lol
    Hachikomaru:yeah yeah i heard ya, i was just goofin
    DM:Alright.. so ther est of the time passes pretty quickly, and ends with a great feast with mroe speechmaking and claims of solidariy from the empire. For those with politcal knowledge there’s also news of a ttempts at backroom deals for mining rights to the mines of the various clans.
    Calim Gorn:I can’t imagine who would do such a thing
    Alyssa Toress:yeah i dunno
    DM:Though little comes of it as far as you know.
    And it’s mostly seen as attempts to profit at the clans misfortune.
    And there’s the usual attempt by Saveron to try to get the clans to unite under his leadership and protection.
    Which none of the clan chieftains seem interested in.
    When it’s time to go “home” you do get an offer from Meerin of the Hydra, cheiftain of the hydra clan to come to vist some of the Hydra clan lands… and see some of Geralt’s lands since you’re in the area anyway..
    Also there is a message from Daimyo Oshiro that he’d like to see Geralt, Calim and Hachi. So you could also take one of the airships back form Makoro to visit him first.
    Calim Gorn:Oh lord
    Young Geralt:he can get his ass out and come see us… jeesh ;)
    DM:Also Sythe and Alyssa’s airship trip is interrupted on multiple occasions by Hana trying to barge in or otherwise cause trouble. Including faked magitech transmissions and stink bomb attempts on Sythe…
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Alyssa Toress:i will politely ask her to leave me alone
    DM:So did you wnt to go visit Daimyo Oshiro or you gonna turn down his invitation?
    Calim Gorn:“Why does the Daimyo want to see us?”
    DM:Someone with knowledge politcs or makoro knowledge can make a roll to try to figure out wwhy he’d wnat to see you.
    Or at least venture a guess
    Calim Gorn:Nat 20 again
    Hana Makenki:“Hey princess…. I’m not going to let him have you without a fight!”
    DM:Basically Calim figures because it’s beasue he owes you guys a favor for saving the life of his son. In Makoro, if you save a daimyo’s son, it’s customary to reward them in some way, usually with immediate gifts, or something with a favor dowwn the line.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, this should be interesting…
    DM:Especialyl not rewarding imbued with a favor would be seen as a insult to your respective families and highly disrespectful.
    Hachikomaru:well he’s my thronehold so i’ll go see him regardless
    if hes summoned me
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’ll go see him, I’m just trying to think of what I should ask for as a favor
    DM:Technically btw how Makoro works… the thronehold position doesn’t have any official power over you. Like you’re not technically his vaassals, the daimyos are actually independent, but since he is in on the council of imbuing… he has more power than the others, so it is still someone you want to keep happy.
    Since he’s the only one from Makoro with a vote on who gets imbued.
    Hachikomaru:i know but im old fashioned
    and respectful
    DM:heh okay.
    Alyssa Toress:ask for a katana
    Hachikomaru:a bar of never ending soap to ship back to thunderheart
    and a crate of perfume
    DM:So Calim and Hachi going, but Geralt not going?
    Hachikomaru:shampoo and conditioner
    well i wouldnt mind stopping by for geralts sake, but if its like an official summon
    prolly best to respond in time
    than dick around
    for me anyways
    Young Geralt:i’m going
    will go home after
    Hachikomaru:what about we just take one ship to the hydra lands
    spend the night and drop off geralt
    then head to mokoro
    same direction anyways right?
    Calim Gorn:Heh, well Geralt is wanting to go see Oshiro too apparently
    Hachikomaru:ah ok
    DM:oky.. you arrive at Oshiro’s castle by airship .. it’s a rather large japanese style castle, without any modern magitech, still staying very traditional… Masaru himself greets you at the door… greeting you with traditinoal Makoro pleasantries and giving you thanks ofr saving him. You get the feeling his father probably forced him to do this.. so he’s kinda humiliated to have to greet you and lead you ihn.
    Hachikomaru:i forgot he was invited too
    Young Geralt:yeah, i was summoned too
    Hachikomaru:yeah my bad
    DM:Though he manages to do so without any rudeness, though those of you with any degree of insight can tell he’s pretty humiliated by the whole affair.
  • Hachikomaru bows politely to him.
    Young Geralt:did Hachi ever tell us about the conversation with dad?
    Hachikomaru:“It is good to see you again Lord Oshiro.”
    eh what convo?
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’m pretty sure he did
    When his father came to Aylanae and bitched him out and said he was gonna set up the tournament thing
    Hachikomaru:ah yeah
    Calim Gorn:Viniira or somebody was listening in on that too
    Hachikomaru:i assumed everyone knew that
    DM:The castle is decorated wtih various artwork depicting Oshiro victories, as well as ornamental swords and such.
    Hachikomaru:if not yeah sure i told ya then
  • Young Geralt is cordial to Masaru, understanding part of the reason for his behaviour.
  • Calim Gorn is also polite and does his best not to exasperate things
    DM:As well as samurai helmets, armors on racks, etc… much history here.. you’re finally led into the daimyo’s throne room whgere Daimyo Takashi Oshiro sits on his throne. a pair of women sitting on the floor on either side of him, likely some of his concubines.
    Hachikomaru:“You were at least spared the misery of Thunderheart.”
  • Hachikomaru says trying to lighten the mood.
    DM:Masaru isp retty quiet about the whole thing, not really saying anything out of place and just sticking to typical Makoro courtesies.
    Daimyo Takashi Oshiro:“Greetings Hachikomaru Inuyama, Calim Gorn and Geralt of the Hydra.”
  • Hachikomaru bows deeply, like he does with the Queen.
  • Calim Gorn bows as well
    Hachikomaru:“My lord.”
    Young Geralt:“Grettings to you Lord Oshiro.”
    Calim Gorn:“Greetings Daimyo Oshiro. We thank you for your hospitality.”
    Daimyo Takashi Oshiro:“I have called you here because you saved my son Masaru from a most dishonorable death.”
    Hachikomaru:“We are honored to be recieved by you Daimyo.”
    Daimyo Takashi Oshiro:“As such I reward you.. I have prepared in the next room a display of gifts for you to choose… they include some fine katanas made by our best smiths. Some of our best bows… as well as works of art… in addition I have provided some slave girls that you may select.”
  • Hachikomaru raises a brow.
    Daimyo Takashi Oshiro:“Take your pick from the next room and that object shall be yours.”
  • Calim Gorn raises an eyebrow as well…
    Calim Gorn:“That’s… very generous of you, Daimyo.”
  • Hachikomaru bows in gratitude. “Thank you my lord.”
    Daimyo Takashi Oshiro:“Masaru show them to the room.”
  • Hachikomaru folds his arms into the sleeves of his kimono across his chest as he follows behind.
    Calim Gorn:“I hope this does not come across as forward of me, great Daimyo. But from what I understand of your customs, we are also allowed to ask a favor of you instead of these gifts. Is that not correct?”
  • Hachikomaru glances out of the corner of his eye to Calim.
  • Daimyo Takashi Oshiro pauses a moment…
    Daimyo Takashi Oshiro:“Yes this is true. But you should first look over the treasures I offer…. in fact, since you have rescued oneo f my imbued sons, I shall impart not one but two treasures of your choice.”
    “For those Masaru has been a disappointment to me, his imbuing is a blessing from Sheyl and considered quite a valuable thing to the rest of the empire.”
    Hachikomaru:well i always wanted a threesome…..
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Hachikomaru:thats a private joke for T :-p
    DM:Masaru leads you off to the next room.. where you can select from what’s being offered….
  • Hachikomaru glances around the room out of curiousity more than anything.
    DM:It seems that there are some rather intriguign objects there..
  • Calim Gorn does the same, though he seems somewhat disinterested…
    DM:For those interested in wealth there are silver and gold cups, addorned with gems and filled with gold coins.
  • Hachikomaru goes and looks at the artwork.
    DM:There are also katanas made by renowned smiths.. hachi can recognize some of them as legitimate masters of the craft and the katanas are also likely enhanted with magical powewr as well as is common
  • Young Geralt will glance at the swords
    Hachikomaru:“All fine blades.”
    Calim Gorn:“Indeed, works of art in their own right.”
  • Hachikomaru he says looking to Geralt, the greatest masters of Mokoro, many are enchanted as well."
    DM:There’s also some tapestries… works of art from Saidai Taiyou from the look of it, probbably gathered on one of Oshiros raids.
    Young Geralt:in mechanics terms how would these stat up compared to my blades?
    DM:Geralt also notices a pair of bracers…adorned with great scales that likely could only come from the great Dragon Sydarir.
  • Hachikomaru glances over the tapestries.
    Hachikomaru:“This reminds me of one of the tapestries my grandfather hung in Inuyama.”
    “Of the Shogun.”
    Calim Gorn:This is a castle, and we have many tapestries… But if you are a Scottish lord then I am Mickey Mouse!
