Basic Information

An island kingdom, off the coast of Sekai, currently a part of the Empire of Aylanae. Makoro is a land of warriors with a long legacy of skill and conquest. Makoro was formed in the year 690 after the Daimyo’s Revolt.

Makoro’s soldiers fight for the empire loyally, though the nation as a whole has not been accepting of magitech, instead preferring to mix Aylanae’s magic with the old spirit magics and channeling of ki energy to produce powerful sorcerers and warriors.

Makoro is also home to many magical humanoid creatures that live on many of the less densely populated islands. These includes creatures such as Kitsune and Tengu. It is a land of wonder, bearing many spiritual entities and various innocent (mostly) fairy creatures.


Makoro is ruled by four Daimyos, who each rule a province in the kingdom. Lesser feudal lords are often left to rule individual towns and villages. The four provinces are named for the largest city in them which serves as their capital. The current thronehold of Makoro is Takashi Oshiro.

The four provinces are:
Ikiyo Province (ruled by Mamoru Yuudai)
Orama Province (ruled by Ryuu Makenki)
Ukonate Province (ruled by Takashi Oshiro)
Oroyu Province (ruled by Sora Yoshinori)

The Thronehold of Makoro generally passes down to a son of the rulers choice (generally the best warrior), however it can be challenged by any daimyo through the rite of Charenji.

The Gozoku

The Gozoku are Makoro’s name for their noble families. This generally uses the last name of the family. Also see Makoro Titles.

Entrance into the Empire

Once Makoro was part of the greater nation of Saidai-Taiyou. However when offered entrance into the empire the lesser Daimyos revolted against the Shogun, siding with the Empire of Aylanae. These daimyos saw the potential of the imbued and their only requests were imbued of their own and the ability to preserve their customs.

Places of Interest

• The Hebi-Kuran, (the Order of the Serpent)

Special Customs of Makoro

Makoro is a land of strict tradition and customs. Sometimes these can get in the way of the power of the imbued.

Rites of Makoro

Makoro has a series of rites, special challenges that can be issued to others in specific circumstances. Due to the agreement with Aylanae, what happens during the legitimate execution of these rites is not subject to Aylanae and Makoro law. If a man is murdered during a rite for instance, it is not considered a crime. These rites are also shared with Saidai-Taiyou, and are used as a means to avert all out war.


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