Daelan Revolution

The war that resulted in the breakaway of the Kingdom of Daelan from the Empire of Aylanae.

Daelan was the main regional state in Northern Ronen, and due to geographic separation, they had only minor contact with the heartland of Ronen, mostly being their own self contained region. However their region received a single senator, and seemed to not only be disrespected by the empire as a whole but also by even mainland Ronen.

Daelan had a poor position for trade compared to mainland Ronen and most of the travel it got came by trading with southern Ronen, and not with the other nations. There was some trade across the dangerous ice channels on the northern part of Yindae to Makoro but it was a dangerous journey that only the most bold attempted by sea. Even airship journeys were dangerous over the land of Tinigath, so a roundabout route around Yt had to be taken.

Daelan was never pleased with its role or position in the empire, ever since the Conquest of Ronen, and tension increased almost to a boil during the Sydarir Dispute where the Acinavo family was found guilty of treason.

The time was ripe for revolution and years later they found their perfect leader in Calisian Hydelius, one of the most renowned Magitech Knights and one time leader of Azure Company, Calisian left the company and the Shipwright’s Guild entirely to return to his native land of Daelan. There he gathered together dissidents, including the assistance of Daelan Senator Leoinia Cerulcaro.

Leoinia helped broker a deal with the Artificer’s Guild, getting prototype designs of the Pandoran Combat Armor and Arctician Cannon, as well as their newest models of combat golems.

The empire was divided by both pirate attacks from the Orothean Islands and attacks from the realm of Tinigath. Calisian had also arranged an alliance with the Orothean Islands, who agreed to help in his revolution, since Aylanae was their common enemy. Horrors from the Deep attacked the coastal cities of Rahseld, specifically Thenn, while key Imbued serving Calisian betrayed their honor and oaths and betrayed the empire, sabotaging airships in both main Ronen and Rahseld.

After this initial surprise attack, Calisian declared that the nation of Daelan had declared its independence from Aylanae. Aylanae naturally tried to muster a force to retake Daelan, but with their new magitech and key saboteurs, Daelan manged to hold the offensive, resulting in a catastrophic loss for Aylanae. Saidai-Taiyou eyed Makoro, The Orothean Islands threatened Rahseld and Tinigath threatened an all-out invasion of Yt and Ronen.

When things came to a vote if the war should continue, it was decided that Daelan would have to be left alone for now. When this spread fears that the rest of Ronen might follow suit, the Council agreed to increase Ronen’s number of senators to seven, in an attempt to appease them. This was even a hard pressed compromise to reach, given that much of Rahseld considered the entirety of Ronen guilty for the revolution of Daelan which caused so many lives.

Daelan Revolution

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