As well as using conventional coinage, Ronen also makes use of guildshares, a special form of currency. Unlike conventional coins, guildshares are worth more than the metal of the coin, reflecting the value of the guild itself. However, the value of guildshares fluctuate constantly, so they are a more complex currency, often scoffed at by many classical nobles in Rahseld and distrusted by the conservative Makoro residents and those of Yt. Still some noble houses of Rahseld have started dealing in them and even working to manipulate their value.

A share of a guild of Ronen. Guildshares are coins which bear the symbol of the guild, and gold and more valuable shares are also engraved with a code to identify them which can be checked in a logbook to see if the share is valid or counterfeit, and who the share was originally sold to. In addition to the unique code, each is coated in an alchemical substance which makes them easy to date using special magitech devices or alchemical processes.

Guildshares, like normal coins, are made of precious metals, though are not of the standard imperial size for precious coins. Though their value in guild shares isn’t linked to their value by metal.

Silver: worth 1 guildshare.
Electrum: Worth 4 guildshares.
Gold: Worth 12 guildshares.
Platinum: Worth 144 guildshares.

Trading in Guild shares

A guild share has an equivalent value of 2-8 silver pieces, depending on the guild in question, though this rises and falls. Each guild offers a standardized equivalent value of goods for its own guildshares, so you could exchange guild of swords guildshares to buy lodging from an inn that was a part of the guild for instance, though the value of such shares changes monthly by proclamation of the guild. Guildshares can also be purchased from the guild for this amount (with a small transaction fee). Silver and Copper shares commonly have a cap of what they can be traded in for, since they are more easily forged, though one could likely feed and house himself nearly indefinitely on counterfeit copper and silver shares.

Guildshares can also be traded between individuals at any price they wish. By imperial law, all trading of guild shares must occur in The Great Hall of Guilds in Escalidar. There all transactions are recorded so the possessors of shares can be kept accountable for. In truth, many transactions in silver and copper shares not worth dealing with are held elsewhere as private dealings.

Unlike standard precious coins, guildshares are technically not valuable unless the trade was accounted for. This prevents theft for the most part.


The other important feature of guild shares is they determine the chairmen of the guild. The ones who make all the major decisions for a guild in question. The top ten holders of guild shares are the chairmen. It should be noted that only gold and platinum shares are useful in determining a chairman. Copper and silver are disregarded.


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