House Orun

Symbol: A brown bear’s head over a black background. The bear has red eyes and teeth.
Home City: Korlar
Vassal Houses: House Estrel, House Voth, House Vernus
Grand Duke: Grand Duke Kadmus Orun ( currently absent)
Regent:Beric Orun
Succession: eldest male

  1. Beric Orun
  2. Brell Orun
  3. Kaldar Orun II

A great house of Rahseld

A house of independent warrior lords.

Origins of House Orun

House Orun hails its ancestry back to Orun the Giantslayer, a powerful warrior who drove the giants back into the grey desert and claimed the eastern part of the continent of Dracos for humanity. There they founded a proud and independent nation until they were forced to bow before House Tasanet when the first Tasanet King united Rahseld as a single kingdom.

Orun during the Rebirth War

While House Orun did it’s duty and sent men to the aid of House Tasanet during the Rebirth War, by the time their soldiers had made the long voyage to the western part of Dracos, the war was already lost. Though many in the east wished to rebel against the empire, after seeing what their weapons were capable of, Vengris Orun did the only sensible thing and surrendered, swearing the loyalty of the east to the new empire.

Many in the east (and indeed the house itself) still hold the opinion that they would be better off on their own, however they are more than willing to do their duty.

Orun during the Eagle’s War

Orun fought on the side of House Toress, though it’s location made it difficult indeed for troops to arrive as the navy of Orun is rather lacking, and their men were slaughtered when fighting against the magitech weaponry of House Gorn.

Orun during the Conquest of Ronen

Orun was responsible for attacking northern Ronen, what is now the kingdom of Daelan in modern times. It received much of those lands under its guidance after the conquest.


Succession in House Orun goes first to the eldest son to the youngest son. Then after that, the eldest daughter to the youngest daughter. If there are no children, it passes to a male of the closest blood.

House Orun

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