Elven Magic

Practitioner Name: Magi

An Aela-based magical art, practiced primarily by the Imbued. Elven magic is broken up into several Spheres. Many spells have names which are partially derived from their Echant name, but assigned a pronunciation by the spell’s discoverer. Still due to the elitist nature of many Elven magic practitioners, the old names have stuck around.

What it can’t do

  • Summon creatures out of thin air, such as summoning monsters.
  • Shapeshifting or size changes
  • Altering Memories
  • Manipulating earth or water, such as burrowing through the earth.
  • Effects using acid
  • Altering Luck or Destiny
  • Heal non-Aela based creatures.
  • Creating or transforming materials into stone or metal. At best, the appearance of such objects can be aela constructs that look metal or stone, though upon analysis their nature is discovered.
  • Cure the effects of Earth Rot.

Unique Effects

Elven Magic is the only known art that can use personal teleportation. Further, it is the only magical art to allow mind control of a sentient creature.

Sphere of Wind

This sphere deals primarily with spells of air and air-based forces. It should be noted that the elvish fireball involves creating a sphere of pure Aela which is highly flammable and then igniting it, as opposed to actually summoning fire. Thus why it is included in this sphere.

Sample Spells
  • Gail-Pilina (Lightning Bolt): Ranged damage 8 (16 pts)
  • Gail-Dear (Greater lightning bolt): Close Line-Area Damage 8 (16 pts)
  • hylapa-vile (Flight): Flight 5 (continuous) (15 pts)
  • Quesse-inno (Feather Fall): Movement 2 (safe fall, triggered 1) (3 pts)
  • avad-thul (Choke): Perception Affliction 5 (resisted by fortitude, disabled(voice)/stunned/incapacitated) – (15 pts)
  • coron-nar (Fireball): Ranged Area-Burst Damage 5 (15 pts)
  • Met-Thul (Nullify Aela): Ranged Nullify Aela 8 (Broad) (16 pts)

Other spells: Detect Aela, Change Weather, Hurricane

Sphere of Thought

A sphere that is taught primarily for communication and mental defenses. Thought reading and mind control are heavily discouraged in the empire, and thought reading or controlling Imbued is flat out illegal, however somehow they still manage to be taught.

Note on Mind Reading/Control: It should be noted however that utilizing mind reading/controlling effects require a specialized “gift” that not all Imbued possess. All Imbued are tested for this gift near the start of their training, thus those with the potential are identified. This gift seems never to manifest later and appears to be genetically-based. This means that mind control/reading can never be used as a power stunt, you either have these powers or you do not. Simply knowing the mind reading spells will do little good, as you require the special mind power to truly make use of them.

Sample Spells
  • Inita-Than (mind shield): Enhanced Will 6 (Limited to Mind Control/Reading, sustained) – 3 pts.
  • Ind-Astan (Shielded Thoughts): Enhanced Will 12 ( Impervious, Limited 3 (Thought reading), sustained ) – 4 pts.
  • Inita-tir (Detect thought reading): Senses (mental – Mind Reading awareness/acute, sustained) – 2 pts
  • Ind-Lona (mental concealment): Concealment (all mental senses, passive, sustained) – 2 pts
  • Ind-Centa (telepathy) : Communication 3 (mental, subtle), 13 pts.

Other spells: Mind reading, Mind Control

Sphere of Form

This sphere deals with modifying the physical shapes of objects, temporarily morphing them into wind and back.

Sample Spells
  • Ingolely (Teleport): Teleport 5 (extended) (15 pts)
  • gwelu (Aela Constructs): Create 8 (16 pts)
  • Lith-vilya (weaken form): Close Weaken Toughness 8(Affects objects, resisted by fort): (16 pts)

Elven Magic

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