Rules Changelog

Aylanae Rules Modifications

3.1 (6-14-2018)

  • Senses were redone again.
  • Concealment altered to support new sense changes. Also allows for area concealment effects like smoke grenades.
  • Vehicle crew modifier changed around to be free but require a crew.

3.0 (10-27-2017)

Major Build Changes

  • Added ability to directly modify base attack bonus, this adds a +1 to both ranged and close attack bonuses, at a cost of 1 point.
  • Dodge and parry are combined into a single “Dodge” defense, whose base is derived by adding both agility and fighting. Increasing this defense by +1 costs 1 point.
  • Alternate effects cost 1 point per 10 points the alternate effect is worth (rounded up). So a 15 pt alt would be worth 2 pts (instead of 1). Dynamic alts cost 1 point per 5 points in the dynamic effect.
  • In accordance with raising the value of Alternate effects, the Variable effect was also raised in cost from 7 pts per rank to 8 pts per rank.
  • Close Attack advantage now grants a +2 modifier, Ranged attack advantage has been removed (raise base attack instead).
  • Benefit (Wealthy) has been removed and replaced with a whole new Wealth System
  • Evasion’s ability has changed, it now enables you to potentially totally avoid area attacks on a good roll, though no longer grants a bonus.
  • The dodge DC for Area attacks is now calculated via your attack bonus, and not just the rank of the power.
  • You can now buy the powerful modifier for effects, allowing the effect to transcend the normal power level cap. This one will be carefully watched for abuse and is an experiment of sorts. It may or may not remain in future updates.
  • Area effects can now have their areas increased at a flat +3 per rank, instead of forcing you to take the area modifier multiple times.
  • Senses received a major overhaul in how they’re handled. X-ray senses, pre and post-cognition abilities moved to Remote Sensing power. Danger sense made into its own power. The Concealment effect was also changed to reflect the modifications to senses.
  • Remote Sensing was overhauled.
  • Being Dazed confers a -2 penalty to ALL attacks, though this penalty doesn’t stack with the penalty from charging.
  • Vehicle costs have been changed. In many cases this makes certain vehicles cheaper.
  • Minions are now slightly tougher, able to be staggered and stunned for one round from a 1 degree failure from a damage effect instead of outright dropped.

Minor Changes

  • Added prohibition to using the following effects while dazed: burrowing, permeate, wall-crawling, water-walking, teleport.
  • Flight speed granted is now equal to rank -1.
  • Teleport distance is now equal to rank -1.
  • Athletics Skill: The speed boost via running only applies when you use your standard action to move, allowing you to move an extra zone.
  • Contacts advantage has been replaced by streetwise (a new similar advantage)
  • Connected advantage now requires that you choose a faction.
  • Defensive roll’s critical negation ability can also negate bonus damage from multiattack.
  • Eidetic memory has been given 2 separate ranks, generally rank 1 is sufficient for most characters with good memory. Though Di crystals now have rank 2.
  • The Unerring modifier replaced the Perception modifier for adding auto-hit capability to an effect. Perception may no longer be taken, but remains for powers that have it by default.
  • The “Money on hand” benefit has been added to represent having wealth on hand, this is scaled to your wealth level.
  • Rule for breaching cover has been officially codified (this was always sort of the unofficial way I ran it).
  • Disarm action no longer uses opposed roll and now is a simple resistance check, making it more normal for the system.
  • The escape action was changed somewhat.
  • Distracting flaw can now be taken by anyone, though low dodge characters will be made defenseless instead of vulnerable.
  • Di crystals gain the new Eidetic memory at rank 2.
  • Di crystal golems work differently now, they are now priced as small vehicles, instead of as a separate character. Essentially you buy the crystal as a pilot.
  • Shapeable area effects have been removed. Nobody wants to deal with complex engineering problems involving cubic feet.
  • The varied array modifier was renamed to versatile array. It was also made slightly cheaper as it no longer considers alt powers in its cost.
  • Defensive Roll now only loses half its effect when vulnerable instead of all its bonuses.
  • Danger Sense was removed from senses and made into an advantage. It also replaces uncanny dodge (which became 1 rank of danger sense).


