Basic Description

A great kingdom on the continent of Dracos built upon mostly plains, Rahseld was The first kingdom of the Empire of Aylanae, it joined into the hands of Aylanae during the Rebirth War. It’s is home to many ancient noble houses, which form a feudal hierarchy. The people of Rahseld are a proud people, many would say arrogant, as they consider themselves the most important kingdom in all of the empire.

Rahseld is the most wealthy of the kingdoms, having the most mines of precious metals and gemstones. Over 60% of the world’s gold and precious gems come from Rahseld.

Rahseld also possesses a formidable array of magitech devices, having integrated them the most into their society. They favor airship over simple naval vessel, and their military is equipped with knights in magitech combat armor.

Rahseld is also the seat of much political strife, as the various noble houses struggle for favor. While united as one kingdom, the houses are ambitious indeed, each seeking the throne of Rahseld for their own.


Its current Thronehold is Queen Cheisa Toress.

The thronehold is passed on to members of a given House, and currently House Toress holds that position and thus its primary Matriarch holds the title of queen.

Major Cities

Thenn Rothano Gorinheim
Alara Chemander Lordarm
Irdrae Lothos Elindor
Vesa Korlar Ashara
Jarek Eisenburg

Noble Houses of Rahseld

Rahseld is ruled by a series of noble houses. These are the great houses, the strongest and most influential. Rahseld uses the following basic hierarchy for each house.

Lesser Houses of Note


The fashions of Rahseld differ by area and controlling house. The Toress areas prefer a victorian or renaissance style to them, while House Gorn and Orun prefer more classic medieval looks. House Zanyz and Garaz are more of a blending of various fashions, trying everything, with new fashions and fads coming in and out each season.


Defenders of Aylanae Nekonekosachi