Daimyo's Revolt

The despotic policies of Shogun Masashi Saidai led four of the Daimyos of Saidai-Taiyou to defect to Aylanae. They began secretly having talks with the leadership of Aylanae, asking for aid against the corrupt Shogun. Aylanae had long feared the power of the Saidai Shogunate and felt this was as good a time as any to cripple the power of Saidai-Taiyou, thus they agreed to aid. Ronen as a whole was against the war, though they were outvoted by the archmagi and the Templar as well as the rulers of Rahseld.

It was decided that they would launch a surprise attack from the south shortly after the Daimyo’s of what is now Makoro announced their desire to defect, also launching attacks of their own.

As one might expect, the magitech-armed Imbued forces of the empire did quite well against the soldiers of Saidai-Taiyou, and to make matters worse, Masashi was a terrible military commander, easily outmaneuvered by the more skilled leaders of the empire.

However, Masashi declared a challenge of personal combat to the leaders of the attacking force, Baelon Gorn and Drendar Orun. Both brave and courageous warriors sought to prove that the legend of the Seven Swords was only a myth, and both sought glory for their houses. Baelon was first to face down Masashi but he fell to his blade Muhai. Drendar met a similar fate in their duel, both of them slain in a single stroke.

Letin Celestia was then placed in command of the forces of Aylanae. In a surprising act of courage he too accepted Masashi’s challenge for a one-on-one combat, however instead of showing up alone, he brought along an army of soldiers, who proceeded to blast the Shogun and his men in a dishonorable surprise attack. The shogun was however killed. Though even from beyond the grave, the Shogun struck.

As the greedy Letin sought to claim the sword Muhai for himself, his body was engulfed in a mystical flame as he picked up the blade and in a mystical blaze, no trace was left of Letin or the sword.


After the loss of the Shogun, Saidai-Taiyou was broken. The Imperial Council considered conquering the entire land, however votes from the senators of Ronen and the Templar managed to prevent a straight up conquest. Instead those daimyo that wished to defect could join the empire, and thus the new nation of Makoro was born. The Yuudai Gozoku were given the honor of being throneholders of Makoro, and thus became its representatives to the empire.

Many question the decision of the Imperial Council even to this day, as Saidai-Taiyou has built itself up once again and the Shogunate continues to exist. Supporters of the decision point to the disastrous results in the original occupation of Ronen. Still it remains a hotly debated issue even in the present day.

Daimyo's Revolt

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