In Defenders of Aylanae, you’ll play the role of an Imbued, a high-ranking member of the empire of Aylanae. You will be starting out with your training and thus will be young. You will begin your training as effectively children, somewhere between 8-12 and end your training as young adults in the 17-20 range. As an Imbued, you are also part of a faction.

The Empire of Aylanae

The empire of Aylanae is a human-created empire that bases itself off ancient discovered elven technology (or more precisely magitech). Magitech allows for the creation of fantastic vehicles like flying airships, powered armor and rifles that shoot flame or lightning. More precisely it opens up the possibility of manufacturing these objects on a larger scale.

The empire is a combination of separate nations which it absorbed. These nations are now called kingdoms, and are part of the empire as a whole. The four kingdoms that are part of the empire are: Rahseld, Ronen, Makoro and Yt.

Contrary to its name, there isn’t an emperor, at least not yet. Governance is instead handled primarily by a council of representatives from each of the kingdoms, each with a varying amount of power.

What is an Imbued?

You can read all about Imbued by clicking the link (and you probably should at some point), but here’s the short version.

1. An Imbued is a magically enhanced being that is created through a mystical process by which they are altered in the womb.
2. Giving birth to an imbued kills the mother if she herself is not also imbued.
3. Only three Imbued can be created per year, meaning only children of important people get Imbued.
4. Imbued are the only known beings capable of using Aela a form of magical energy associated with elemental air.
5. Imbued have a variety of powers that evolve as they grow. The powers vary from individual to individual and some unlucky few get very little powers. All Imbued are harder to kill than an average mortal and able to heal wounds rapidly. Some can regenerate faster than others. (This is reflected simply in the base M&M rules assuming most major characters are hard to kill).
6. All imbued are required to swear an oath of fealty to the empire.
7. Imbuement is not a genetic trait and the children of Imbued are not themselves Imbued solely by genetics.


As an Imbued, you’re also part of a faction. This is because creating Imbued require resources to create and are very limited in number. The empire doesn’t want to simply create one frivolously. This means your character is related in some way to someone with power and influence enough to get you Imbued. For PCs I’ve created a list of Playable Factions. It’s not 100% exhaustive and if you have an idea for a character from another group, I may consider it, but you should definitely start here.

While Imbued (at least in theory) serve the empire as defenders, they also have ties to their faction, and it’s not uncommon for the interests of a faction to conflict with the interests of the empire as a whole.

So what is this story about?

This campaign will feature combat, but it will also feature political intrigue. It’s advisable that your character have some skills beyond killing things or you will probably find yourself quite bored. In addition to basic combat, you’ll find yourself speaking with nobility, trying to juggle delicate political issues, and potentially attending weddings (possibly even your own).

Also note that some of the details of the recent history will be morphic to fit your character in with the group. Essentially arranging alliances such that your characters (who are likely from different factions) have reason to work together.


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