The magic kingdom

General Information

Tinigath is a land of varied wilderness terrain, similar to Yt, though even more so than its neighbor, Tinigath is home to intelligent beasts and magical monsters, where humanity is the minority. Like Yt, Tinigath is very spread out, with small settlements scattered about. This lack of military targets makes it difficult to launch attacks from the air.

It is considered by many to be the heart of Mana, as many druidic ley lines of power run through the kingdom. Tinigath rejects the magitech of the empire, and is a natural place (some would say a place unspoiled by the empire).

In terms of religion, Tinigath’s residents practice both Ancient Druidic and worship of the Earth Demons. Tinigath, like Yt, is rich in mines, of course Aylanae is unable to capitalize on this due to the strong Earth Demon presence.

Tinigath’s military is composed primary of spellcasters and magical beasts. Wyverns, Hydras, and other terrifying beasts are common in Tinigath, and there are rumors of more than a few Dragons that make their home there.


Tinigath is a collection of clans and tribes, similar to its neighbor Yt, though in Tinigath, there is no central authority. Though one thing Tinigath can agree on is that the empire of Aylanae is a bad thing. There are rumors of the Fallen rising to positions of leadership among the tribes and clans of Tinigath.

Tinigath is also rather war-like with lots of in-fighting between their factions.

Attitudes of the People

Tinigath’s residents are an independent lot, and due to the abundance of intelligent magical creatures, has many rather alien viewpoints. As a whole, they can agree that the empire of Aylanae and its Imbued are the enemy, though many see the people of Yt as misguided friends trapped in the enemy’s thrall. They all share a hatred of Magitech, Ronen and Rahseld.


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