    Hachikomaru:“My father said, so our line would never forget what had happened.”
    “Have you ever heard of the Seven Swords?”
  • Hachikomaru says looking to Geralt and Calim.
    Calim Gorn:“I can’t say I have.”
    Hachikomaru:can you recount it for me T briefly
    dont wanna get it wrong
    DM:Ther’es also a collection of bows and arrows, as well as some decorative blades as well such as oversized no dachis.
    heh lemme finsh doing the inventory of the room heh. :P
    Hachikomaru:ok no biggie
    just cant seem to remember where its at on the site
    DM:There’s also 10 slave girls, no doubt captured from raids to Saidai Taiyou, or sometimes perhaps even other daimyos of Makoro (mostly they just attack small villages as repercssion for small sleights)
    Hachikomaru:here we go
  • Hachikomaru recounts them the tale, as they look at the contents.
    DM:There’s also various art craft devoted to the great dragons as well, statuary and such. including some old books of tales from Saidai Taiyou.
    Hachikomaru:“They came from the dragons supposedly.”
    “As part of a pact.”
    The pact made between the Great Dragon Wei Dai Li and the first Shogun, Katsu Saidai, ensuring the creation of the Saidai Shogunate. The dragon would provide the Seven Swords in return for some promise from the Shogun and his blood. It is unknown what this price was, though some even suggest it involves some great price, such as the destruction of Taiyou or even the entirety of Therin"
    Young Geralt:so we still have to pay for these with points right, we don’t just get to add their worth to out point value?
    Hachikomaru:“There is only one sword said left to appear, and with it, the end of the Shogun’s line.”
    DM:yeah heh. you gotta pay wiht points. I mean how I’m gonna handle it is more like an ivnention. Where you can use one once for free, then afterwards you need to either pay a hero point to activate it again for another scene.
    Or you can just buy it with points.
    Hachikomaru:“My grandfather named my father Hachi, as a spite to the Shogun.”
    DM:So you get one scene of free use out of it if you wnt.
    Hachikomaru:“Hachi, it means 8 in taiyou.”
    Calim Gorn:“Hm, I see.”
    Alyssa Toress:do they have to pay for art
    or is the arrt free
    DM:There are also vairous magical objeccts as well…. nothing too major but still relics created by draconic sorcery.
    Nah, if there’s no mechanical effecct you don’t have to pay for it.
    Young Geralt:what do the bracers do?
    DM:Included among the magical objects also is a jug that turns water into sake, and a rare comb that will turn a person’s hair blond for a temprory period if it’s stroked across their hair.
    Calim Gorn:lol wow
    Hachikomaru:“Baelis dream.”
  • Hachikomaru says with a chuckle.
  • Hachikomaru pointing to the jug.
    Calim Gorn:“Yes… He must never know of its existence.”
    DM:As for the stats of the items…
    Hachikomaru:and a super saiyin comb
    DM:one sec gonna… just list em out in a big list…
    Hachikomaru:wew lawd must be big
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    DM:well I’m doing pt values and such
    Hachikomaru:wasting your time, im going for the slaves
    Calim Gorn:Haha
    Gotta get those descendants going
    Hachikomaru:well technically thats what my two sisters for
    humans would make halfbreeds
    tho suppose i could habe some half breeds, but im duty bound per house rules to produce a full daiyokai heir
    kind of dont have many options post genocide
    so its all targaryen style
    Calim Gorn:Heh yeah I know
    Hachikomaru:calims prolly jealous tho
    Young Geralt:you are some sick pervs you know that?
    Hachikomaru:two sisters vs one hahaha
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Hachikomaru:haha hey it was Ts idea actually
    Calim Gorn:Well he has two sisters too, though he’s only with one =P
    Hachikomaru:so guess he’s secretly GRRM
    no wonder the books never get written
    too busy playing RPGs
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Hachikomaru:hurry up George, before you die!
    DM:Mastercrafted katanas (Strength based damage 4, improved critcalx 2) 6 equipment pointsOnislayer katana (strength base damage 3, imrpoved critical x2, +2 damge versus Oni (can exceed PL cap by 1), affects incorporeal 2, glows in proximity to Oni, easily removable device ), 8 point device.Dragon greatbow (Strength based ranged damage 3, adds ranged to up to 3 points of strength, accurate 1): 10 equipment pointsIajutsu Katana (strength based damage 3, improved critcalx4 (limited 2 – to first strike in a battle), grants power attack and all out attack advantages, improved initiative 2, easily removalbe device): 7 pt device
    hmm that didn’t display right… damn.. lemme fix the tags a bit.. one sec.
    Mastercrafted katanas (Strength based damage 4, improved critcalx 2) 6 equipment pointsOnislayer katana (strength base damage 3, imrpoved critical x2, +2 damge versus Oni (can exceed PL cap by 1), affects incorporeal 2, glows in proximity to Oni, easily removable device ), 8 point device.Dragon greatbow (Strength based ranged damage 3, adds ranged to up to 3 points of strength, accurate 1): 10 equipment pointsIajutsu Katana (strength based damage 3, improved critcalx4 (limited 2 – to first strike in a battle), grants power attack and all out attack advantages, improved initiative 2, easily removalbe device): 7 pt deviceDragon Bracers (grants evasion 2, protection 10(limited 2- fire, can exceed PL cap), parry +3, removable): 8 point device
    thee we go.
    Calim Gorn:Damn those bracers are pretty uber
    DM:well the parry +3 doesn’t exceed the PL cap.
    ust the fire protection does.
    Hachikomaru:yeah sounds like Sefs
    Calim Gorn:Heh, would still be points you could free up to spend elsewhere
    Hachikomaru:Dragon Fire 0 dmg
    DM:And you can choose two fo these items to select.
    Keep in mind if you want to use em as a permanent regular item, you’ll hae to buy em with points.though you can use them once for free, in one scene.
  • Hachikomaru doesn’t seem interested in the Shinkon Jewel, I mean artifacts…
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Young Geralt:ill take the bracers
    DM:The sake filler and comb are both worth 1 pt benefits. the artwork is bsaically free. Though if you sell it you could simply use it to potentialyl justify a rank of the benefit (wealth) advantage if you have no wealth right now
  • Calim Gorn doesn’t seem too interested in any of the gifts on offer, returning to the Daimyo
    Hachikomaru:yeah he wants his political favor
    Calim Gorn:Heh, don’t know if I’m gonna use it for that or not, all depends on how things unfold
    DM:heh okay Geralt takes the bracers. You can choose one other thing for Geralt, you each get 2 picks (or 1 favor if you d ecline heh)
    Hachikomaru:Hachi will play the hero like his father would, and take two of the slave girls, (and free most likely, or at least give em better lives somewhere)
    Young Geralt:the gold functions as?
    DM:This game doens’t really track wealth separately so taking the jewelry won’t really reuqire you buy anything mechanically, though if youh ave no ranks in wealthy you can justify spending 1 point by selling the exepnsive stuff.
    Though it sin’t quite enough to get higher than that, they’re pretty valuable but not enough to live off for extended periods of time
    Alternately could just keep em as a gift to give to some NPC somewhere.
    Hachikomaru:yeah i’ll prolly take some wealth pts maybe later, down the road to represent the mines starting to produce under inuyama mountain
    DM:heh okay give me an insight check as well Sef if you’re taking slave girls heh…
    Hachikomaru:spend HP
    DM:heh okay ou don’t notice anything.
    Young Geralt:are the slaves Moroko girls?
    Calim Gorn:Heh, add 10
    Yeah he said they were Makoro or Saidai Taiyou I think
    DM:Yeah. they;re all girls from makoro or Saidai-Taiyou. But all of Tai origin. You have heard rumors of slavers from Makoro occasionally coming in to attack the Hydra clan or Tinigath to take slaves, but such things are generally rare, and in any case none of your kin was presented here…
    Usually any slaving attakcs are blamed on Saidai-Taiyou anyway.
    Young Geralt:ok
    Hachikomaru:yeah they got em hid from G
    DM:Or on renegades.
    Hachi with his hero point does detect that as he’s looking at one girl of 14 or so years of age in a blue kimono.. Masaru seems rather nervous.. you guess it’s probably a girl thjat’s supposed to be promised to him when he comes of age as a reward, that the daimyo has probably put up on the bargainng table as a punishment.
    As Calim returns to Oshiro btw.. he says..
  • Hachikomaru walks over to the girl and bows politely.
    Daimyo Takashi Oshiro:“Hmm nothing interests you? You are aware that should you choose one of the slave girls I can arrange quarters to kepe them here in Makoro for you.. I know such pleasures are forbidden by your queen, but here in Makoro, such things are still allowed.”
    Hachikomaru:“A beautiful flower, what is your name?”
    whos daimyo talkin to calim?
