Sydarir Dispute

After the dragon Sydarir was slain in the year 704, a dispute arose over who truly slew him. Those who laid claim to the deed were.

Tarasian Acinavo, a Magitech Knight of Northern Ronen
Aranus Orun, Champion of House Orun
Goro Oshiro, Warrior of Makoro

House Orun was more or less a neutral party and the acknowledgement of Aranus as the dragonslayer was am important accomplishment and honor for the warrior lords, and any who rejected his claim was sure to gain the enmity of the house for a long time. Considering the House was generally unaligned in Rahseld politics, it would be a mistake to push them one way or the other, so the lords of Rahseld generally supported Aranus Orun’s claim to the title.

Meanwhile, the Daimyos supported Goro Oshiro, even holding a celebration for him in Makoro, proclaiming him the dragonslayer. And Tarasian Acinavo was proclaimed the dragonslayer in Ronen. Each side was holding their own campaign to promote their man, and the story as to who slew the dragon was in constant dispute.

After a vote of the Imperial Council, the vote was awarded to Aranus Orun, much to the displeasure of the entirety of Ronen and newly added Makoro.

The dispute did not end there however. The already upset and frequently disrespected Ronen tried to turn the newly recruited Daimyos against the houses of Rahseld. There were even secret talks of rebellion.

The lords of Rahseld were no fools and could see which way things were going, so to try to curtail possible revolt, they decided to name Goro Oshiro another Daimyo of Makoro, making it four Daimyos total in honor of his bravery in battle. This appeasement ended the disagreement in Makoro as their hero was being honored, even if he didn’t formally get credited with being a dragon slayer.

Ronen, as usual, got the short end of the stick. Tarasian Acinavo was decried as having nothing to do with the battle, and further, the Acinavo family were determined to be traitors for trying to incite rebellion in the empire. The non-imbued members were put to death, and Tarasian was sentenced to MindDeath.

This naturally left a bad taste in the mouth of the people of Ronen as many felt that the empire made a hero into a traitor. The truth was never uncovered. It was suspected by some that the Acinavo family engineered the entire thing to try to provoke a revolt, and this theory was later “confirmed” by the Daelan Revolution.

Sydarir Dispute

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