A race that draws its ancient origin from the very ancient kingdom of Venn. The Venn are now the most prosperous race in Ronen and are a rather mixed race. The Venn have spread across most of the land, being relatively common around most of the continents, save the lands of Makoro and Saidai-Taiyou, where foreigners are not as accepted.

Venn are not united much as a race, as they are so widespread and do not relate much with their racial identity. They also bear many of mixed blood, as they have freely mingled with many of the other races.


Venn tend to have black, brown or red hair and dark eyes. Many have tanned or dark skin. The Venn height tends to vary widely.

Venn first names

It’s not common for Venn to borrow names from other cultures that they happen to have grown up in, especially Venn of mixed blood. The names listed below are more traditional Venn names, and even then many of them are borrowed from other cultures along the way.

Venn names have a common prefix, a separate suffix for male and female and a “Bridge letter” that is used if the prefix ends in a vowel. The bridge letters are, b, r, s and t.


Acas- Gale- Adrian- Gregor-
Adron- Helen- Aet- Heracl-
Allat- Honor- Alex- Jul-
Anasta- Justin- Angel- Leo-
Anthem- Luc- Arcad- Maxim-
Aster- Oliv- Belisa- Petron-
Bessar- Phaid- Callin- Pulcher-
Callis- Roman- Constan- Stefan-
Demet- Taras- Diocle- Theo-
Eudoc- Theodo- Euse- Valen-
Fab- Vanya- Flav- Xen-
Gabr- Zen- Galat-
Male Suffix Female Suffix
(none) -a
-es -ia
-ian -iana
-ic -ica
-iel -iela
-ine -ina
-inius -inia
-io -ira
-ites -ita

Family Names

Venn family names have prefixes, one to three middle syllables, a possible bridge letter and then a suffix.


Acin- Jow- Acro- Kara-
Anton- Kant- Blas- Kel-
Can- Kor- Cata- Las-
Cerul- Meto- Chrys- Nice-
Com- Os- Daphno- Paph-
Glan- Paphla- Hala- Pe-
Hy- Pro-

Middle Syllables

av pat cal phor
car pol chi rak
cuz rig del ta
dyn tar gen ter
mei them nen tri
olo yro

Bridge Letters

b, k, o, r, s t v x y


(none) -it -an -ites
-arius -itos -enzes -ium
-ian -ius -ic -um
-in -opolus -ion -os
-ios -thus -is -zenus


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