    DM:She seems a bit nervous as you approach her, as does Masaru though he doens’t make any moves to directy dissade you.
    Yeah that’s to Calim whenh e returns back heh.
    Calim Gorn:“You do me great honor, Daimyo Oshiro, but I’m afraid I have no interest in slave girls, and while the artwork and blades you have offered are of the most exquisite craftsmanship and quality, I did not rescue your son with hopes of being rewarded with such prizes, thus I feel it inappropriate to accept them. But I also do not wish to dishonor you by refusing your great generosity and kindness. Thus I think it would be best for us both if I were to request a favor from you to be redeemed at a later time. I hope this does not inconvenience you too greatly?”
    Kotori:“I am called Kotori my lord.”
    Young Geralt:well i think i’ll take the gold… can use it to justify “buying” a sword later of give to my clan… don;t want to tie up points in something not really tailored to me
    Daimyo Takashi Oshiro:“It is your right to do so, and if that is your wish, then so be it.”
    Young Geralt:so bracers and gold
    Hachikomaru:“A beautiful bird then.”
    “Your name, it means a bird of luck.”
  • Calim Gorn nods and bows again, “Thank you very much, Daimyo.”
    Kotori:“Thank you for your kind words.”
    Hachikomaru:“Forgive me, little bird, are you from a known gozoku?”
    “Of the Shoguns land’s of course.”
    they wouldnt have slaves of mokoro nobles would they?
    Kotori:“I am from the Maita gozoku… I do not know if you know of us.”
    (nah they wouldn’t keep Makoro nobles, that shit would be reason for an all out attack heh)
    Hachikomaru:yeah wasnt sure if warfare/hostage situations occured
    DM:They’re a leser known Gozoku in Saidai-Taiyou probably… probably some samurai or what not,nothing too special but definteyl still of noble blood, despite not being too highly ranked.
  • Hachikomaru looks to Masaru and then back to the girl.
  • Hachikomaru is unsure if she is thrilled at the possibility of being free of him or the opposite.
  • Hachikomaru looks at the other girls, to buy some time to observe the two’s behavior in the meantime.
    DM:The girl herself seems not to know him too well… you figure ffrom your knowledge of Makoro customs that she’s a virgin being saved for Masaru when he coems of age, eventually a present to give to him…
    Hachikomaru:likely a concubine since she’s nothing special gozoku wise then
    DM:He probably hasn’t done anything to her yet, until he proves himself worthy and becomes a man… though he still considers her as being “his” and taking her would be considered a slight to him and probably piss him off.
    Hachikomaru:“Do you know who I am?”
  • Hachikomaru says pacing down the lineup of the girls, seeing if any of them are familiar with his family any.
    DM:Yeah well I mean she’s a captive prisoner so just a concubine, I mean the wives are generall ymarried consensually but I mean having any noble concubine is a fairly big deal.
    Hachikomaru:yeah i meant she wouldnt be a wife, since she aint a mokoro noble woman
    DM:One fo them, one of the older ones (around age 29 or so) seems familiar wiht your family.
    Hachikomaru:“I suppose my family are the monsters told to your children at night in Sadai.”
  • Slave Girl nods.
  • Hachikomaru frowns a bit.
    Masaru Oshiro:“From what I hear, that one is very skilled…” (seems to try to encourage you to pick that slave and not his girl)
    Hachikomaru:“She will be an old woman by the time I am of age, my lord.”
    “Years come quicker for you, than I.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“Ah yes.. I had not considered that.”
  • Masaru Oshiro looks back nervously… unfortuantely his girl is one of the youngest there…
    Hachikomaru:“What can you tell me about the little bird?”
    Masaru Oshiro:“Hmm perhaps I can ask my father if there’s anyone younger, we do have younger girls no doubt, but he felt you may not be intereted.”
  • Hachikomaru probes, looking for a reaction.
    Hachikomaru:(should i give him a dose of his own medicine or not tab?)
    Calim Gorn:(Heh nah, I’d rather just get moving and not antagonize him needlessly)
    Alyssa Toress:sef why are you trying to fuck with him when you were standing up for him and trying to help him
    Hachikomaru:well not so much trying to fuck with him, as i want to teach him a lesson about women as his property
    im afraid i may appear too weak to the oshiro
    and they only respect strength
    Masaru Oshiro:“I believe the Mahou Tsukai said that she will grow up to be frail and weak… poor for childbearing.”
    Calim Gorn:You turn into a giant dog, I don’t think anybody thinks you’re weak
    Alyssa Toress:lol yah
    DM:You cand etect he’s basicalyl lying through his teeth here.
    trying to deseperately come up with some bullshit so you’ll consider someone else.
    Hachikomaru:well if i knew he wasnt gonna ramsay bolton her, id choose her, then give her to him, as a show of respect
    was my original idea
    i just dont know how crazy the bastard is
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I mean I’d kinda rather not push him any more, no telling when he’ll snap
    Alyssa Toress:just take a katana
    just make a decision and dont spend 15 minutes debating it
    DM:lol yeah. heh
    Hachikomaru:yeah yeah
    DM:Herlock hasn’t got to do anything yet :P
    DM:So lets move this along a bit.
    Hachikomaru:he hogs all the shit all the time :-p
    now its his turn
    how many are there I’ll just dice for em lol
    DM:there’s 10 total.
    Young Geralt:((the more you tarry the more time you give me to find nifty creatures for you to fight in the arena… nexxu, rancor, gundarks, aklay….))
    DM:Alrighht so who you wanna pick Sef?
    Calim Gorn:(I’m the only one that has to worry about that G, lol)
    Young Geralt:((well T too))
    Calim Gorn:(True)
    DM:yeah lol. lets get this moving.
    Hachikomaru:well i dont know shit about just 2 of em
    Alyssa Toress:just take a weapon or something why do you need a slave girl
    Hachikomaru:i got my own sword coming later
    DM:Well they’re mostly lowborn slave girls. All pretty.
    Hachikomaru:backstory shit
    i aint taking a damn katana
    i already got two statted up
    its for when i hit PL8
    aint got pts to blow on another sword
    be like shagga and his 3 axes
    DM:I mean I wwasn’t really gonna give a complex bio on all of em, heh.. but if you want to look for certain traits or something you can.
    Calim Gorn:You don’t gotta spend points on it heh
    You can just take it and hang it on your wall or something
    DM:they range between about like 14-32 in age.
    Young Geralt:have them enter yoga poses and pick the one that can do it the best
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Hachikomaru:Alright I’ll take the two youngest ones
    DM:heh okay, that’ll iunclude Masaru’s girl.
    Young Geralt:oh boy.. now we have a reason for him to be pissy agaion
    Alyssa Toress:awesome you made an enemy of the guy you were trying to help
  • Masaru Oshiro makes one last ditch attempt to dissade you…
    Alyssa Toress:for no reason
    Hachikomaru:just child for a second.
    Masaru Oshiro:“You really don’t need to take her… I’ms ure she wouldn’t b e worthy for your purposes…”
  • Hachikomaru takes her over to Masaru.
    Hachikomaru:“My lord.”
    “My gift to you.”
  • Masaru Oshiro seems surprised.
    Masaru Oshiro:“You’re taking her only to give her to me?”
    Hachikomaru:“Treat her as I asked you would of Suzo.”
    “If you treat her cruely, then on my honor, I will take your head.”
    “Let this be the end of our bad blood.”
  • Masaru Oshiro seems to look a bit oddly confused byt the whole thing.
  • Masaru Oshiro nods after the momentary pause.
    Hachikomaru:“And let us leave as friends, and allies as it should have been from the begining.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“Yes. as allies.”
  • Hachikomaru bows.
    DM:The daimyo also invites you to s tay for a formal dinner and such which I’m gonna mostly fast forward through.. though he dose introduce Calim to his daughters, apparentlysubtly offering one of their hands in marraige to calim in exchange for his favor.
    Whcih I’m assuming Calim is gonna turn down.
  • Young Geralt does a happy dance….
  • Hachikomaru sits next to Masaru at the dinner.
    DM:And finally you bid the Oshiro lands farewell and head for the lands of the hydra clan… Meerin of the Hydra has given out a formal invitation for the rest of your band to show as well…
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah not gonna marry an Oshiro, that’s the last guy I want as a father-in-law
    Hachikomaru:“I hope this has ended well for both of us, my lord?”
  • Hachikomaru says to his bandmate.
    Masaru Oshiro:"Yes indeed. "
    Hachikomaru:“I could have taken two of the girls, but I my father would counsel me to make peace, and seek allies instead of more enemies.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“I have heard that your father was well known as a wise man.”
    Hachikomaru:“I am not him, nor can I ever hope to be, but I hope we can move forward in a more amiable fashion.”
