Vennetian High Magic

Practitioner Name: Sorcerer

A form of magic who draws its origin in Venn, Vennetian High magic is Mana-based and is centered around the 16 High Syllables, which are a codification of many druidic arts. Vennetian high magic cuts out many of the freeform druidic magics, primarily the shapeshifting. It also adds a few elements from Fey Magic to incorporate its illusion syllable.

Many consider it the height of human magic, simply because of its versatility.

Practitioners of this art do not revere nature as do the druids, though natural elements like plants, staves and wands are still used in the magic.

Vennetian High Magic is practiced heavily in Daelan, and exists to some degree around the nation of Ronen, though is generally discouraged by the empire of Aylanae, since it is a magic that mundane men use, not the Imbued.

Schools of Magic

Vennetian High magic focuses around four schools (each of which have 4 high syllables).

Spiritualism: The school of spirit is one of divination and also animating objects. Giving life to a golem and scrying are examples of spells from the school of Spirit.

Sorcery: The school of sorcery is one of energy. It has four basic components: Prime (magical energy force capable of creating concussive force), Fire, Anti-Mana (used for dispelling) and Lightning. Sorcery is all about channeling and creating that energy.

Projection: An art based around the mind and drawing it out into reality. It contains illusions, conjured objects and at its highest level, conjured creatures. It should be noted that projection does not include any charms, enchantments or thought reading. Projection is all about bringing the imagination of the caster into reality.

Imbuing: The art of placing magical energy into an object or creature to produce a long lasting effect. This generally has to do with magic to enhance physical attributes, though it can also include curses to hinder or weaken a subject as well.

What it can’t do

  • Teleportation
  • Mind control/mind reading
  • Form altering magic (growth/ morph/transform, etc). Note that it can produce shapechange via illusions. It just can’t physically alter a body’s shape.
  • Altering memories
  • Alter Luck or Destiny
  • Cannot create or transform objects into true gold, steel, gemstones or other objects. While such copies may seem difficult to detect by the naked eye, any kind of sensing magic or analytic sense will show them as frauds.
  • Cure the effects of Earth Rot.
  • Flight rank is capped at Power level / 4 (rounded up).

Unique powers

Vennetian High Magic is the only magical art (at least among Aela and Mana arts) capable of temporarily summoning monsters.

Vennetian High Magic

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