  • Bennies can now be used to force a reroll on a critical hit, forcing a Pathfinder-style critical confirmation roll.
  • Defensive Roll advantage no longer grants an initiative boost, instead it grants the equivalent of free bennies used only to reroll critical hits (this is in addition to its usual toughness boost).
  • Hero points may now be used to force an enemy to reroll an attack roll against you.
  • The Ultimate Effort advantage now requires that your base bonus be high for your power level. For instance, no ultimate toughness on squishy characters, or ultimate aim on poor accuracy characters. (See Rules Changes for the specifics)


  • Added Ruling for Eidetic Memory and using untrained skills.



  • The new Resistance power was added to replace the old Limited Protection in terms of an effect to exceed PL caps on defense.
  • Descriptor Tiers were redone, lots of descriptors had their values and significance reduced.
  • Immunity was prepriced to reflect the new ability tiers.
  • The “temporary” modifier in the healing effect was modified and clarified.


  • Power stunts now grant +2 ranks instead of +5 points for ease of math.
  • NPCs may no longer take the luck advantage, however they now have 1-2 hero points for use.
  • The dazed status condition now prevents turning insubstantial, permeating through solids, and burrowing without leaving a tunnel, cutting off other means of easy escapes when a battle is turning against you.


  • Tiring flaw may no longer be combined with Unreliable (limited uses).


  • Regeneration power now uses a different mechanic. This is mostly to make lower ranked regeneration feel more useful, and also to eliminate the confusion of what happens with rank 6-9 regeneration.
  • Defensive Roll had its armor restriction removed, now it’s a flat +1 to initiative per rank.
  • Deflect power was capped at parry defense. This was always sort of the case, as deflect is used “in place of an active defense”, but I never directly spelled it out.

Changes from Version 1

  • Alternate rules from the gadget guide are being used for inventor, ritualist and artificer
  • Immortality is limited to one use, then the points must be reallocated.
  • Presence no longer gives a free skill rank per point.
  • Death rolls rules change became less complex. Now behaves similar to how all my other death rolls worked.
  • Limited skills were largely removed (mostly due to the amount of space they took up in house rules to explain).
  • Lethal damage rules were greatly simplified.
  • Limited Protections that transcend the PL cap now cost more.
  • Each rank in defensive roll no longer grants a bonus to dodging area attacks, but now grants a bonus to initiative.
  • with the change to Def Roll, the evasion advantage was re-added, it behaves as it appears in the book.
  • Multiattack is back to its book cost (+1 cost per rank)
  • Great fortitude, Rapid Fire, Combat Mastery and Iron will advantages were removed.
  • The Persistent Extra was removed.
  • Alternate Vehicle Rules were moved to their own file.

Aylanae 1.0

Revision 12

  • Healing power was reworked. It’s DCs are now lower consistently, but it starts by healing wounds as opposed to removing the staggered condition first. This makes it more reliable but less powerful when it succeeds.
  • Immunity costs were altered somewhat.
  • Partial concealment changed up a bit to be more in line with existing rules.
  • Tracking was removed from a sensory effect and just made purely an advantage. It’s a cost break for people with multiple tracking senses.
  • Senses in general received a bit of an overhaul, which should grant some cost breaks in a few areas. Specifically to characters with multiple special senses.

Revision 11

  • The close attack and ranged attack advantages (which previously gave proficiency in attack forms) have been removed. All characters now have proficiency, and if you wish to be inept with a weapon or category of weapons, you can take it as a complication. The DM may however give you penalties for non-familiarity if you for instance have no vehicle skill and try to fire the weapons on a Magitech armor.
  • A ruling regarding fatigue and continuous power usage has been added to the rulings section.
  • The cost increase on improved critical advantage was removed. It was returned to its original cost of 1 point.
  • The prior change to Impervious is reverted and instead Impervious defenses can now opt to “take 10” on any resistance roll, though this must be chosen before the dice are rolled. They still grant their standard benefit.
  • Penetrating was toned down. It no longer grants double its rank in penetrating power.
  • Sleight of Hand skill returned for simplicity so that the skills match those in the rulebook (except for the combat skills which are still removed).
  • The Limited Penetrating flaw was removed. Not a big deal since nobody took it anyway.
  • The sense power was slightly revised. Dual sense is now simply a modifier to a sense like ranged or extended. Danger sense was also made into its own new sense type (this makes it somewhat more expensive). Penetrating sense’s wording had it revised somewhat.
  • The subtle extra has been changed around a bit, it’s been reworded.
  • The concealment power has been rewritten. Instead of working against sense type, it now actually conceals a given aspect of your presence (such as your heat, or your ability to seen by visible light). The sense type used is now irrelevant. This follows common sense better.
  • The cost of invisibility has been tweaked in accordance with the new concealment power.
  • The dazed status condition was made a bit more serious, and it’s now harder to retreat while dazed (and by extension staggered).
  • Rules for acceleration were added, such that fast characters take a round to get up to top speed.