    “Your father is nothing like mine, but he is your father no less, and I understand such a burden.”
    “I wish you good fortune in that regard.”
  • Hachikomaru gives him a handshake or whatever the hell they do as bro’s in mokoro.
    Masaru Oshiro:(heh yeah I’m not sure, you know more Japanese culture stuff than I do)
    Hachikomaru:haah yeah i dunno but you get the point
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Bro fist!
    Hachikomaru:“Do not mistake my kindness for weakness however, for even a tame dog can bite the hand of a cruel master.”
  • Hachikomaru says perhaps as a warning to not fuck him over.
    DM:yeah anywy.. gonna skip to the hydra clan part. unforutnately Daimyo Oshiro has forbade Masaru from going to the Hydra clan gathering saying he must stay and train.
    Hachikomaru:“And my bite I hear is quite vicious.”
  • Hachikomaru says with a joking smile.
    Masaru Oshiro:“The Oshiro behave with honor. We do not stab our allies in the back as the nobles of Rahseld do.”
  • Hachikomaru bits him farewell and departs with the others after the festivities, his other girl in tow.
    DM:Yeah you can bring her to the hydra clan or just drop her off at your castle… I mean she is a slave an technically slavery is forbidden in the other kingdoms…
    It’s just those backwards japanese that still believe in it. :P
    Hachikomaru:she’s basically a freedman now
    DM:Of course being imbued they may not make too big a deal of it if Geralt vouches for her, also youw ere invited.
    Hachikomaru:i aint gonna keep her as a slave
    DM:So it’s unlikely they’ll try to fuck with you…
    Okay Im onna give ya a persuasion check… to see how well she takes to you./. you can add in your attractive bonus as well
    Hachikomaru:I’ll let set her up at Inuyama Castle in the meantime
    and then she can decide what she wants to do later
    DM:Since she’ll probably stay with you, since she doesn’t have anywhere else to go. her family was apparently murdered in the raid that took her.
    Hachikomaru:oramu is next door, so she can always go to the city, or maybe she’ll make friends with the house hold at the castle
    but she aint a slave
    Young Geralt:no one has to know she is a slave.. and i’m sure Hachi won;t treat her as such
    Hachikomaru:she can follow along with me for a while if she chooses, i dont care
    “Do as you wish.”
    is all he tells her
    hes of the turn it loose, and if it comes back, its yours
    haha like a pet
    DM:heh well give me a persuasion check to see if she’ll stay… since she’ll probably be attached to you… well mostly liklely anyway.
    Hachikomaru:oh sorry i forgot
    DM:She doesn’t have anywhere to go yet. ’
    Hachikomaru:nat 1 incoming
    DM:Just want to s ee how positve the impression is.. or if you ended up creepily humping her leg or something :P
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Don’t forget the +5 for your Attractive
    DM:yeah you get the +5 as well.
    Calim Gorn:Heh well add 5 to that
    DM:She’s attached to you enough to want to stick arround it seems.. so she’ll stay in the castle or you can bring her with you
    Hachikomaru:its up to her
    like i said, do as you like
    she can follow me, or stay at the castle
    Young Geralt:did you say this to her in our company or alone?
    Hachikomaru:sure, it aint no secret
    Young Geralt:ok, just wondering if Geralt knows you set her free
    i aint no slaver
    i just picked the girls to set em free
    i only did the thing with masaru because political reasons, and well also that way i could ensure he’d treat her properly
    since i gave her as a gift and he had to follow my terms of the agreement
    that was the point
    so she wouldnt just be a piece of abused meat
    Hachikomaru:please him and hopefully make it less rough on her, was best midpoint i could figure out
    i wasnt sure if she liked him or not
    i kinda got the impression she did
    DM:Well you don’t think she really knew him all that well.
    Hachikomaru:or maybe she was just scared shitless of the demon
    either way, it aint a perfect world
    he was trying to do what he thought his father might in the situation
    DM:Anyway… onto the Hydra clan lands.. and we cang et Herlock involved since he’s been invited too…
    Hachikomaru:who was known for his diplomacy and stuff
    i just aint no master at it
    like he was
    thats his whole sctick he wants to be/tries to be his father
    but the point is, he has to learn to be his own man and not try to be his father, since he aint him yada yada
    thats his whole main arc for this part of the game
    he will prolly be alot diff when he grows up some
    wouldnt be much fun if there wasnt some development over time, and we just started same as we end up later
    yeah proceed
    she just better not croak, i dont have the tenseiga yet
    DM:You’re brought to the so called capital of the Hydra clan… Their territory is the most vast of the clans… rivalked mostly by the minotaur clan… Though the sun clain of course claims to have the “Best lands”
    Even if they’re not the largesty expanse.
    most of your other bandmates come to this meeting… though Dragon band does depart…in Hana’s case, depart involves getting kicked off Sythe’s airship back at Oramu.
  • Young Geralt greets his people as he arrivesand introduces the others.
    Alyssa Toress:“hello nice to meet you”
    Young Geralt:is Viniira here?
    DM:Geralt has a happy gathering ready for his return, as he is used to… unlike the wolfheart there’s not so much fear among the Hydra clana s they live in the far southern lands, where there’s less earth demon activity…
    Yeah Vinira came along.
    Masaru and Suzu are among the only from your band that didn’t come.
    -Even Hamidar garaz came surprisingly, though as usual hekinda keeps to himself… due to his odd nature the Wolfheart seemed to dislike him, calling him “Accursed One” in the native tongue of Yt.
    Hachikomaru:mana imbued taint
    or whatever the fuck those illuvians do
    lord voldemort special
    DM:Calim does get a message from his father as well, informing him to check out how the new magitech facility is going there, House Gorn recently (with clan permission) set up a magitech facility.
    Alyssa Toress:house gorn curse you
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Yeah I’ll go do that when I get a chance
    DM:it’s apparently a small facility headed up by a bit of a black sheep of the Gorn family.. Darien Gorn. Known to be a rather intelligent scientist amogn the family and working on some of the magitech projects, but overall a bit of weirdo.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, is he an uncle or something?
    DM:Nah he’s more distant than that… like way out of line of succession basically.. a really distant relation.
    Hachikomaru:so this is the west virginia of Yt
    Young Geralt:well he needs to invent the weirig module for clan Hydra
    DM:He doesn’t have anything beyond the name, but still due to his talent he’s employed by the family.
    Hachikomaru:coal miner abuse
    Young Geralt:weirding
    Hachikomaru:with their magitech hick workers
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Alyssa I asume is gonan attend too, though she could just say screw that… :P
    Hachikomaru:lancel lannister
    one ball and no brains as robert said…
    tho maybe the opposite here
    Alyssa Toress:nah i am there
    Hachikomaru:“I hope your kin smell better than the wolves.” he jokes to Geralt
  • Calim Gorn gives Hachi a quizzical look
    Hachikomaru:“Or don’t try to hack off pieces of me in my sleep.”
    Calim Gorn:“I didn’t notice any bad smells…”
    Hachikomaru:“Maybe it’s only the red haired ones.”
    DM:The Hydra clans main town is pretty impressive for a clan establishment.. with an airship landing platform, and as of earlier this year, a magitech armor maintenance facility, courtesy of an agreement with House Gorn.
    Alyssa Toress:“so this is geralts home huh”
    Hachikomaru:“They will be calling this place New Ronen before long at this rate.”
    DM:Meerin of the Hydra greets the group, and with him is Mordin, one of the druidfs who taught Geralt much of what he knows of Witcher signs.
    Alyssa Toress:“pleasure to meet you”
    Hachikomaru:“I didn’t expect so much industry out in the middle of nowhere.”
  • Calim Gorn bows respectfully
    DM:The crowd of other clan members is also greeting him as well.. the Hydra clan si also the most diverse of the clans, hving apparent features from Makoro, Ronen and even Rahseld among their numbers… some diversity among their genetics.
  • Hachikomaru bows as well.
    DM:not entirely surprisng as they are a union of many clans and tribes.
    Young Geralt:“Greetings Elder Meerin and Master Mordin.”
    Alyssa Toress:“with magitech you can put the industry anywhere”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“It’s good to have youb back Geralt. And welcome to the rest of your band. Or at least those that ccould show up. A pity about Masaru and Suzu.”
  • Hachikomaru glances over his should not accustomed to be followed around by a person, other than Nyan at the castle.
  • Young Geralt greets them in the traditional clanish way.. a fist bump….;)
    Young Geralt:nah joking
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Calim Gorn:“Greetings. I am Calim of House Gorn.”
    Young Geralt:whatever the tradition is
    geralt was going to introduce each of you
    Hachikomaru:“I am Hachikomaru, Lord of Inuyama.”
    Young Geralt:stated earlier
    Mordin:“Welcome back Geralt. I heard you had a bit of an adventure in Thunderheart.”
