Ronen Senate


1.High Senator Gale Propolios (Capital District)
2.Senator Vanyina Nicemeithus ( Two Rivers District)
3. Pulcherio Hyolosion (Stoneheart District)
4. Adron Kortarian (Green District)
5. Jasvox Lza Zorpree (South District)
6. Fabitus Hydrarius (Blackforge District)
7. ??? (Frontier District)


Senators adorn themselves in crimson togas when the Ronen senate is in session, and for most official business.

High Senator

The people of Ronen would prefer to have rule be conducted purely via democratic vote of their senate, however the law of Aylanae requires that their kingdom have a singular thronehold, to whom they assign the title High Senator. Officially, the high senator has no more powers than any other senator, but due to the high senator’s influence in imperial politics this tends to be true only on paper.

Military Force

The senate commands the Ronen military, though the military itself is nothing more than a set of extended contracts with the Guild of Swords whereby mercenary soldiers can be immediately hired to defend Ronen.

Since this process is often slow, the Senate has a small fighting force of its own, called the Myrmidons, that serve senate interests alone.

Ronen Senate

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