Freelance journalists of Ronen. Bards can be recognized by their flashy way of dress, usually involving some manner of outlandish bard’s hat.


Originally bards were traveling minstrels afforded a sort of diplomatic immunity by the lords of Cien. No bard could be punished for his performances, even if it was unpopular to a noble or king.

With the emergence of the Free Lands, the freedom has extended to include any form of speech or written document. Since then bard has existed as a term for anyone who speaks news, especially news unpopular to the current regime.

After the Conquest of Ronen, this right was suspended, and many bards were arrested and imprisoned or even put to death, for the things they said during that period.

In the year 644, the rights of bards was restored however, which coupled with the invention of the Autoscribe, enabled a new age of the bard. Bards can now often be seen selling various news stories. It it still popular for Bards to compose their works in songs, plays, poems, short stories and other works of art, though some simply try to report facts.

There is no penalty for embellishment on the part of the bard and bards are not held to any standard of accuracy, so the news one gets from a bard tends to be only partially true.

It should be noted that a performer in Ronen who only entertains the people, as opposed to informs them, now takes on the title of musician, playwright, etc. depending on his particular form of entertainment.


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