  • Hachikomaru says bowing again.
    Alyssa Toress:“alyssa toress”
    Young Geralt:it is only polite to introduce your guests
    DM:Yeah heh, I’m gonna assume everyone introduces themselves (since it’s the whole band not gonna bother RPing that out)
    Sincce it’d be a long thing :P
    You take a bit to exchange pleasantries…
    Meerin of the Hydra:“I also wanted to thank your father Calim for helping to get a magitech facility off the ground here.”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, Father is curious as to the progress of things. He has asked me to do a walkthrough of the facilities. I hope that won’t be too much trouble.”
    Young Geralt:“It was a terrible sight but we put the place back together. Nothing a little hard work and time won;t take care of. Though the threat still remains.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“And of course for giving us our first two magitech armor to help defend us, should the earth demons come.”
    Hachikomaru:“There are only air demons here this time, Lord Meerin.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Oh by all means.. though I must admit I was a bit surprised to meet Darien Gorn, he was not what I expected of a member of your family.”
    Hachikomaru:(refering to the imbued)
    Calim Gorn:“Ah yes… From what I hear he is a bit of an eccentric. I hope he has not inconvenienced you in any way, Elder.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“the imbued are not demons Hachi… few think that”
    Hamidar Garaz:“More than you think about some of us.”
    Alyssa Toress:“well i mean its possible we are demons”
    Hachikomaru:“Well, perhaps not all of them, I’ve been told otherwise.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“We are an accepting people, we of the Hydra… it is said that all have a place at the Hydra Clan shoudl they wish it.”
    Alyssa Toress:“does anyone really understand what imbued truly are?”
    “or who the elves were”
    Vilar Elfglow:“Is it really true some of the clan are cannibals?”
    Hachikomaru:“A double dose, in my case.” he says with a bit of Makenki wit
    DM:Anise stops Vilar as he says that…
    Anise Dreamborn:“Vilar don’t ask that!”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Vilar Elfglow:“I apologize cheiftain…”
    Hachikomaru:“Well, technically just because I eat people doesn’t make me a cannibal.” he says joking a bit
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Well it is true that we do have some that practice some undesireable practices in our clan… but such things are rare and out of all the clans I think you’ll see we are most to embrace progress.”
    Young Geralt:“That’s because you aren’t a person Hachi.”, Geralt nudges Hachi joking.
    Hachikomaru:“Yes, perhaps you should explain that piece this time.”
    “It caused quite a stir at Thunderheart.”
    “You would think they would welcome someone like me.”
    Calim Gorn:“Most people aren’t too thrilled when giant beasts show up in the middle of their villages, unfortunately.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“The wolfheart have been through much… had it happened a year ago…. perhaps things might be different.”
    Young Geralt:“I think it is HOW you did it.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“But the Awakening of tingath changed mucch.”
    Hachikomaru:“Well, they’re call wolfheart.”
    “You wouldn’t think a large canine would scare them.”
    Hamidar Garaz:“Their fear of you seemed to subside once you transformed back.”
    Viniira the Horned:“Large is an understatement.”
    Alyssa Toress:“maybe dont transform and try to scare people”
    Hachikomaru:“The deer was too heavy too haul back.”
    Alyssa Toress:“why did you need to go get a deer?”
    Hachikomaru:“Or 4 deer, however many it was.”
    “Well it was a feast, I wanted to help provide for our hosts.”
    Viniira the Horned:“They are the wolf heart, but the dog saliva was a bit much…”
    Young Geralt:“Elder, what we speak of is that Hachi here has a lineage of canine. It is different than Wolfheart but he can romove this form and become a very large dog. Don’t be alarmed. He shouldn’t have reason to do that here.”
    Hachikomaru:“One red haired girl accused me of being a winter bear and tried to cut off my furr in my tent while I was asleep.”
    “Yes, I am not an intruder from Tinigath.”
    “I would prefer to not recieve spike launchers again.”
    Young Geralt:“So Elder, why did you summon us?”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“I know Hachi is of little threat, besides we have you for that Geralt.”
  • Meerin of the Hydra smirks.
    Young Geralt:lol
    Meerin of the Hydra:“At least if Morden tells me you’re as skilled as he says.”
    Hachikomaru:“Well technically…..”
    “It’s only a scar.”
  • Hachikomaru pokes Geralt in the ribs.
    Young Geralt:“I’m still learnign but one day I will be the most reknown Witcher in the lands. Mark my word.”
    Mordin:“Well Geralt has not formally completed his Witcher training… though it would make quite the final trial of initation.”
    Hachikomaru:“I heard the most powerful spell he already learned.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Yes, and we’ll have more need for Witchers than ever with the coming of the Earth Demons. War is in the air.”
    Hachikomaru:“The way to loose the enemie’s bowels.”
    Viniira the Horned:“A formidable spell for sure.”
    Hachikomaru:“Or it could just be the food on Aylanae.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Calim Gorn smirks
    Hachikomaru:“Golems make it.”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“So you’re not the only one who hates the food…”
  • Young Geralt smiles. “Not everything has to end in a fight.”
    Vilar Elfglow:“I don’t see anything wrong with it…”
    Calim Gorn:“It’s certainly not the best.”
    Young Geralt:“Enought banter though. Let’s hear what the men have to say.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“I wanted to invite you here so you could get to know us… to see that we too have suffered losses at the hands of the Earth Demons… I myself was nearly slain by one of thier attacks, even though the majority of the hydra clan is considered in safe lands… I have lost many of my family to them.”
    “The war is coming.. and you will be our soldiers when the time comes…”
    Hachikomaru:“We suffered a similar fate during the Orothean war, except our demons came from the sea.”
    Anise Dreamborn:“We wil do what’s necessary to defend the empire.”
  • Calim Gorn nods
  • Meerin of the Hydra nods.
    Alyssa Toress:“of course”
    Hachikomaru:“I hope we can turn back this tide as we did before.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Yes we are kin in taht regard Hachi.. we have both lost those we care about to the Earth demons.”
    Hachikomaru:“Some say the earth demons can tunnel beneath the sea? Do you think there’s any truth to that?”
    “Or that the threat is truly just limited to Yindae?’/
    Calim Gorn:”If there is earth beneath the sea, then I don’t see why not."
    Vilar Elfglow:“The only earth demons ever spotted have been on this ccontinent of Yindae.”
    Calim Gorn:“That doesn’t mean they can’t be found elsewhere if one goes looking.”
    Hachikomaru:“They were at least killable.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Vilar is correct… but anything is possible.”
    Hachikomaru:“The things from the sea….”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Some beleive that beneath the oceans is eventually more earth…”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Hachikomaru:“It’s a good thing earth and water are not united against us.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Though some say fire lurks down there, and it is only the water that keeps it at bay.”
    Hachikomaru:“Or perhaps they are, an even scarier thought.”
    Calim Gorn:“I would think if fire were down there the seas would boil eventually.”
    “Though I suppose there are such things as volcanoes.”
  • Meerin of the Hydra nods.
    Calim Gorn:“But if one were to wade out into a shallow bay or into the ocean at the beach, the ground continues on beneath their feet. It would only seem logical that it would keep going on down below the water in that manner.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Some believe that while volcanoes spew up nuumian it simply representes the melted earth.. but rather that the great flame is another energy atlogether.”
    Calim Gorn:“And anywhere the ground goes, so do the Earth Demons.”
    “Unless there is some barrier down below that we do not know of.”
    Hachikomaru:“Well, its a good thing, a dog knows how to dig a hole.” he jests
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Yes, you may not be safe in Rahseld, Makoro or Ronen.”
    “I cannot say for sure.. but we do know that they are a threat to all of Yt.”
    Alyssa Toress:“if you want to break things down death is certain and you should just face the truth”
  • Hachikomaru nods.
    Hachikomaru:“That much is true princess.”
    “A good death is all one can hope for.”
    Vilar Elfglow:“Not if you’re an archmage, they’re immortal!”
    Hamidar Garaz:“So they say…”
    Calim Gorn:“Why do we keep getting new ones then?”
    Viniira the Horned:“maybe more people want to become immortal?”
    Hachikomaru:“They said the same about the beast that attacked old Oramu.”
  • Meerin of the Hydra nods.
    Hachikomaru:“Father proved otherwise.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Yes it is said the ancient earth demons and the deep ones are older than even the archmagi…”
    “Even the dragons that lay slumbering”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“What about the great Dragons of Makoro?”
    Vilar Elfglow:“Our instructors say they’re just a myth…”
    Hachikomaru:“Yes, their tales speak of cataclysm as well.”
    “Maybe they’re just earth demons of a high order.”
    “Who knows….”
    Calim Gorn:“There is much we are yet to discover.”
    Anise Dreamborn:“One thing I do know… Sheyl shall be the one to protect us if anyone can.”
