While the official language of the empire is Honath, that doesn’t mean all other languages are not in existence. In fact, a handful of languages are still rather common around the world.

Honath: The official language of The Empire of Aylanae, Honath was a language that found its root in Rahseld. Not entirely surprising as the Empire itself began in Rahseld. While the language has become the common tongue, there are many who prefer other tongues.

Awen: Known by some as ‘river speak’, Awen is the native language of Ronen. The people of Daelan also speak a dialect of Awen called Awuer.

Yedra: Also known as the Elder tongue and ‘beast speak’, Yedra is a language spoken in both Yt and Tinigath.

Taiyou: Native Language of Makoro and Saidai-Taiyou.

Ancient Languages

Adare: Language of the creatures of Oceans.

Vorr: Language of the Earth Demons.

Echant: Known to most as elvish, The majority of the old script of Aylanae is in Echant, though there are several dialects. Only dedicated researchers truly bother to study them.


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