A plains and river kingdom of the Empire of Aylanae that exists mostly in the content of Balaras and partly on the continent of Yindae.

General Information

Ronen is the most populous of the kingdoms of the empire, having the most citizens and largest of cities. It is a hub of trade with its many port cities, and is the naval power of Aylanae.

Rulership and Government of Ronen

The main national laws for Ronen are cast by the Ronen Senate, while regional laws are determined by the mayors.

The actual process of Ronen’s elected officials is somewhat complicated. Each city state (including surrounding region) elects a Mayor via popular vote of that region. Each voting district elects a Senator (of which there are 7 total). The senators then cast their vote on a high senator. All these votes occur every 5 years, on years ending with a 4 or 9.

The Great Guilds

Some say the true power in Ronen is in the Great Guilds, originally unions of craftsmen, the guilds expanded to be strong mercantile enterprises similar to corporations, with individual guild members owning guildshares. The original intent of most guilds has been largely lost due to guilds branching off into all manner of commercial enterprises, so it’s not uncommon to find inns run by the Guild of Swords for instance. The guilds generally follow the same hierarchy.

Artificer’s Guild
Guild of Swords
Shipwright’s Guild
Farmer’s Guild

Major Cities of Ronen

Other Sites in Ronen

Attitudes of the People

The people of Ronen are a hard working lot, believing that with enough perseverance, they can build up their own strong empire. Their beliefs in equality of man generally put them at odds with the other kingdoms and the empire itself, as they generally feel that Rahseld gets too many perks and benefits, more so than their kindgom. They also tend to distrust the Imbued as a whole, due to the image that they’re superior to the common man and stand against the ideals of Ronen.

Still, the people of Ronen have prospered under the magitech developments of the empire, so many have come to accept it, at least partly, realizing the good it has brought. Still many are distrustful of the imperial government, especially the rule by Imbued.

Special Laws

Here in Ronen, there is a freedom of speech, in that dissident speech is not a crime that can be punished (at least not legally). It is common for the people to get news from Bards, a type of freelance journalist.

Further, the accused are given the right to a trial by jury. There is a presumption of innocent (at least in theory), and guilt must be found by a preponderance of the evidence.

Other Notable Factions

Before the Empire

Ronen was once known as the Free Lands, a place that had stripped itself of nobility and titles, where any man could earn his own worth through accomplishment. During the Crimson War, in the year 253, where the old kingdom of Cien broke apart. In its place was formed the Free Lands, the first democracy of the world.


The fashions of Ronen are rather varied and plentiful, as the kingdom encourages people to experiment and express themselves (and of course buy the latest new fashions). As such clothing seems to go in and out of style rapidly in Ronen, and it isn’t uncommon for its aristocracy to try out all manner of fashions from all over the empire, as well as creating their own.

Fashion in the guilds tends to be a typical suit and tie.

However, Ronen adheres to old traditions with many of its political and judicial offices. Magistrates of Ronen adorn themselves with white wigs, and wear a white robe. Senators adorn themselves in crimson togas when the Ronen senate is in session, and for most official business.


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