    Hachikomaru:“She didn’t protect Oramu…”
    Hamidar Garaz:“The people of Oramu weren’t true beleivers apparently.”
    “That’s what they get for believing in the great dragons instead of Sheyl I suppose.”
  • Hamidar Garaz speaks in a rather sardonic tone, not one of a true believer.
    Viniira the Horned:“I’m not all that familiar with the history of Makoro…”
    Hachikomaru:“The Orotheans called a giant beast from the depths of the sea, like the one that killed the princess’s grandmother.”
    “They were unstoppable, the size of mountains.”
    “The Deep Ones, Meerin speaks of.”
    Vilar Elfglow:“Come on, there’s no way they were that big!”
    “That’s just a bunch of superstition.”
    Hachikomaru:“It destroyed Oramu, nothing remains but crushed stone and bones.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:(interrupts) “Anyhow… why don’t we show you to your quarters.. it’s not exactly the finery some of you are used to, but better than the tents…”
    Hachikomaru:“Old Oramu that is.”
  • Hachikomaru nods.
    Calim Gorn:“Your hospitality is appreciated, Elder.”
    Hachikomaru:“Forgive me, for the history lesson.”
    “I have a tendancy to prattle on when I have had little sleep, my lord.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“I was thinking perhaps Hachi and Calim could check out the Gorn Magitech facility, and perhaps Geralt could give the princess a tour of what the rest of our town has to offer, I know the Toress are interested in places of beauty and not wish to look on plain magitech facilites.”
    Hachikomaru:“I am afraid, I know little of the ways of magitech.”
    Alyssa Toress:“oh i would love to tour the magitech facilitiy”
  • Calim Gorn raises an eyebrow
    Hachikomaru:“Our way is the old way, much like yours.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Hmm… well if you wish to I suppose… I had thought you would like to see some of our beautiful glades… ancient sites protected fora long time, places of great druidic power and beauty.”
    Alyssa Toress:“it will be great to see what the great minds of house gorn is working on”
    Hachikomaru:“I would gladly take the princess place.”
    “The woods suit me better than some metal castle.”
    Calim Gorn:“I doubt it’s anything you haven’t seen before, Alyssa. But far be it from me to object.”
    Anise Dreamborn:“Yeah maybe we could go check that out too Vilar, I’m sure you’d love to s ee the magitech facility…”
    Vilar Elfglow:“Uh… well yeah, but I see a lot of magitech in Aylanae, maybe we should check out the rest of this place… I mean…”
    Anise Dreamborn:“oh come on Vilar… you know you want to go there.”
    Vilar Elfglow:“But the imperion said….”
    Anise Dreamborn:“Don’t worry about that…”
    Young Geralt:“I could use some fresh air. I’ll show around whoever is willing.”
  • Calim Gorn raises an eyebrow
    Calim Gorn:“What did the Imperion say?”
    Hachikomaru:“I’ll come with you Geralt.”
    DM:I’ll give you an insight check to see if you can figure out what’s going on with them. heh.
    Hachikomaru:“I promise, no scars,:
    Calim Gorn:My nat 20 streak is over
    Nori Yuudai:”I wouldn’t mind to come along if you’l have me."
    Hachikomaru:“Then again, in this place, you might be the one giving me the scars.”:
    Young Geralt:i’m not sure i have insight
    oh i dfo
    skipped over it
    Hachikomaru:prolly got caught hanky panky or something in the barracks
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah I was kinda wondering that
    Hachikomaru:yeah figurred as much
    Hamidar Garaz:“I will go as well if you don’t mind…”
    DM:There’s a bit of a look from Meerin as Hamidar wants to go… due to his odd Aela manifestations, it’s psosible he may damage the old sites or corrupt them in some way…
    Calim Gorn:Well I assume if this place is in the middle of Clan Hydra territory there ain’t anything super secret that Tharian doesn’t want outsiders seeing
    DM:As he’s been known to kill plantlife that’s near him… or even small animals accidentally.
    Yeah heh probably not, at least nothing Tharian said to keep others out
    Alyssa Toress:i am coming to steal all your secrets
    DM:they’re pretty transparent as far as you know
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:but who knows what Darien Gorn is up to
    he’s a bit of an eccentric
    Calim Gorn:Sounds like he’d be a good match for Ellenya
    DM:Btw Hekima is the name of the other slave girl and she’s gonna stick with Sef for now anyway.
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“I think I’ll just check out the town myself okay?”
    Young Geralt:“Umm, Hamidar. It is probaly best if you stick with the Magitech. We wouldn’t want any incidents.”
    Hamidar Garaz:“Magitech doesn’t react well to me either…”
    (on one occasion it’s been shown that Hamidar’s power ccan corrupt an Aela charge crystal, causing magitech to malfunction)
    Calim Gorn:“Really? Curious…”
    Young Geralt:“Well that doesn’t bode well.”
    Hachikomaru:he’s a dark sun defiler
    DM:Pretty mcuh hamidar has been the one that’s kinda stayed on the fringes of the band, seen as sorta some dangerous toxic being… on the plus side he hasn’t flirted with Alyssa really…
    Hachikomaru:absorbing mana and shit destroying life
    Hamidar Garaz:“Perhaps I should not have come.”
    Calim Gorn:Heh, he’s like some kind of psychic vampire
    DM:Well it’s more that he gives off a corrupted sort of Aela, like a posion gas, that’s kinda toxic to Aela and Mana beings alike
    Hachikomaru:well least i didnt make mina
    a literal vampire
    itd be like herlock
    DM:It’s sorta like a corrupted Aela that’s poisonous.
    Hachikomaru:cept all the people go missing following me
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Hamidar Garaz:“Even in the place that welcomes everyone, I am the one exception.”
  • Calim Gorn frowns a little…
    Alyssa Toress:hey i gotta pass out
    just assume i look at the place
    DM:heh okay cya Herlock
    Hachikomaru:well im highly resistant to all toxins etc
    so guess I’ll have to be his buddy
    no homo….
    Well he hasn’t really flirted wiht any girls so there are some rumors… of course that oculd be just beause he’s the outcast too…
    Hachikomaru:yeah unless he’s a necro
    corpses dont make good dates
    need to find him a nice undead girlfriend
    or a golem i guess
    tho if he screws up charge crystals
    that leaves setting him up with Taylor out of the question
    DM:yeah heh, he can potentially fuck them up too. Though the larger charge crystals won’t fuck up unless he deliberately uses his powers generally.
    But smaller devices can fuck up
    Like he wont’ accidentally destroy a shiadar crystal,but like a lighnting lamp or shock pistol he could
    Hachikomaru:he’s like the aylanae rogue
    except its an aura
    well what kind of sleeping accomidations we get in this place?
    DM:Well did you want to see your accomodations or go tot he magitech facility first?
    Well actually Sef is going with Geralt and Nori to the places of power.
    Gregorio and Hamidar are kinda making thier own w ay.
    Young Geralt:will put crap up first
    DM:Viniira will go with Geralt too actually
    Young Geralt:no reason to carry a bunch of stuff
    DM:heh oay.. the accomodations are a woodene building… not exactly a tribal hut but still fairly primitive, there’s some basic magitech lighnting lamps for light but that’s it.
    No plumbing or anything like that.
    After which I’m gonna do the magitech building real quick… unles you wanted to do something at the sleeping area.
    Young Geralt:well…..
    no you can skip over
    Calim Gorn:That’s later
    Hachikomaru:actually I’ll stay behind and get to know Hekima some, i got airship lag anyways
    Hachikomaru:give G some alone time as well with his peeps
    Hachikomaru:prolly tired of having bunch of people following him around
    Young Geralt:well you are my peeps too…..
    Hachikomaru:or i would anyways if i went home
    Young Geralt:i was asked to show you around, or whoever wanted
    DM:yeah heh, he was gonna give the tour of the various magical sites nearby.
    Young Geralt:you not tagging along on my personal time
    Hachikomaru:“Don’t worry girl, you’re not my slave, I meant what I said.”
    “Do as you wish.”
    “Where are you from? Do you have any family?”
    Hekima:“I don’t have anywhere else to go…”
    DM:Also meanwhile gonna do the magitech facility visit with Calim as well…
    Hachikomaru:“Where are you from? How did you end up as a slave to the Oshiro?”
    Hekima:“They came to my village.. killed my parents and loaded me onto a ship.”
    Hachikomaru:“How old were you when that happened?”
  • Calim Gorn does his best to put on an “official” air as he enters the Magitech facility
    DM:Calim, Anise and Vilar arrive at the magitech facility… the place is small indeed, and sticksout a bit like a sore thumb here amongs the Hydra clan…
    Hachikomaru:“If I could take you home I would, but you say you have no family.”