Revision 10

  • The dexterity stat has been removed. Agility now handles all its old skills (such as Vehicles).
  • All attack rolls (ranged or close) are now keyed off the fighting stat.
  • The combat mastery advantage has returned, giving a +1 bonus to all attack rolls. Limited forms of attack bonuses have been abolished entirely (as they never really qualified for the 50% usefulness that a limited effect should have).
  • The close and ranged attack advantages have been reworked, they now function similar to D&D proficiencies. The end result is that mixing close and ranged attack is now much cheaper. Attacking with an ability you don’t have proficiency with takes a -5 penalty.
  • Sleight of hand has been lumped into the stealth skill.

Revision 9 (This is a big one)

  • Limiting Deception skill to lying only has been reduced to quirk level for this campaign as opposed to a true limited 1 as the majority of use for that skill tends to be lying in Aylanae since it’s not the standard superhero game.
  • Combat Mastery advantage was removed. You must now take Close Attack/ Ranged Attack again as normal in the core rules.
  • Accurate extra was nerfed to only grant +1 to hit instead of +2.
  • Especially broad powers (generally spellcasting arrays) now requires the Varied Array Extra (which was a newly created modifier).
  • The Spellcasting Flaw was added to represent verbal and somatic gestures. This cancels out the modifier for varied array, so you can take a spellcasting array at effectively base cost.
  • Vehicles now effectively get Agile for free, thus you may use your piloting bonus to boost their defenses.
  • Reach extra now grants a benefit for close combat.
  • Added two new advantages: Great Fortitude and Iron Will, to encourage more diverse fort/will scores.
  • Multi-attack’s cost has been reduced to a flat 5 points.
  • Improved Critical Advantage now costs double (2 points per rank)
  • The Charge-Up drawback was added to reflect powerful attacks that need to be charged.
  • Senses rules have been redone, mostly for clarity.
  • Ability scores now add double their rating to their key skills. So a 4 agility will be a +8 to agility based skills. This is skill checks only, not attack rolls, effect ranks.
  • You now get 3 skill ranks instead of 2 per point spent on skills.
  • Combat skills were removed, instead just take limited flaw on close attack and ranged attack advantages (this is so that they didn’t become too easy to get combat bonuses with the increased skill ranks). Attack rolls and skill checks are different things now.
  • The subtle modifier was slightly tweaked to have more levels. Overall this makes it a cost increase.
  • Mind reading has been redone to be simpler and require less extraneous rolls.
  • Communication power was changed to a 1-3 point feature. Using mental communication was made its own power called Telepathy.
  • Armor piercing was removed as a new modifier and simply became replaced the penetrating modifier (though at double effectiveness than before). This was purely a name based change since an armor piercing mind blast sounds odd when breaching impervious will.
  • Impervious was buffed up.
  • Noticeable requires a power worth at least 5 points to be made noticeable to get a cost benefit. Anything less than that is just a complication.
  • Quirk price reduction was changed such that they give back -1 points per 5 points of the power. Effectively making them a lesser version of limited. It makes quirk pricing less beneficial for weak powers, and more beneficial for high cost powers.
  • Takedown advantage and Multi-attack had their potential synergy reduced.
  • Costs for Immunity have been redone to be less of a price cut compared to limited defenses, and you’re free to take them now at the increased cost. Hopefully this will cut down all the requests for taking immunity on characters.
  • A new modifier called persistent was added, which allows a sustained power to persist a few extra rounds after you stop concentrating on it. Useful should you get stunned and don’t want to lose your force field.
  • Campaign cap for ground speed, quickness, flight and so on was altered. It is now tied to power level. The new guidelines are:
    Burrowing: Max speed capped at PL/3 (round up).
    Flight: Max flight speed is rank PL-2.
    Quickness: Max ranks capped at PL/2 (round up). Exceptions may apply.
    Speed: Max ground speed rank capped at character PL-2.
    Swimming: Max swim speed rank capped at character PL-2.
    Leaping: Max leaping rank capped to character PL-2.

