The Rebel Kingdom

General Information

Once a part of Ronen, they broke away in the Daelan Revolution in 746. The rebellion was lead by Calisian Hydelius against the tyranny of the Aylanae. He cited to the people dreams of a renewed Kingdom of Venn, bringing back old glories of days long past.

They are currently in a state of fragile peace with Aylanae, mostly because Aylanae has bigger threats to worry about, and Daelan is heavily fortified. The Ayalanae hope that Daelan will run itself out of Aela, at which point an invasion will be much easier.

Daelan right now however has great stocks of Aela and Magitech, making it a rival of Aylanae.


The ruler of Daelan is known as the Ascendant. The current Ascendant is Calisian Hydelius, who also has a senate consisting of 12 senators also as part of the government. The template of government are the ways of ancient Venn.


Daelan has made a policy to train as many as possible in the arts of Vennetian High Magic, getting a sizable and competent non-Imbued force. They have also modified most of their Magitech Armor to be usable by non-Imbued as well.

The People

The people of Daelan are fiercely loyal to their nation and are proud in their ability to fight off the tyrants of Aylanae. They consider themselves patriots and many have the dream of fighting tyrants themselves.

Sweet, Sweet Betrayal

Ascendant Calisian offers any Imbued or otherwise high ranking traitor in Aylanae a high position of leadership in his new government, getting many who feel lost in the politics of Aylanae to join him. Also many view Aylanae as a sinking ship, and would prefer not to be sent to their death fighting the forces of Tinigath. Needless to say, Daelan’s ranks are much larger than one would think they should be.


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