    DM:The door doesn’t apparently have a typical doorknob but rather an activation crystal and a crystal eye.
    Hachikomaru:“But if you desire to return to Sadai, I will see it so.”
    Hekima:“The home I knew is gone.. I doubt anyone would even remember me.. that was 4 years ago that i was taken.”
    Calim Gorn:Heh, is that a security measure or just being fancy?
    Hachikomaru:“How old are you now?”
    DM:You’re not sure exactly.
    Hachikomaru:“I see.”
  • Calim Gorn attempts to activate the crystal
    Hachikomaru:“Then it is my responsibility to look after you then.”
    DM:There’s a momentary pause… then you can hear some footsepts running around behind the metal door…
    Followed by a voice speaking through the door…
    Hachikomaru:“If you desire otherwise, you are free to go as your hearts desire.”
    “At any time.”
    Voice Thorugh the Door:“I can see you out there through my crystal! Who goes there?”
    Calim Gorn:“I am Calim of House Gorn. I come on behalf of my father, Grand Duke Tharian Gorn.”
    Hekima:“As I said, I have no where to go…”
    Voice through the Door:“Calim Gorn you say… Ha”
    Anise Dreamborn:“This is Anise Dreamborn with the templar and this is Vilar.”
    Vilar Elfglow:“Vilar Elfglow also with the Templar.”
    Hachikomaru:“We all have one place to go….forward, whever that takes us.”
    Voice through the Door:“And how do I know. I can trust you.. for all I know you’re spies!”
    Hachikomaru:“Do you possess any skills?”
    Calim Gorn:“I wouldn’t think there would be anything in a facility like this that would be vulnerable to spies. Father wouldn’t put that sort of thing out here.”
    Hachikomaru:“Craft of any kind? Cooking, cleaning, weaving baskets, anything?”
    Voice through the Door:“Ha… just what a spy woulds ay to gain my trust… it’s well known that an isolated facility is well out of prying eyes!”
    “Hm,m.. I have it!”
    “There’s a spy that I need eliminated…. if you eliminate the spy I’ll know you’re not spies…”
    Calim Gorn:“An isolated facility in Gorn territory, perhaps… But I doubt Elder Meerin would be offering tours of this place if it were really so secret.”
    Voice through the Door:“he has beenw atching this door for the past 2 weeks.. gathering intelligence.. He’s there as we speak…. sitting at the base of that cut tree trunk…”
  • Calim Gorn glances over in the direction indicated
    DM:You turn around and see what appears to be a black cat with white stripes lounging near the tree.
    Vilar Elfglow:“The cat?!”
    Calim Gorn:“That’s… a cat.”
  • Anise Dreamborn gives you a look like ‘what is wrong with this guy?’
  • Calim Gorn gives Anise a kind of pained, apologetic expression
    Hachikomaru:its nyan, ive got the drop on your operations
    Young Geralt:he is your family… FRUIT-LOOP
    Voice through the Door:“Haven’t you ever heard of shapeshfiting magic.. they can look like anyone and anything!”
    Calim Gorn:He’s very distantly related
    Voice through the Door:“Do you imagine they’d be a spy wearing a black outfit and sunglasses?”
    “Now destroy the cat and prove your loyalty! Strike it down with all the fury of House Gorn!”
  • Calim Gorn sighs a little and walks over to where the cat is
    Anise Dreamborn:“You’re not going to seriously kill a poor cat!?”
  • Vilar Elfglow is rather horrified as well.
    Vilar Elfglow:“Don’t hurt him!”
    Calim Gorn:“Of course not.”
  • Calim Gorn just shoos the cat away
    Hachikomaru:you forgot the T
    “Shoots” the cat away
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Voice through the Door:“What are you doing! You’re letting the spy get away! He’s onto you and going to report all he’s learned!”
    Calim Gorn:“I doubt he’s learned anything of import. You haven’t let him inside and there isn’t anything sensitive that can be seen from out here.”
    “And now he knows that we’re on to him, so he won’t be back.”
    Voice through the Door:“He’ll be back in another form! You dont understand… it took me weeks to get onto his plans!”
    “You visiting here! It’ll trigger a chain of events whcih the mundane mind cannot fathom!”
    DM:The cat darts away… barely in view.. givng you one last chance to try to take it out or risk it getting away…
    Calim Gorn:“I’m sure it’ll be fine…”
    DM:There’s a momentary click as you hear the door unlock and a man in a tattered labcoat who is oddly muscular for ascientist tells you to come.
    Calim Gorn:oh god
    Darien Gorn:“Quickly come in come in!”
  • Calim Gorn enters, clearly irritated
    DM:Everyone enters wiht you.
    Darien Gorn:“Clearly had you been spies you would have killed the cat to get in my good graces… but because you didn’t, I can trust you.”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes… Of course…”
    Darien Gorn:“I am Dr. Darien Gorn… scientist and magitech engineer!”
    Calim Gorn:“As I said, I am Calim Gorn, son of Grand Duke Tharian Gorn.”
    “Father has asked me to inspect these facilities on his behalf.”
    Darien Gorn:“Not as of this moment!”
    “From now on you are Varsuvias…. that is your secret code name.”
  • Calim Gorn raises an eyebrow
    Darien Gorn:(to Anise) “And you shall be Eliza… and you(to Vilar) will be Andorain”
    Calim Gorn:“Whatever… Please show us the facilities.”
    Anise Dreamborn:“Who is this guy?”
    Calim Gorn:“I was told he was an eccentric… But I wasn’t expecting this eccentric.”
    Darien Gorn:“You shall refer to me as Veritas! for that is my secret code name!”
    Anise Dreamborn:“This is insane…”
    Calim Gorn:“I’m very sorry for this… Father will definitely hear about this when I get home.”
  • Vilar Elfglow gives a questioning look at Calim that seems to suggest, “is this guy for real?”
    Veritas:“Varsuvias, father, yours or mine shall not hear a word of what goes on here!”
    “There are spies all over his court, it is why I left Rahseld.”
    “Don’t you know, they control everything there…”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, of course… How clumsy of me…”
  • Calim Gorn deadpans
    Anise Dreamborn:“What are you even talking about? Who?”
    Veritas:“Who else? House Illuvian… The darkest spot withjin every shadow.. the whispers in the most absolute silences!”
    “There are eyes everywhere, trying to steal my research!”
    Calim Gorn:“Can we just get on with it?”
    Veritas:“Yes yes… I can show you the repair room… which is only the front for my true work…”
    Vilar Elfglow:“Calim are you going to-”
    Veritas:“His name is Varsuvias!”
    Vilar Elfglow:“whatever.. I mean are you going to let this guy keep going like this?”
    Calim Gorn:“What choice do I have?”
    Anise Dreamborn:“Suicide?”
    “Just turning around and leaving?”
    Calim Gorn:“I would have if Father had not asked me personally to do this.”
    DM:the scientist leads you into what looks like a magitech repair bay with two magitech armor there…
    Vilar Elfglow:“He doesn’t like you much does he?”
    Calim Gorn:“The feeling is mutual…”
    Veritas:“As you can see everything looks normal….”
    “SUch is the ingeniousness of my disguise!”
  • Calim Gorn inspects the facilities and the two Magitech armors
    Veritas:“One would think this was nothing more than a normal maintanence area for magitech armor!”
    Calim Gorn:“Are you saying it isn’t?”
    DM:One of the magitech armors has an out of order sign on it… while the other apperas to be normal…
    Calim Gorn:(Do the armors look functional or at least such that they could be repaired? Is the equipment legit?)
    DM:Give me a tehcnology check for your inspection
    Well it seems he’s gutted one of the magitech armors… why you have no idea… since you’d heard that House Gorn just had them transferred here…
    So they shouldn’t ned that kind of extensive maintenance short of getting a big hole blasted in em
    Calim Gorn:“This Magitech armor has been completely gutted, what is the meaning of this?”
    “These were just transferred here, they should be brand new.”
    Veritas:“Your eye is keen indeed Varsuvias…”
    “What I say from this point on will be absolutely secretive… can you swear absolutely for the loyalty of Eliza and Andorain?!”
    Anise Dreamborn:“Who?”
    Calim Gorn:“Just say yes…”
    Veritas:“You, you’re Eliza!”
    Calim Gorn:“They shall not reveal any of your secrets, you have my word.”
  • Calim Gorn gives Anise and Vilar a “Just humor him” look
    Anise Dreamborn:“Yeah we swear!”
    Vilar Elfglow:“Well I guess.. but I mean what if… we have to keep our oaths as templar…”
    “So I don’t know about this….”
    Calim Gorn:“I’m certain they won’t have any interest in this, so you don’t have to worry about that.”
    Vilar Elfglow:“Well okay… I swear.. I guess..”
  • Veritas gives a crazy laugh.
