The forest kingdom of the Empire of Aylanae.

General Information

Yt (pronounced Yee-et) is a forested land of ancient druidic customs and magics on the continent of Yindae. It is home to shapechangers such as werewolves and all manner of beasts, both mundane and wondrous. Its forests hold many ancient sites of power and ruins.

Yt is sparsely populated, with scattered villages and townships. Its rulership is based around several clans.

Yt is also known for the abundance of druidic spellcasters among them.

Some also still follow the old ways, worshipping the earth demons in secret. While the empire forbids this, given the spread out nature of Yt and the secrecy of these cults, they are more widespread than the empire would like to believe. These cults wish an alliance with Tinigath and to banish the empire of Aylanae from Yt.

Also, another aspect which Yt is known for (and of which makes it interesting to many in the empire) is an abundance of rich mines. There is a wealth of gold, silver, iron and gemstones beneath the vast mountainous regions of Yt.

Due to its druidic roots, Yt does not embrace magitech, and save for the few bits that the empire brings with it, its nation does not have the improvement of Magitech inventions such as railroads, and it has very few Aela Communicators.


Yt is ruled by a council of clan chieftains. Each year their official thronehold cycles around the clans for fairness, with the title usually going to the chieftain or sometimes a chosen champion to represent the clan (usually Imbued). It is however considered to be very offensive for the thronehold to act without getting the approval of the clans. This ensures that Yt’s political process is a slow one indeed.

Other titles follow the following hierarchy.

Clans of Yt

The clans are in order of who gains thronehold status in the order.

  1. Minotaur Clan
  2. Hydra Clan
  3. Moon Eagle Clan
  4. Wolfheart Clan
  5. Sun Clan

Attitudes of the People

The people of Yt are generally a peaceful lot, and it is difficult to draw them into war.

The people of Yt are also a divided people, as the clans still do not like each other, working together only when absolutely necessary due to devotion to the empire.

Joining the Empire

Yt joined the empire in the year 704, when the great dragon Sydarir awoke from its slumber beneath the earth and tried to claim most of what is now the kingdom as its own. This prompted a union of the clans of Yt, and finally a decision to request imperial aid to finally slay the beast.


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