Creation Rules

Character Build Guidelines

Starting Power Level: 6
Starting Power Points: 90

PL after training: 8 (120 PP)

Due to the training phase being a fairly small part of the overall campaign and be over relatively quickly, I advise you build your character as a PL8 with 120 points then subtract some points from there to reflect your younger self.

Faction: You must choose a faction to be a part of. Generally this means being part of a noble family of some kind. See Playable Factions.

Rules Changes

Look here for rules changes

Disallowed Effects: You may not take any of the following effects at all.

  • Dimension travel
  • Time travel
  • Space travel
  • Mind Reading (this is NPC only)
  • Most Mind control effects

Restricted Abilities

Burrowing: Max speed capped at PL/4 (round up).
Flight: Max flight speed is rank PL/2 (round down).
Immunity: Generally characters should take limited protection instead of immunity, see rules page.
Quickness: Max ranks capped at PL/2 (round up). In some rare cases this might be extended if it is a limited form that works on something acceptable.
Speed: Max ground speed rank capped at character PL/2 (round down).
Swimming: Max swim speed rank capped at character PL/2 (round down).
Leaping: Max leaping rank capped to character PL/2 (round down).
Teleportation: Capped at rank PL / 2 (round down)

Information about Power Descriptors

“Magic” in Aylanae is not a true power source descriptor. In fact, magic is subdivided into several energy types. Though the primary one for most Imbued will be Aela. It is mostly important to note that if you wish to detect certain descriptors or nullify them, these magical energy sources will become important, as “Nullify Magic” is not allowed, but “Nullify Aela” or “Nullify Mana” is.

Magical spells in Aylanae require that a character have a hand free and some room to gesture and be able to speak (This isn’t a flaw in itself and part of the power’s descriptor). Blade magic or wand magic is also a possibility where a sword simply serves as the hand gesture for the spell. If a specific item is required for your magic, you may apply the removable flaw. If you require “any sword” or “any wand” treat it as a 1 pt. Quirk drawback.

Magitech devices always have some form of the removable flaw.

Purely superhuman physical powers (physical abilities above a score of 5) should be done via the enhanced ability power with an appropriate descriptor (usually Aela) as a source.

Expertise Skills

Some skills are changed due to the fantasy setting.

Expertise (science): the study of alchemy, astronomy and other medieval sciences.

Expertise ( Book of Blessed Stars): The study of the prophecies written by Charay Lightheart.

Expertise (Magic): The study of magical arts.

Technology: Used to build, repair and invent magitech.

Di Crystals as Minions

It is possible to buy a Di crystal as a minion, either as a freestanding unlinked crystal, or as a golem. Apply the following templates to your minion.

Unlinked Di Crystal (Template value : 2 pts)

  • Feature (small size): 1 pt
  • Non-abilities (Stamina, Strength, Agility) : -30 pts
  • Immunity to Fortitude effects (as an object): 20 pts.
  • Protection (permanent): 8 pts.
  • Quickness 6 (mathematical calculations only): 2 pts.
  • Advantage (Eidetic memory): 1 pt

Di Crystal Golem (Template value: 13 pts)

  • Non-Abilities (Stamina): -10 pts
  • Immunity to Fortitude Effects (as an object): 20 pts.
  • Quickness 6 (mathematical calculations only): 2 pts.
  • Advantage (Eidetic memory): 1 pt

Creation Rules

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