    Veritas:“Excellent, then let us cast your eyes open… but not too open as to blind you with the truth!”
    DM:He reveals a secret panel that’s in the floor, apparently as ection of floor that can pop open revealing a set of stairs down.
    Veritas:“You’re probably wondering what happened to all the parts that I was supposed to recieve from tharian… as it turns out, I traded them for more useful gear…”
    DM:The basement area has some strange equipment that’s almost certainly custom built.
    Calim Gorn:“What is this exactly?”
    DM:But ther’es many large machines down there as well as several odd diagrams hanging on the wall.
  • Calim Gorn looks things over, wondering just what the hell this guy has done
    DM:Clearly this stuff has nothing to do with magitech armor though…
    Not like he’s supposed to.
    Veritas:“History my friends! History!”
    “Do you know that these lands of Yindae were left undisturbed by the hand of magitech for thousands of years?!”
    “But no longer!”
    “What you’re staring at is the ground work for Project Eruption!”
    “I’m going to retrofit that magitech armor up thre into a digging machine!”
    “Surely it all makes sense to you now?”
    Calim Gorn:“Digging machine? That sounds… dangerous.”
    Veritas:“Yes… well ti could upset the Hydra clan, with all their superstitions about digging in the earth, thus the secrecy…”
    “Also the part about dismantliong one of thier magitech armors and replacing it with a mechaniocal digger, which is far from combat capable.”
    Anise Dreamborn:“Geralt isn’t going to like this…”
    Calim Gorn:“Earth Demons live in the earth, I think they would have good reason to be upset.”
    “Not to mention you’ve dismantled one of the machines meant to defend them from the Earth Demons, to cobble together a machine that may incite their wrath.”
    “It’s a twofold exercise in incompetence.”
    Veritas:“Incompetence?! No…. of course not, because I have come upon the greatest discovery since… No the GREATEST DISCOVERY!”
    “It’s just buried…”
    Calim Gorn:“What?”
    Veritas:“You’ll be instrumental in Project Eruption Varsuvias…”
    “You need to keep talking House Gorn and by that I mean Calim Gorn’s father, into providing more resources to this project!”
    “That will be your role!”
    Vilar Elfglow:“Told you we shgouldn’t have taken that oath…”
    Calim Gorn:“Unless you can provide some sort of proof that what you’re doing isn’t completely insane, I don’t think that’s going to happen.”
    Veritas:“Insane? Do you SEE all this equipment? Do you think it’s here just for show!?”
    “What you’re looking at is an advanced detection suite…”
    “I know it’s down there… sure I haven’t narrowed down the coordinates exactly, that’ll take triangulation, but I’ve found it..”
    Calim Gorn:“Found what?”
    DM:He points to a peice of paper hanging on a wall that looks like it was probably drawn with some kind of automated drawing device with the help of a di crystal which just shows an odd shaded dark region on an otherwise unintellgible series of dots and other small shapes.
    Calim Gorn:“And what is that supposed to be?”
    Young Geralt:its the underdark…. we found the drow
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Veritas:“Tell me… what’s the one thing that you don’t find in abundance in the earth…”
    Calim Gorn:“Air?”
    Veritas:“Well obviously, but other than THAT!”
  • Calim Gorn shrugs
  • Anise Dreamborn looks to Vilar and then to Calim.
    Calim Gorn:“Actually I thought that was fairly common…”
    Veritas:“Not in this concentration… absolutely pure Aquum… buried amidst the earth… it’s not an underground lake… no…”
    Calim Gorn:“Aquum? Even if that’s true… What good does it do us?”
    Veritas:“Only the ultimate weapon!”
    “well or uyltimate power source.. whatever you want to say…”
    Calim Gorn:(I’m assuming what I know of Magitech is telling me this guy is totally full of shit?)
    DM:Yeah well all Magitech is based on Aela so yeah… lol.
    Veritas:“When Aylanae rose out of the ice…. the world changed forever…”
    “What you’re looking at can only be one thing… "
    “What the Avaera is to Aela, this is to Aquum…”
    “You’re looking at the city of water!”
    “Aha! You see.. you thought I was mad before, but now you see it don’t you?”
  • Calim Gorn glances at Anise and Vilar to get a read on what they think
  • Anise Dreamborn seems really confused…
    Vilar Elfglow:“Well I guess it could be possible…but we’ve seen no evidence of Aquum based magitech, and why woult it be buried and not sunken?”
    Calim Gorn:(I’m guessing they’ve at least taught us the basics about how Aquum is toxic and that we can’t do shit with it?)
    DM:yeah though it is the least toxic of the other energy types :P
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Nuumian is way worse.
    but yeah pure Aquum would not be healthy.
    Calim Gorn:“I think I’ve heard enough for now.”
    Veritas:“So as you can see… we must keep this absolutely secret… but I still need more funding for Project Eruption to continue!”
    “And we absoltueyl cannot tell the Hydra Clan…”
    “Or anyone back in Rahseld…. because they have eyes everywhere!”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, of course…”
    Veritas:“This must look entirely legitimate…. a military operation, they won’t care about that.”
    Anise Dreamborn:“Well as templar we are oathbound not to mention this now…”
    Veritas:“Forget everything I just told you.. all of you.. from the moment you walk out this secret room… reveal nothing.. avoid all mind readers, that includes archmagi and Taesian… and of course avoid Illuvian spies!”
    “And do not use your code names outside our operation…”
    Calim Gorn:“That much you have no need to fear…”
    Veritas:“Allow my research to fall into the wrong hnads and all is lost! There will be pandemonium…”
    “The balance of power will be shattered!”
    Calim Gorn:I’m getting the fuck out of here as soon as I can
    Veritas:“As Clesh of Gorn faced down the dragon.. you too much show great bravery and stay our great course…”
    *must show
    Calim Gorn:And then I’m gonna go send a message to Tharian and tell him that Darien is a fucking nutjob and is endangering Clan Hydra with his bullshit
    DM:lol okay ou make your way out of there notifying him of that.. well tehcnicalyl ou’ll have to wait till you get to an airship they don’t h ave Aela communicators yett…
    Calim Gorn:lol well they got the airship docked there right?
    DM:heh yeah you coudl just go to that yeah.
    If you wanted to do it immediately heh.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’ll do that
    I definitely want to do it immediately lol
    DM:It’s not direc transmission range
    But you can send a relayed message
    Assuming you don’t want t aresponse and just want to send a report
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’ll send a report detailing everything
    And how I think Darien is endangering Clan Hydra and needs to be removed from this facility
    And that they’re going to be pissed if they find out about this
    DM:lol you basically gonna expose the guy as a crackpot?
    Calim Gorn:Yup
    DM:You gonna go over all his theories and stuff? Or ust saying he’s nuts and isn’t doing what he’s supposed to?
    Calim Gorn:I’ll mention the thing about some Aquum verison of Aylanae, like as an example of how fucking nuts he is
    Young Geralt:the guy could eb thomas edison for all we know ;)
    Calim Gorn:I’ll also mention the thing with the cat as another example
    Like basically this guy is totally insane and he’s diverting resources from defense of the clan while at the same time doing shit that might directly stir up the Earth Demons and prompt them to attack
    DM:heh okay.
    Calim Gorn:Even if he’s actually right it’s not like he’s going to accomplish anything by himself
    Hachikomaru:what season is it? winter wasnt it?
    Calim Gorn:So I mean if Tharian really wants to chase some insane theory about the Aquum version of Aylanae then he’s going to have to dump a lot more resources into this, and I doubt he’s going to want to do that
    DM:Yeah winter in the northern hemisphere
    Hachikomaru:well where we are
    is that northern hemi?
    DM:heh okay.. you send out the transmission using the Goin code.
    And yeah you’re in the northern hemisphere.
    Calim risks this vital information falling into the hands of Illuvian spies….
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Yeah Hamidar is probably intercepting it all
    Good thing he didn’t come along, Darien would have flipped
    heh if you want we can do geralts tour now… or we can just do that next time
    Calim Gorn:Heh, I’m okay to do it now if G is
    DM:heh.. just wnted to do the mad scientist bit :P
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Yeah not sure how tired G is right now.
    And it’s getting kinda late.
    Hachikomaru:I’ll go forage during the day for some fish or something or other food, and bring back to feed Hekima
    dont know what the fuck they eat here
    prolly earthworm stew
    Calim Gorn:
    DM:They got some fish, and animal meas and stuff… I mean they eat some decent stuff here.
    They got farming and such, druidically enhanced crops.
    Young Geralt:yeah, i should probaly head to bed soon
    Hachikomaru:I’ll try to keep her warm with the fluff in the meantime till i can get her some warmer clothes
    DM:heh okay we’ll stop here and do the tour next time. Herlock can maybe go on it too. heh.
    Young Geralt:can do this next time if going to take a while



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