Revision 8

  • Senses have been revised to be more self explanatory.
  • Immobile affliction was moved from tier 2 to tier 1.
  • Hindered affliction was made a simple +1 flat point add-on.

Revision 7

  • Lethal damage is now a descriptor instead of a 0 cost extra.
  • Lethal damage was reworked such that Imbued don’t normally suffer lasting effects from it unless they take a specific complication.
  • Power stunts with a duration of instantaneous no longer last for a scene, instead they gain a bonus 5 character points to build and also temporarily increase the PL cap.

Revision 6

  • Rules for limited expertise skills were added.
  • DC for resurrection healing was altered somewhat, now using the same scaling DC of the main healing skill and requiring 2 degrees of success.
  • It is now slightly easier to heal lethal damage, as it only blocks a retry on a failure by 2 degrees or more. One can still use extra effort to retry.
  • Rules for dying were revised somewhat.

Revision 5

  • Second chance advantage had some minor alterations.
  • Tiers of Limited protection were changed.
  • Aela Cannon on Shiadar combat armor now is only area damage 6, but targets fortitude instead of toughness.
  • The dazed condition now grants a -2 penalty to all close attacks. This does not stack with the penalty from charge, effectively you’re always charging. This saves the need to declare that you’re stepping back from a dazed opponent to force the charge.
  • Multiple unreliable effects within the same array use the same pool of 5 uses, instead of having 5 uses each.

Revision 4

  • Agile no longer costs extra on a vehicle.
  • Mecha repriced such that Aela communicator is now a 1 pt feature.

Revision 3

  • Added the new Throw action.
  • Move Object (due to a reinterpretation) now works on creatures as well as objects.
  • Removed the thrown and knocked back afflictions. Knockback for melee attacks can be represented via a linked/ limited (only for knockback) move object effect that is resisted by toughness (the same toughness roll to resist the damage).

Revision 2

  • Indirect has been rewritten
  • Presence now grants a free skill rank per rank of presence
  • Dexterity now adds to initiative along with Agility
  • Continuous effects can no longer be put into arrays, however its cost has been reduced to a flat +1.
  • Create and Transform gained an instantaneous modifier that costs +1 cost per rank to allow them to be put into arrays. Thus if you had continuous create or transform, it now becomes instantaneous at no change in cost.

Revision 1

  • Defensive roll now grants a +1 bonus to dodge area effects in addition to its normal benefit.
  • Evasion advantage has been removed, as Defensive roll has absorbed its prior usage.
  • Various ground movement modes (Slithering, sure-footed, wall crawling, etc) were moved to ground speed power as modifiers (with cost reductions).
  • Clarification: After some research, it appears that unreliable (5 uses) abilities can be added to arrays that don’t contain other elements with this. This isn’t a formal rules change so much as a misunderstanding I had with the system. But I wanted everyone to be aware of that, since I had told people different things prior.
  • I’ve removed the nerf to Accurate modifier on a power. It now grants +2 to accuracy as stated in the book.
  • A new advantage “Combat mastery” has been added. It effectively absorbs Close Attack and Ranged attack and rolls them into one, granting a +1 bonus to all attack rolls per rank (restricted by caps as usual).
  • Low penetration (new flaw) was changed such that it’s possible someone may want to take it now.
  • Added ability to take 2 afflictions of a lower tier instead of 1 on the standard tier.
  • Lethal damage rules were altered with added bits making healing and regeneration more difficult.
  • Regeneration is now unbanned.
  • Healing powers no longer require the unreliable modifier (though note the change to the lethal damage rules).

Rules Changelog

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